A Land of Permanent Goodbyes

A Land of Permanent Goodbyes In a country ripped apart by war Tareq lives with his big and loving family until the bombs strike His city is in ruins His life is destroyed And those who have survived are left to figure out their

  • Title: A Land of Permanent Goodbyes
  • Author: Atia Abawi
  • ISBN: 9780399546839
  • Page: 472
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In a country ripped apart by war, Tareq lives with his big and loving family until the bombs strike His city is in ruins His life is destroyed And those who have survived are left to figure out their uncertain future.In the wake of destruction, he s threatened by Daesh fighters and witnesses a public beheading Tareq s family knows that to continue to stay alive,In a country ripped apart by war, Tareq lives with his big and loving family until the bombs strike His city is in ruins His life is destroyed And those who have survived are left to figure out their uncertain future.In the wake of destruction, he s threatened by Daesh fighters and witnesses a public beheading Tareq s family knows that to continue to stay alive, they must leave As they travel as refugees from Syria to Turkey to Greece, facing danger at every turn, Tareq must find the resilience and courage to complete his harrowing journey.But while this is one family s story, it is also the timeless tale of all wars, of all tragedy, and of all strife When you are a refugee, success is outliving your loss.

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      Atia Abawi is a foreign correspondent and author based in the Middle East.From an early age, Atia knew she wanted to be a journalist After graduating from Virginia Tech, where she anchored the college s local television station VTTV, Atia volunteered and was then hired on at CTV 76 a local TV station in Largo, MD In Maryland, Atia covered a wide range of stories from politics to the impact that drugs and crime had on the local community before moving to Atlanta to work for CNN.At CNN, she started in the Media Operations department before making her way to the international desk Within 2 years Atia was out in the field, producing on stories that included Benazir Bhutto s assassination in Pakistan and the war in Iraq A year later she was hired to be CNN s Afghanistan correspondent and manager of its Kabul bureau an operation that she organized and set up.In Afghanistan, Atia spent time traveling and embedding with U.S NATO and Afghan forces including during major military operations She has also interviewed numerous Afghan, International, and American politicians and generals Outside of Afghanistan, Atia reported on various international stories for CNN including the Aung San Suu Kyi trial where she had to sneak into Myanmar s military state and film covertly and the Gaza Flotilla attack of 2010 by Israeli forces.In 2010, NBC News hired Atia to report and manage its operations in Afghanistan Additionally, she also reported from London as part of NBC s Royal wedding coverage, and was a part of the NBC News special report after the US raid that killed Osama Bin Laden, providing analysis and commentary She was also able to obtain an NBC Exclusive interview with President Hamid Karzai in 2012 the first for the network in a decade.After nearly 5 years of living in Afghanistan, Atia moved to Jerusalem in January 2013 In that year, she covered President Barack Obama s historic trip to Israel and Palestine, the military coup in Egypt, and the Kenyan mall siege by Al Shabab militants among other stories.Atia s first book, The Secret Sky A Novel of Forbidden Love in Afghanistan was published by Philomel, an imprint of Penguin Group, in September 2014.Atia Abawi graduated from Virginia Tech and was most recently awarded their Outstanding Alumna honor She is fluent in Dari and Farsi Born in Germany, she moved to America at the age of one, growing up in Fairfax County, Virginia Atia is married to FOX News Correspondent Conor Powell.

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    1. What an astounding book.  Though not too violent at its core, this book certainly displays an affinity for discussing the aftereffects and reactions to the violence which humanity commits on a day to day basis--namely, in this book, terrorism caused by Daesh in Syria.  As we begin to follow Tareq, we are also allowed insight not only into what used to be his everyday life, but into the horrors he now bears witness to and the fears others harbor towards him.  Nuanced would be the word I'd use [...]

    2. This book made me cry. At my desk. In public. It was every bit of a lovely book that I needed this year.

    3. Thanks to Penguin Random House First to Read for an advance copy.I am reading some amazing and diverse books to start off 2018! This book packs a big punch, but is a powerful and important read. Written by a woman who is a journalist in the Middle East, this novel brings the Syrian refugee crisis to life in a way I never could have imagined. Narrated by Destiny, the journey of Tarek and his family, from their happy days in Syria to their escape to Europe, will inspire you to find out what more y [...]

    4. You may also find my thoughts and a guest post from Atia Abawi on Books, Vertigo & Tea.“The human heart is the most complicated creation I’ve ever encounter. The formation of the cosmos was easier to understand.”~Atia Abawi, A Land of Permanent Goodbyes (Uncorrected text)Some books enter your life and leave a mark, and then there are those that stay etched within you permanently. You know by the time you close them, that you are wiser and better for having read them. A Land of Permanen [...]

