Arzee The Dwarf

Arzee The Dwarf Arzee the Dwarf s dream has come true He has been crowned as head projectionist at the Noor the Bombay cinema where he has been working since his teens Arzee thinks that the worst of his troubles are

  • Title: Arzee The Dwarf
  • Author: Chandrahas Choudhury
  • ISBN: 9788172238308
  • Page: 209
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Arzee the Dwarf s dream has come true He has been crowned as head projectionist at the Noor, the Bombay cinema where he has been working since his teens Arzee thinks that the worst of his troubles are behind him, and that he can marry and settle down now But not for the first time, Arzee has it all wrong Arzee the Dwarf follows Arzee through day and night, slow time anArzee the Dwarf s dream has come true He has been crowned as head projectionist at the Noor, the Bombay cinema where he has been working since his teens Arzee thinks that the worst of his troubles are behind him, and that he can marry and settle down now But not for the first time, Arzee has it all wrong Arzee the Dwarf follows Arzee through day and night, slow time and fast time, agitation and reverie, beautifully setting off the inner world of Arzee s jagged ruminations against the beating and pulsing of the great city around him The narration vividly brings to life not just the protagonist, but also a host of characters to whom Arzee turns in his hour of need Can Arzee find a place for himself in the world of the fives and the sixes This bittersweet comedy, shuffling between hope and dread, between the yearnings of body and soul, is a book about the strange beauty of human dreaming.

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    1. Chandrahas Choudhury

      Chandrahas Choudhury Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Arzee The Dwarf book, this is one of the most wanted Chandrahas Choudhury author readers around the world.

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    1. It is habitual for my speculative ponderings to move beyond the close quarters of a book, but seldom do these contemplations seek out characters beyond the fluttering scripted pages, prompting a vague attempt to affiliate the wonders of fiction to factual generalities. Life is betwixt and between the diametrical parallels of birth and death. The commonality of the ‘act of living’ is magnified through the eventful narratives of the people and by the people. The allegorical metaphors laced amo [...]

    2. Bombay by NightWe all feel like outsiders at times, Arzee’s outsider status is just more apparent. He’s a dwarf. He’s also just like most of us in that he’s searching for a productive career and true love. When the story opens he’s the assistant projectionist at a revival cinema called the Noor. He has dreams of being promoted. He also has dreams of finding a wife. After his shift he wanders the late night streets of Bombay talking with philosopher cabbies, meeting his friends for card [...]

    3. "Arzee the Dwarf" is a quirky little novel which ended up evoking stronger feelings than I had expected. The subject is a man whose dream of glory, becoming the head projectionist at the Noor in Bombay, is snatched away. Just as the head projectionist announces his retirement, Arzee learns the Noor will close. I had anticipated a deeper experience of this corner of Bombay, but came away with some intuitive language on the human spirit. As Arzee's friend asks him, "Do we live the life that's give [...]

    4. I had heard a lot about, “Arzee the Dwarf” by Chandrahas Choudhury. A lot of people had recommended it. Some suggested that I do not read it. I finally did and I found it to be quite alright. I liked the premise of the book for sure. There were some parts that I had trouble going through but that is for later.“Arzee the Dwarf” as the title suggests is a slice of life of a dwarf’s life. Of course there is more to it, but that is putting it simply. Chandrahas writes about lost hopes, dre [...]

    5. Arzee the dwarf, the refreshing little book from first time author Chandrahas Choudary is a good read. A small book, the hardback version comes in at less than 200 pages. However, the book could have been even better if certain cliches had been avoided.Arzee is a small man. A pretty small one, or a dwarf to be more precise, living in Mumbai. He has been working as a assistant projectionist at the Noor cinema for almost a decade. The story starts off with Arzee playing cards with his friends, and [...]

    6. The story of a little man in one of the biggest metropolises in India. It is a surprisingly fulfilling and thought provoking read. A more detailed review can be read here: urbiblogs/2018/02/

    7. The book, as the name indicates, about a part of the life of a dwarf called Arzee. Arzee lives with this mother and brother. He works as a projectionist at an old Cinema hall alongside a senior projectionist who is an old Parsee gentleman. He knows that he has a daugther, but in so many years has never been to his fellow projectionist's house.He gets a new that the Parsee gentleman is going to get his daughter married and he is to retire soon after the marriage. He is thrilled beyond works as he [...]

    8. The best laid plans…Despite his lack of inches, Arzee is on the verge of achieving the two things he most wants out of life – to become the head projectionist of the Noor Cinema and to find a wife. But, as the poet tells us, the best laid plans of mice and men gang aft agley. And Arzee’s dream is about to be shattered when the owner of the run-down cinema decides to close it. This is the story of two weeks in Arzee’s life as he faces a future that has suddenly become dark and uncertain.L [...]

