The Makings of a Fatherless Child

The Makings of a Fatherless Child Chandler Alexander s The Makings of a Fatherless Child is a dark and riveting tale of a young boy Amel River growing of age in the Mississippi Delta all while trying to survive a broken home povert

  • Title: The Makings of a Fatherless Child
  • Author: Chandler Alexander
  • ISBN: 9780692398296
  • Page: 369
  • Format: Paperback
  • Chandler Alexander s The Makings of a Fatherless Child is a dark and riveting tale of a young boy, Amel River, growing of age in the Mississippi Delta all while trying to survive a broken home, poverty, fatherlessness, and a voice in his head that won t go away With the wisdom of a drunken stranger King Lee, the unspoken love of his best friend Sea Sea, and the innocent eChandler Alexander s The Makings of a Fatherless Child is a dark and riveting tale of a young boy, Amel River, growing of age in the Mississippi Delta all while trying to survive a broken home, poverty, fatherlessness, and a voice in his head that won t go away With the wisdom of a drunken stranger King Lee, the unspoken love of his best friend Sea Sea, and the innocent eyes of his two year old nephew Javion, Amel embarks on an unknown journey of truth, understanding, and forgiveness, hoping that his journey will lead him to experience his ultimate definition of freedom, a life worth living.

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      Dear Readers,I hope my GoodReads profile finds you and yours in the best of health and strength First, let me give thanks to you from the bottom of my heart for your support in making my dream of becoming an author come true I am truly grateful.Author hood for me began in the Mississippi Delta where I was born and raised It was those experiences and hardships of growing up that shaped my prospective on life and opened my eyes to real social and economic epidemics that I am sure people have heard of but haven t really felt or lived.So here I am to bring forth those experiences to you as a reader My goal is to put readers in uncomfortable and intense situations in hopes of them feeling and tasting the darkness, the sadness, and the pain that comes with having broken homes, fatherless children, and living in poverty I call it Realistic Fiction To me, Realistic Fiction is a learning genre that wraps realistic situations within a fictional world.When I discovered the book The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo as a young adult, it was then the light bulb glowed in my mind and I realized that I could integrate wisdom into a story and that blew me away.From the many experiences I have had in my life, both good and bad, I have developed a true understanding of who I am as an author Simple and plain, I want to author books that gives life to the voiceless As stated above, I want to tackle social and economic issues such as poverty, mental illness, violence, education, domestic abuse, broken homes and so on through the written word I want to leave readers with voices of reason or explanations for questions they may have had before or developed while combing through the pages of my work Enlightenment is what I want to bring forth as an author I want that light bulb to glow in the minds of readers from what they have learned and received from my work In all, writing for me is a way to help the world as I see it No, I am not an English guru but I can honestly say with conviction that I am overly enthusiastic about writing stories that will hopefully impact a reader s life for the better That s my passion.Most importantly, with all of my work, I want you as reader to find your lesson Find hope in it Find understanding in it Find a new prospective from it.Please, if you enjoyed my work, recommend my work to others and leave an honest review Again thank you With unmatched gratitude and a humble heart,Chandler Alexander

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    1. 4 Stars!!First of all, I have to admit I haven’t read too many realistic fiction novels so far, so when the author offered me the chance to read his first novel, I accepted being a little bit intrigued by the synopsis and most of all by the title. The synopsis promised this novel to be an emotional one and trust me when I say, it totally was. 'The Makings of a Fatherless Child' was a dark, gritty and heart-breaking coming of age story that grabbed my attention from the very first chapter. It w [...]

    2. P&M Blog = Book Monsters: bookmonstersblog/^-^ and mind :D Mine coyoteuglyswaggerbookblog.worARC received for an honest opinionAccording to me a Prologue or the 1st Chapter of a book is THE reflection - SO it must capture my attention from page 1 I will continue a few more chapters to give the Book a fair chance to change my mind!Review! Before I start this review – I must say this book reminded me of the Green mile so I am going to use as my theme, and even the way Amel spoke reminded me [...]

    3. Gritty, realistic and harsh; but an important work, and telling a story that needs to be told.The first thing many people will react to in Chandler Alexander’s 2015 narrative fiction is the language. Not what you’re likely to hear in suburban America unless it’s coming from a social media source. Colorful to say the least, almost to the point of being distracting. The F bomb is dropped with Big Lebowski frequency and there is enough screaming and tense domestic showdowns to make most peopl [...]

    4. Gut reaction: Raw and powerful, and powerfully raw.It begins with a moving dedication and the first lovely, expressive poem by protagonist Amel "Shake" River, who is about to share his story of trying to grow up black in the Mississippi Delta, in a small town called Bear Ridge, where the living is definitely fierce.As a young teen Shake lives with his mother "Baby Sister," slightly-older sister Melo, and Melo's young son Javion. "Today gotta be a good day," he says shortly after awakening in Cha [...]