    5. This book is amazing. Beautifully written. It it truly inspiring. It tells not only of Syrian refugees, but refugees in the Middle East today, as well as throughout history. I also loved how it was narrated by destiny. This put an interesting twist to the book. I honestly can say this is one of the best, if not best books I have ever read. (This book was given to me by a local book store to read and review)

    6. Absolutely phenomenal! A beautifully written, yet heart wrenching story of the struggle for survival in the war torn Middle East. Narrated by Destiny personified, this novel depicts the tragic experiences of a Syrian youth, and his determination to find a safer world for his sister. Without a doubt.a MUST READ!Thank you to Penguin First to Read for access to an advanced reader copy!

    7. This one fell firmly on the line between 2 and 3 stars for me. It's a serious and heartbreaking story about a teenage boy from Syria who becomes a refuge when his home is bombed, and his journey from Syria through Turkey and Greece. It's devastating, timely material. Unfortunately, the execution was poor. Tareq's story on its own was compelling, and the scenes told from his POV are what tipped the balance toward three stars instead of two. But Abawi made the choice to use an omniscient narrator, [...]

    8. The refugee crisis is one that needs to be talked about, and despite this book’s many shortcomings, it did, at least, do that. It doesn’t do so as well or as powerfully as I hoped, but it is one of the few positive things that definitely cannot be discounted. It’s just a shame, because it could have been so much more. This is clearly a book that panders to a white audience. From the offset, the book was obviously invested in creating characters that were human by relating various anecdotes [...]

    9. Raw. Human. Timely -a story of a Refugee crisis. This book will make you look with new eyes on the crisis.Read More Book Reviews at It's Good To ReadThe Land Of Permanent Goodbyes is written from the perspective of Destiny. It summarises, in this case the fictional, but unfortunately real-life struggle of our young protagonist, Tareq, fleeing his war-torn country (Syria) in the company of his father (Fayed) and four-year-old sister (Susan).The use of Destiny as narrator does remind me of the tec [...]

    10. A free e-galley was provided to me by Penguin Random House through the First to Read program in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.Tareq is fleeing the only home he has ever known in Syria after a bomb strikes his apartment killing most of his large, loving family. Fayed, Tareq's father, is taking the children he has left and finally doing what he wished he had done sooner. Get as far away from the war as possible. On this dangerous journey, they encounter behead [...]

    11. The family is at home, even if it is war outside, they still have themselves; Tareq, his younger brother Salim, the girls Farrah and Susan and the baby twins. He respected his mother Nour and his father Fayed and of course also his grand-mother. When a bomb hits their house, only Tareq and Susan can be saved, luckily their father was at work and is also alive. They decide it is time to leave the country, after such a loss, what is it that keeps them still there? But first, they need to go to Raq [...]

    12. Summary:Destiny takes us through war torn Syria and other countries as one family tries to make a life in the midst of destruction.  After loosing his home, mother, grandmother, and several siblings to a bomb; Tareq understands that it’s time to leave Syria.  His father takes him and his sister Susan to the relative safety of his brother’s home.  What they find is a city under Daesh (Isis) control.  The city is in ruins and the citizens terrified.  Tareq and his cousin actually see a be [...]

    13. “I don’t understand how the human eye works. It seems so impaired at times. So, for a moment, let me lend you mine.”Destiny narrates this powerful novel about Tareq’s family’s escape from war-torn Syria. He lives with his grandmother, parents, and siblings - Salim, Farrah, Susan, Ameer, and Sameer. As his once-beautiful city is bombed, Tareq begins to know a life of loss and grief as he struggles to survive and care for those that are left. We go with Tareq on his journey out of Syria, [...]

    14. The heartbreaking novel is narrated by "Destiny" who tells the story of a family who lives in the war torn Syria. Tareq is surrounded by his big close knitted family. He is surrounded by people who love and care about him. Unfortunately, that all changes when a bomb hits his neighborhood causing his family to suffer a few casualties. Tareq and his family that survived must leave Syria, if they hope to remain alive. Their journey to "freedom", is one filled with violence and heartbreak, but also [...]

    15. I really enjoyed this book. So much so, that I stayed up until 2:30 a.m. on a school night (yeah, I know how to get down!) to finish it. This is the story of one young man's journey as he flees Syria. Oftentimes, I feel as though refugees are all lumped together with very little that humanizes and individualizes each person and the struggles they face coupled with the hopes they have for the future. This book does that for each character. In addition to enjoying the story, I really enjoyed the p [...]

    16. This book was heart wrenching from the moment I opened it to the end. The book follows Tareq a Syrian boy as his home is bombed and his family makes the decision to leave the country. The other voice in the book is Destiny, telling Tareq's story as well as giving a window into others as well. The author does not shy away from violence, death, or sadness. There is not a lot of description of the actual violence but the aftermath of the situations the boy and his family are in are there. It stays [...]

