Inside the Cage

Inside the Cage Under suspicion for a virtual break in at Fort Knox year old Carl Hobbes finds himself on a rendition flight for questioning by the US military Taken to an isolated camp in the Arctic wilderness

  • Title: Inside the Cage
  • Author: Matt Whyman
  • ISBN: 9781416926696
  • Page: 111
  • Format: Paperback
  • Under suspicion for a virtual break in at Fort Knox, 17 year old Carl Hobbes finds himself on a rendition flight for questioning by the US military Taken to an isolated camp in the Arctic wilderness, the boy finds all assurances about his safety blow away when one notorious detainee stages an uprising.

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      Matt Whyman has written widely for all ages across a range of subjects in fiction, advice and memoir His adult books include Man or Mouse, Columbia Road, Oink My Life With Minipigs published in paperback as Pig in the Middle , and Walking with Sausage Dogs Hodder For teens, he is the award winning author of titles including Superhuman, XY, XY 100, Boy Kills Man, The Wild Hodder , the So Below trilogy, Inside the Cage, Goldstrike Simon Schuster , The Savages and American Savage Hot Key Books Matt has also written many books under different names Notably, he serves as literary executive for the reclusive Romanian End Time theorist, folk tale scholar and Carnegie nominated mystery writer, Lazlo Strangolov Two children s novels by Lazlo have surfaced to date Feather and Bone and Tooth and Claw Walker Co writing with Michelle Misra, under the pen name of Jack Carson, Matt is responsible for the Battle Champions action series for younger readers Simon Schuster A graduate from the University of East Anglia s MA in Creative Writing, Matt is often invited to teach the subject for writers of all ages Recently, he has hosted workshops across Russia and the Middle East He has also served on judging panels for the Costa Children s Book of the Year Award and the Booktrust Teenage Book Prize.In 1995, Matt became the first agony uncle for 19 magazine, and has subsequently written regular advice columns for B, Fox Kids, AOL UK and an 18 year residency at Bliss Over the years he has co presented a series of ITV s cult Saturday morning show, Love Bites, and a live weekly phone in on LBC He is currently resident agony uncle on BBC Radio 1 s The Surgery and a relationship advisor for TheSite the UK s leading advice and information resource for 16 25 year olds.Matt has written many national health awareness campaigns for clients including BBC Radio 1, Brook Advisory, NSPCC, Macmillan and the Health Education Authority as well as numerous articles and features for national newspapers and magazines He has also fronted several long running opinion pages for Eve and Marie Claire.Matt is married with four children, and lives in West Sussex, UK.

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    1. Reviewed by Grandma Bev for TeensReadTooFort Knox has been robbed. The American government is determined to track down the thieves, and the trail leads straight to Carl Hobbes. He is just an ordinary seventeen-year-old British computer whiz who is only guilty of being a little too curious, but the feds are sure that he is part of a conspiracy that has breached the security at Fort Knox, and they want to know just where the gold is that has been stolen. Carl is taken into custody and whisked off [...]

    2. Slecht geschreven/vertaald er missen veel details, er gebeuren dingen die niet beschreven zijn, maar waarvan je wel weet dat het gebeurt moet zijn. en op de achterkant staat ongeveer alles wat in het boek gebeurt, dus je ziet alles aankomen. Verder is het wel een goed verhaal en leuk om te lezen.

    3. Definitely a book geared toward teenage boys. But that is what I get for picking up a YA story. In general the first part of the book was infinitely more interesting for me than the second. Setting up the scene, the inmates and the compound was very exciting and descriptive, but not too over the top. The mind games Carl plays with himself and the others is fascinating as well, and makes me wonder what I would have done in his situation. The plot twists and hidden secrets were quite unexpected to [...]

    4. Well done and I think most of the kids it's aimed at will like it's unabashed hacker who only meant to test the security of a computer system and who ended up involved in a whole 'nother order of trouble. It's violent, providing a thought-provoking picture of the victim who is trying to cooperate and still gets abused. I think the resolution is a little childish and any teen used to adult thrillers in movies or tv will probably find it simplistic, albeit clever. Still, a great book for readers t [...]

    5. There was little to no action until I was around 85% into the book, the main character randomly cared about someone simply because she was young and female and in the cage across from him, the writing was simply lame, and the book was mostly unenjoyable.

    6. The book Icecore by Matt Whyman is a fictional thriller. It is centered around Carl Hobbes, a British young adult, who is a bit too enthusiastic about hacking. His hacking hobby leads him to hacking into Fort Knox, causing a lot of gold to go missing, (though none of it stolen by him). This results in the US Government finding and detaining him; he is forced into a type of Arctic Guantanamo Bay. After being interrogated and not believed, he comes to the conclusion that he must plot and scheme w [...]

    7. Young adult novel about a teenage hacker who successfully hacks into Fort Knox, landing him in a ultra-secure government facility in an unknown arctic location. Ultimately, he must break out to save himself and his country from a group of terrorists. Overall, the book was mediocre. The plotline was lacking- it just wasn't well developed, so it wasn't believable. Worse, the main character just wasn't that inspiring or likeable. Sure, he hacks into Fort Knox- but not with any super cool computer s [...]