    9. Convicted by reality, pardoned by imaginationArzee is a dwarf working the projection room of the once great but now declining Bombay theatre called 'Noor'. As one of his poet-philosopher-driver friend memorably says, he is 'chained by reality but pardoned by imagination'. He imagines himself being thought of as a special person despite his height, imagines working as the head projectionist at the Noor some day and dares to imagine marrying and settling down too. He is a thinking man who ponders [...]

    10. The title of the book intrigues at a certain level. But then again, you wonder if you're going to empathise with a story of a dwarf, and whether it's only his peculiar life that the author could be bringing to the fore. But within the very first page of the book itself it is evident that Arzee - the dwarf is only a metaphor for the feeling of smallness and inadequacy that resides in all of us. "He'd been too predictable earlier, too submissive, a soft touch. Each day in the world was a battle ag [...]

    11. Arzee the Dwarf by Chandrahas ChoudhuryThis is the story of a dwarf. It is a book written from the dwarf’s point of view – how he sees the world, men, women and relationships. Arzee the Dwarf’s has a dream. He wants to make a success of his life. His dream has come true – he is to succeed the projectionist of many years at the Noor Bombay cinema where he has worked since he was thirteen. Arzee thinks his troubles are over and he can marry and settle down. Within the first few pages we re [...]

    12. I always knew by gut instinct that Chandrahas Choudhury's book would certainly be readable. But how much so, I had no idea until now. Book is about trials and tribulations of a dwarf - more than that it is about anyone learning to survive in spite of our insecurities, deficiencies and low self-esteem.Set in Bombay's daily life, feel of the city - that it does take back what it gives - in inherent in book's prose. Arzee, the dwarf is a projectionist in an old, historic theater on verge of close d [...]

    13. Arzee is a short book, but it took me a while to get into. I didn't really DISLIKE it as much as I wasn't particularly struck by it in any way. But it grew on me. Chowdhury is a very talented writer and the book is rife with great sentences. I especially like that, unlike most Indian authors writing in English, the book is about lower middle class Bombay, their lives, their loves, without being patronizing or fetishistic in any way. Phiroz is a great character as is Deepak. That said, sometimes [...]

    14. First of all, I wonder why spelled the author's name wrong. It's Chandrahas Choudhury.Arzee the Dwarf, as the title indicates, is the story of a Dwarf. It's a book written from his point of view, how he sees the world, men, women, and relationships.It's an easy read, with simple narrative style and a continuous flow of the story. I loved the bits where he describes certain streets/surroundings of Mumbai. He almost brings them alive with his descriptions.The plot is a short one, the entire story [...]

    15. Es geht um das Anderssein und darum, dass man Glück nicht suchen muss, sondern finden kann. Die Erzählung ist humorvoll, melancholisch, warmherzig und voller schillernder Persönlichkeiten. Der Schluss kommt sehr plötzlich und bleibt völlig offen. Zunächst war ich darüber enttäuscht. Aber nachdem ich ein paar Tage lang gegrummelt hatte, wurde mir plötzlich klar, dass das Ende so einzig richtig ist: denn es spielt gar keine Rolle, ob der Protagonist sein Flugzeug erreicht oder es verpasst [...]

    16. One of the best books I've read in a while. While there is a convenient arrangement of faiths followed by some of the characters, the book rides on the shouldres of Arzee the protagonist, his dreams, ambitions and complexes.A wee bit reminiscent of Rohinton Mistry - not for the presence of the parsi character, but the unique everydayness of every character. Truly brilliant work by Chandrahas Choudhury.

    17. What a wonderful novel! Welcome to a world full of characters worthy of Dickens, a story which has the reader gasping, cringing, and laughing out loud, and a whole lot to think about regarding the role of imagination in the choices we make and the dreams we allow ourselves to chase. Set in Mumbai, where life can deal one difficult reality after another, we meet Arzee the dwarf, whose disappointments, dreams, and adventures will keep the reader glued to the tale to the end.

    18. When I bought it when it was released in 2009 I didn't go beyond the first chapter. I think what put me off was what I thought was a overuse of exclamation points(!!). But I always intended to finish it someday. This December (2012) I returned to it, less opinionated about what is 'good writing', and what a gem it turned out to be!

    19. 2.5/5Este libro nos cuenta la historia de Arzee, un entrañable enano indio cuya mayor aspiración en la vida es convertirse en propietario del cine en el que trabaja de forma incansable. Una novela entretenida e inusual, con una galería de personajes ciertamente curiosos que ayudan a profundizar en la personalidad de un ser maltratado por la genética y marginado a todos los niveles sociales.

    20. Touching story of an assistant cinema projectionist in Mumbai. Arzee wants to be liked and has some success with Monique. He is facing the closure of the cinema hall. His interaction with Deepakbhai, who he owes money, is excellent. This is short novel but well worth the time.

    21. A good and stunning debut book by a South Asian author - new in flavor, tone, pitch, narrative, plot, and characterization. Subtle narrative of a sad tale with author's novel humor.

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