    17. Thank you to Edelweiss and Philomel for a digital ARC of this book. The Syrian refugee crisis has been in the news and this book is very effective in giving life to those stories. Abawi tells the story of Tareq, a Syrian teenager by using Destiny as the narrator. We also meet Alexia, an American volunteer working to help refugees after they cross the Aegean Sea and land in Greece. We are given intimate glimpses into the minds and hearts of both Tareq and Alexia to give us insights into the pligh [...]

    18. “Distance often safeguards the heart. It preserves and shields you from letting the pain into your spirit, changing you forever. Bridging that distance can make you hurt. But that isn’t a sign of weakness; it’s the power of compassion and love – the two elements that can save the world.”A very powerful quote that resonated with me, from A Land of Permanent Goodbyes. This novel follows a Syrian teen as he flees his homeland in search of a life without war. The plight of the refugee come [...]

    19. Abawi begins her story with a quote from Fred Rogers, and the same quote is featured prominently near the end of the book, providing a nice frame. It is a quote in which he describes the advice his mother gave him on how to cope with disaster: look for the helpers. In any disaster, look for the humanity, the helpers (rather than focusing on the hunters, those benefitting from the suffering), those offering kindness. Abawi takes Mr. Rogers' advice to heart as an author and shows us the hope and h [...]

    20. 4 stars; book #12 of 2018 You were born to die. In that I have no say. But when that happens is not up to me. It’s up to humanity and – all too often – the lack of it.” And thus begins Atia Abawi’s second book A Land of Permanent Goodbyes, which comes out this Tuesday. I got a copy from First to Read and am so glad I did. It was a captivating read, though heartbreaking.“What’s the risk of dying if we are already dead?” The novel focuses on the Syrian refugee crisis by following a [...]

    21. Penguin First to Read ARC.War and violence versus hope and peace, and how money and power control aspects of this struggle. Mankind's inhumanity to man. Fleeing bombs and destruction, people will take any risk to get their family to safety. This is a story about more than just one family's attempt to reach safety. It's also about the thousands and thousands of people who die along the way. As well as, the volunteers who try to make their journey survivable. "Look for the helpers." Yes, this is a [...]

    22. “These are the people I meet with broken souls, tired hearts and lost minds, clinging to the fantasy that their loved one is living in a dreamed existence. They know, at least deep down, that this is not the truth, but the dream it anyway, because to fool the mind helps fool the heart. And to fool the heart is what they think they need to survive.”“That wasn’t God’s doing, that was the devil. The greatest victory the devil has is when you confuse his work with God’s.”“‘The thin [...]

    23. Abawi attests that this book was as emotionally difficult to write as it was for me to read. The unremitting sorrow that shrouds the life of the Syrian teenager, Tareq, as he flees with the remnants of his family defines this narrative even during a few brief respites. There are no mundane moments when living with war. Any expectation of an upbeat interlude with Alexia, the young American woman involved with helping refugees, is quickly dispelled by the emotional toll she experiences, dealing wi [...]

    24. Gritty and definitely realistic. Suspension of disbelief based on author’s background. This book delves into the current Syrian situation with many factions vying for power and the effects upon the people who live there. Explanations of various religious factions and political uprisings are shared throughout the plight of a Syrian family. Many refugee stories are woven into this stark narrative making this not just about Syria but all countries affected by uprisings. Recommend for those intere [...]

    25. Atia Abawi, born a refugee to Afghan parents in Germany and raised in the US, published her highly recognized book, "A Land of Permanent Goodbyes" in 2018. The book is an historic fiction that chronicles the struggle of a brother and very young sister escaping from Syria, through Turkey, to Greece, and Germany. This story of remarkable humanity along side the inhumanity of hate a greed will long remain on my mind. This book will occupy a sacred place in my personal library and in my daily reflec [...]

    26. THis was heartbreaking and sad and hard to read but I am glad I did. I am sad to say that I am one of those people who does not click on links to read about refugees because the entire situation makes me so incredibly sad. This book forced me to think about my life and possible ways to help others more often. It is a crisis that continues today and there is no end in sight. While this book had everything that could go wrong, go wrong, I think it was important to have a taste of all the hardships [...]

    27. Tragic, gut-wrenching, and difficult to read at times, yet the story is compelling. The author weaves a singular tale of one boy’s journey from Syria from the many stories she heard from actual refugees. We don’t hear as much about the refugees as we did a year ago, but as the war ramps up again in Syria, remember there are millions of refugees displaced around the world who only hope for the basic necessities in life. Whatever your fears are, get over them, read this book, and take a stand [...]

    28. This novel of one family's journey to escape the Syrian conflict is narrated by Destiny, which provides a bit of distance between the reader and the story and is necessary for a story packed with such heartbreaking events. The construct works better in some areas than others, but for the most part allows the author to include the backstory necessary for teen readers to truly understand what's happening. All of this is not to say that you won't be emotionally devastated, because you will. This bo [...]

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