    8. Icecore by Matt Whyman is an action packed thriller that does not have a dull moment in it. Icecore is about a seventeen year old computer hacker named Carl Hobbes that hacked into Fort Knox for fun. Even though he did it for fun, the US government did not think he did it for fun and are taking this very seriously. He was taken along with the worlds most famous criminals to Icecore, a secret detention center deep in the arctic circle. They told him he was only their for questioning but after a c [...]

    9. The book Icecore by Matt Whyman is a story about an innocent teenager Carl Hobbs who is a British college student, and who is thrown into a high security detention center with some of the worlds most maniacal and deadly criminals. What started out, as a harmless dare to infiltrate the advanced security system at Fort Knocks became the largest breach of security in the history of Fort Knox. As soon as Carl Hobbs hacked into the Fort Knox security system, gold bars began to go missing and ended up [...]

    10. Carl Hobbes has done the impossible: He penetrated the security system of Fort Knox and opened the doors to the gold vault without even leaving his hometown in England. The display of his hacking skills, undertaken only out of interest and to gain recognition in the hacker community, has not gone unnoticed by the authorities and unexpectedly Hobbes is whisked away by the American military for questioning. Suddenly, he finds himself in a top-secret military prison camp in the arctic ice with know [...]

    11. Carl Hobbes knew what he was doing was risky, but he honestly didn't mean for anything untoward to happen when he opened the doors to the largest gold bullion repository for kicks. That's right, 17 year old computer hacker Hobbes got bored and infiltrated Fort Knox on an unprecedented scale. What he didn't do was work in cahoots with those who robbed it while he created the window.His boredom project has landed him in so seriously deep water that he's treading fairly well, at first. That is unti [...]

    12. The novel IceCore starts with the main character Carl Hobbes, being taken prisoner by two men claiming to be working for the US government. From here Carl is flown to a secret prison somewhere near the north pole. Here Carl comes into contact with some of the most dangerous people in the world, as well as a very out of place young woman. Carl is interrogated by officials from the American government who tell him why he as been taken to the prison, his crime was opening the door to the gold vault [...]

    13. There are 3 parts to this book; the dull part, the cool part, and the totally messed up part (i would use the "f" word for that last part but I know one of my school teachers is going to be reading this so I'm gonna try to keep my language appropiate)! The first,the dull part, is the begining of the book and in my opinion it wasn't asenertaining as the rest of the book. Maybe it's just my teenage hormones talking but I think the begining was just lacking something. Now the second part of ICECORE [...]

    14. There's a few words that can correctly describe this book. And some of them are negative words while others are more positive and neutral. These words: Yawn, groan, boring, okay, yay-it's-over, whatever, bah. If you noticed, some of these words aren't exactly the describing type (adjectives, remember them?). There more describe what was I doing while I was reading Icecore. (But they also describe the books, because they are hints. Get it? No. Alright, then.) Icecore is very interesting at first. [...]

    15. The book Icecore by Matt Whyman is about a teenage boy named Carl Hobbes who is really good with computers. This teenager hacked into the Fort Knox security system. It is one of the most secure places in America and he hacked into the system without any trouble. Carl is apprehended by the U.S Military and is being held in the Arctic. He is being held in Guantanamo Bay with some of the worlds most dangerous criminals and terrorist. Carl's hacking of Fort Knox, which had the largest supply of gold [...]

    16. 17-year-old Carl Hobbes has just pulled off the impossible: He's hacked into Fort Knox and opened the vault doors from his home computer. Unfortunately, the government has tracked him down. They make him a deal: if he tells them how he did it, and swears to secrecy, he'll get off the hook. Otherwise, he's looking at a public trial and a very, very long prison sentence. Carl agrees to tell the United States government everything. For his debriefing, they fly him to an undisclosed, sub-zero facili [...]

    17. this is not the kind of book i would normally pick up and think, "oh my god, i have to read this", but i liked it nonetheless. i think that carl was not really thinking about the consequences he would face when he hacked into fort knox. i mean, did he really think he would get away with it and still remain unscathed? so, he doesn't really have much common sense. i liked that even after he witnessed the cruel things that happened at the prison, he was still optimistic about going home after answe [...]

    18. British teen Carl Hobbes is a computer hacker who gets big kicks out of cracking into secure systems. An online acquaintance suggested he try Fort Knox -- and Carl breaks in successfully. And Fort Knox is robbed! The American government is extremely displeased with this. Though he never left Great Britain, Carl gets nabbed for the crime and charged with conspiracy. Federal agents arrive and take him to the Guantanamo Bay of the Arctic where he is held prisoner with some of the world's most notor [...]