    5. If you are prepared to take a giant leap out of your comfort zone and into what claims to be realistic fiction, be prepared to feel both uncomfortable, a little heartsick and even angry. Amel River tells his story of growing up on the “wrong” side of the tracks, where father figures were few and far between, mother figures were often cold and indifferent and children grew up fending the best way they could, minus one driving force, the determination to succeed, to grow and bring change in a [...]

    6. This book has been kindly given by the author in exchange for an honest review.First let’s establish that the rating is only related to my personal taste and other readers would give a better rating to this same story.Did the author do a bad job writing the book? Certainly not as I could see and feel the amount of work and endless hours he put through it. The characters are well written, their suffering and joy are yours to experience as well. Their poverty and predicament leak through the pag [...]

    7. An amazing book that I put my heart and soul in. I call this genre of writing Realistic Fiction, where I wrap real situations into a fictional world. Give The Makings of a Fatherless Child a chance, read the first chapter, and you decide!

    8. When I read the blurb on The Makings of a Fatherless Child, I was not sure it would be a book I wanted to read. The genre that the author calls realistic Fiction is one I have never heard of. I was unsure if I would find the story too unsettling to enjoy.I was actually surprised by how engaging the story was. The characters came to life, they jump off the pages. They have flaws and they have great obstacles to overcome. It is a hard read in places, but there is a feeling of hopefulness that the [...]

    9. The primary characteristic / trait / attribute of this book revolves around the language, how the dialogue is written – both inner and verbally expressed dialogue. It feels genuine, even if it is raw, dark, and disturbing at times. The story is also inspirational on many levels, emotional, disturbing, powerful and thought provoking. Amel River is a boy who was born into the wrong place to the wrong people. As a child he has suffered abuse from his family, and others. As the story progresses it [...]

    10. The pace, events, story and the main characters are amazing. I needed to get used to the writing style and long dialogues but a great debut novel from Chandler Alexander and an eye opening story for somebody like me! I am so happy I got to read this story. I received this copy from Chandler Alexander in exchange for my honest review.Amal is a fifteen year old boy growing up in the slums of the Mississippi Delta. His mother beats him regularly and his dad left him. All he wants is a normal family [...]

    11. A copy was kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. “For you to understand the importance of where you are now and where you are going, you must know and understand the struggles and hardships of the past.”The Makings of a Fatherless Child, by Chandler Alexander, tells the story of Amel “Shake” River’s journey into becoming the man that he was supposed to be.Amel grew up without a father. He and his older sister Melo were raised by their mother, Baby Sister. Thei [...]

    12. WellI liked the book. It is actually a dark book but had a good meaning. The book starts with Amel Rivers, a boy living in the Mississippi Delta. This boy's father left him and his mother when he was very young. The book has a lot of twists and a little bit of drama which I actually liked. It made me understand the true meaning of life. Life is not a bed of roses.We have to work hard to achieve something and face a lot of trouble. My favourite character was King Lee. Without him, the book wouldn [...]

    13. I struggled over whether or not to leave a review for this book. I have mixed feelings about it. I have issues with much of the narrative and some of the dialogue. First the goodThis is a dark, gritty, brutal story. A coming of age tale in a poverty stricken city. Amel has known nothing but hard times his whole life. His father wants nothing to do with him, his mother is abusive and too wrapped up in herself to care or notice that Amel's clothes stopped fitting him years ago. He has hopes and dr [...]

    14. *** I was given an electronic version of this book by Chandler Alexander in exchange for an honest review. ***What the actual fuck was this book. It took me soooo long to read because I felt like I had to put it down after every couple sentences. In the beginning, I barely touched the book because it was soooo difficult to get used to the writing style and the way the characters talked. After I finally got used to that, I had to try to get used to the exaggerated plot. I didn't really start to j [...]

    15. The Makings of a Fatherless Child holds a very real world view of poverty and all the ugliness of a broken system. The author holds nothing back, forcing the reader to experience all the pain and unfairness his world has to offer. I've never read a book like this, extremely raw and packed with emotions.It's heartbreaking to see such depth and soul in one so young to go overlooked and under nourished. Amel expresses himself through poetry and writing throughout the book, contemplating life and th [...]

    16. since the author of the book sent me the epub version for an honest review , i took my time while reading this one , to say it was diffrent is a statement , i've never read a realistic story before , i'm more like "romance , fiction , no big drama , funny " but this book didn't exactlly fit in the category yet i liked it , it's emotional and dramatic but not in the bad way just enough for the reader to connect with the characters espically since it's written in amel's point of view , to be hones [...]

    17. The Makings of a Fatherless Child is brutal book. So, if you are looking for: people that behave nicely, loving families, story in which underprivileged child wins at the end, rainbows and happy endings this is not a book for you.This is a story of Amel River. He is a boy/ young man who lives in Bear Ridge, Mississippi. That is definitely not a nice place to be born. Also his family is dysfunctional; his mother is mentally ill, his father is not present, his sister who is in her teens is also a [...]

    18. *I was given this book for an honest review*Holy shit! This is a very emotional and explicit book. I am 100% certain I wouldn't have chose to read this without the author asking. But I'm certainly happy he did!Let start by saying if you are looking for a young adult book or new adult this is not it. I couldn't in good Conscience recommend this to anyone under the age of 18, and even then I would be a little skittish. Let's just say I won't be personally recommending this to any of my friends und [...]

    19. The title of the book didn’t sound interesting to me. However, when I read the book I found it to be an emotional and touching tale.The story of the book is set in a small Mississippi delta town. The only two novels I have previously read that were set in the state of Mississippi were The Help by Kathryn Stockett and The Chamber by John Grisham.As indicated by the title of the book, the protagonist and the narrator, Amel River, is a fatherless kid born in Bear Ridge. It's not uncommon to be a [...]

    20. Advance reader’s copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.Self-discovery.“But when you live in chaos for a long time it becomes you. Living happy is just like living bad, it don’t seem normal”In the simplest of words, this story will make you think. Chandler Alexander makes you reflect on your experiences we as humans have had. Whether you’re a man, woman, young, old, whether you’ve experienced loss or experienced mental health issues up close or from afar; this book will m [...]

    21. ★||Actual Rating: 2.5||★I received this book from the publisher on NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.The Makings of a Fatherless Child is about Amel Rivers and basically his home life. How sometimes people don't have a choice but to become what they were prophesied to be.This was a confusing read for me and took longer than I liked. I thought this was going to be one of those stories where the MC would get out and be a better person and make something of himself but I think the auth [...]

    22. When I started reading “The Makings of a Fatherless Child” I soon realized how powerful and emotional this story is with the turn of each page. Chandler Alexander is a very talented writer who clearly writes from his heart which makes this a very fascinating story line. After reading the first couple pages of “The Makings of a Fatherless Child” I found the book so engaging that once I picked up my Kindle it was hard to put it down. I was driven to keep reading because I wanted to find ou [...]

    23. Some say that we make our own destiny; that it doesn’t matter where or what you came from, all the matters is what you bring to the metaphorical table. Through Amel, Chandler Alexander shows that that is not necessarily the case for everybody. Amel River is a boy born into the wrong part of town and the wrong family. Before he is even out of high school, he suffers unimaginable abuse from his family, friends and, most tragically, himself. Amel is a truly disturbed boy and, the more you read on [...]

    24. Disclaimer: The author gifted to me a Kindle copy of his book for an honest review.“No pain lasts forever; no evil triumphs in the end.”This book could easily be a 4 star read if only it had an overhaul with edits. I am actually surprised that it went into print in this shape. The dialogue is full of ghettoism and obscenities (make sure your kid is not looking over your shoulder as you are reading!), which doesn’t necessarily bother me as the reader. In fact, I used to live in a marginaliz [...]

    25. Amel Rivers lives a hard life. He is poor, has an absentee father, suffers from an un-diagnosed mental illness (I think, it's never established in the book) and is the victim of emotional and physical abuse. The one thing that he strives for is to make a better life for himself and his nephew but with so many odds against him Amel's dream may never be fulfilled.This book was hard to review. The story is raw, gritty and honest and you can't help but feel empathy for Amel and Javion. Amel's story [...]

    26. I remember feeling frustrated in my pre-teenage years because there was so much I wanted to do, but my age wouldn't allow it. I was the person getting in the way of my wants the most, but there was nothing I could do about it.Because of that, I was able to really relate to this book. That is, as much as a white American woman born into a traditional family where only one parent works because his wage can support the entire family and then some can relate to the story of an underprivileged boy. I [...]

    27. Dark, emotional, inspirational, are all words I can use to describe “The Makings of a Fatherless Child”. The author did a great job in creating realistic scenes and making me feel every emotion he set out in his book. I laughed, cried and even got angry at many points during the story. I loved how the author placed many “theories” in the book. These theories made me look at life in a different perspective. This book doesn’t only tell the story of young Amel, trying to understand his ri [...]

    28. The Makings of a Fatherless Child by Chandler AlexanderThirteen year old Amel River is very poor growing up in a very dysfunctional home in Mississippi. His Mother is unstable and not very kid, his Father wants nothing to do with him. His sister is not the kindest person but he loves his young nephew. Due to the stress of every day living, he has severe anxieties, an impulsive disorder. Plus he can't escape the voice inside his head. He feels the need to punish himself and those who are bad. Ame [...]

    29. WOW! This is one powerful and deep book. I was captured by it from the start and held by it until the end, and was left wanting more. It is intense and raw, heart breaking and yet inspiring. The story line is realistic and graphic and kept me turning pages. The characters are amazing and so perfect for the book. Shake aka Amel has a horrendous life from a young age, he is fearless and a force to be reckoned with and yet his heart is true. His strength and determination is inspirational and I fel [...]

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