    19. Carl Hobbes is a brilliant English hacker with skills that get him into a lot of trouble. He doesn't think his plans out too far, judging that he hacked into the Fort Knox security system, which lost millions of dollars in gold for the United States government. Hobbes was whisked away to a secret arctic prison where no one knows where he is except for the evil terrorists and mercenaries he has to defend himself from now.Icecore seems to have a very good plot but doesn't quite deliver on the pote [...]

    20. It was a great book. It was a great thriller too, but at parts it just felt lagged. It started becoming interesting around the middle part of the book. The end was so-so, with an odd cliff hanger at the end. I also have a warning for parents: this book contains inappropriate language, so be cautious. (view spoiler)[-Spoiler Alert!-Its about a 17 year old British hacker, named Carl Hobbes, hacked into the Fort Knox security system succesfully. He didn't do that for the gold bars in the vault, but [...]

    21. I actually liked this book. Although I is quite violent and a some disturbingly graphic things at times. It has a high passed story filled with thrill and adrenaline. And you feel like you are inside The Cage. to this day I can still picture the layout of the area. It's fascinating and throws quite a bit of technological lingo at you and yet you won't feel lost. The end will really make your head spin. I thought the end was great and I find it so cool how everything fits together. The annoying c [...]

    22. This book had me on edge the ENTIRE time! There are so many twists and turns and 'oh no! did he really just do that?!!??'s. HOWEVER. this is a BIG caution to all of you people out there who don't like bloodshed. Really, it is not a good plan to read this book. I mean, the evil guy made, okay, FORCED two men to become suicide bombers. Made them roll in oil, strap a can of oil on their back and walk away from him until he decided that it would be a good time to shoot and blow up the cans. That had [...]

    23. I didn't know what to think when starting this book. Not going to lie. This sort of book isn't my cup of tea. I'm definitely a fantasy, sci-fi sort of girl but this story drew me in.The poor kid in the beginning getting whisked away by special agents because he hacked into Fort Knox. Thrown into a holding camp meant for mercenaries, terrorists, and high profile criminals. Carl Hobbs didn't know what hit him after that when a high level mercenary who was hired for a hit right there in the prison [...]

    24. 17yd Carl Hobbes is a computer hacker who does the impossible, he breaks into Fort Knox. However, what Carl does not realize is that he has been manipulated into the break-in, when the US government takes him into a remote location to find out about his co-conspirators. What happens after that is his attempt to escape.I never thought I would use the Alex Rider series as a bench mark, but IceCore falls short of providing the balance of humor and suspense. It feels forced, and it definitely leads [...]

    25. Seventeen year old Carl Hobbes is a talented and smart guy. He studies drama and computer sciences at school in England. After a painful breakup with his girlfriend he retreats to hacker message boards where he is challenged to try to hack Fort Knox. When he succeeds in opening Fort Knox the unintended consequence is a huge heist at Fort Knox that Carl did not imagine possible. The gold finds its way to terrorist cells and Carl is taken for interrogation to an unknown prison in the Arctic Circle [...]

    26. This book is one of the coolest things that I have ever read, being something that I randomly picked from the shelves of my local library, not thinking that I would finish it like many other books of of Fiction genre that I have read.Yet, I thought that this book was pretty brilliant. For one, the plot was not in any way predictable, for I thought that he was going to be detained there for like or something and blah di da di da. Well, that wasn't what happened.That, and all the characters were u [...]

    27. The book icecore was an epic story about a man pranking fort knox by unlocking the security system. This prank leads to robbers breaking in and stealing some stuff. He gets arrested and sent to a maximum security prison. His cell mate creates a plan to break out and rob the biggest bank in new york and the united states. This was a very goos book. It had a lot of heart punding action and thrill in it and was a very interesting book. This is a good book for someone who likes a good thriller or ro [...]

    28. The first 2/3 of the book drags horribly, but once the action picks up the violence and terror are unbelievably horrific and disturbing. We picked this one up at the last school book fair, and I must say, I don't think it's appropriate for middle school readers. Plus, it just wasn't well written. If your child aspires to become a depraved sadistic killer, this book will give him or her some great ideas to get started. All the other kids should skip this one and save themselves the nightmares!

    29. Carl Hobbes is a skilled hacker. When he breaks into Fort Knox just to prove that he can, it has unexpected consequences. He finds himself in a military prison in the Arctic complete with sub-zero temperatures and sadistic prison guards who know how to torture you without leaving a mark. Things couldn't possibly get any worse, right? WRONG! I won't give away everything, but this book has a really explosive ending. I actually read the sequel to this book, GOLDSTRIKE, first. They're both terrific [...]

    30. "Inside the Cage" thrusts you into the world of 17-year-old hacker Carl Hobbes, voluntarily submitting to questioning when caught by the US military. His 'questioning' quickly turns into a terrifying rendition in the Arctic wilderness, where terrorists-for-hire are imprisoned and all bets are off. Swept up in a cut-throat uprising against the feral guards, 'Hobbes must decide whether his chances of survival are greater inside the cage - or out'. Action-packed, fast-paced and eye-opening in terms [...]

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