Sword of Deaths

Sword of Deaths THE SCYTHE WIELDER S SECRET CONTINUESSusan Sarnio made a choice and will spend the rest of her life as the only female Death Last year she was bullied and ostracized Now to her complete bewilderment

  • Title: Sword of Deaths
  • Author: Christopher Mannino
  • ISBN: 9781771277396
  • Page: 199
  • Format: Paperback
  • THE SCYTHE WIELDER S SECRET CONTINUESSusan Sarnio made a choice, and will spend the rest of her life as the only female Death Last year she was bullied and ostracized Now, to her complete bewilderment, four Deaths vie for her affection Yet, something is terribly wrong at the College of Deaths When a ship carrying scythe metal is attacked, many blame the newly freed EleTHE SCYTHE WIELDER S SECRET CONTINUESSusan Sarnio made a choice, and will spend the rest of her life as the only female Death Last year she was bullied and ostracized Now, to her complete bewilderment, four Deaths vie for her affection Yet, something is terribly wrong at the College of Deaths When a ship carrying scythe metal is attacked, many blame the newly freed Elementals, but Susan knows the Elementals are innocent Shadows from the distant past come to light Dragons circle the horizon, blood spills, and nothing is what it seems Susan and her friends struggle to stop a war They search for the fabled First Scythe, hoping to sway the balance, but who is the true enemy ChristopherMannino

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    1. Christopher Mannino

      Christopher Mannino holds a Master of Arts in Theatre Education from Catholic University, and has studied mythology and literature both in America and at Oxford University His work with young people helped inspire him to write young adult fantasy, although it was his love of reading that truly brought his writing to life Mannino is currently working on an adult high fantasy series.

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    1. I really enjoyed this book! I world expanded naturally and the characters developed well in this part of the series. i think i am in LOVE WITH GRIMM REAPER BOOKS NOW!

    2. I'd like to thank the author for giving me a digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Thank you so much! This book was so so so so good.Sword of Deaths is the sequel to School of Deaths (an awesome book that everyone should read). Three ships carrying mortamant, which is very precious to the Deaths, have been burned. The Deaths assume it was the Elementals' doing, while Susan and her friends are positive the 'Mentals had nothing to do with it. Further investigation led them to [...]

    3. I don’t give 5 stars very often and, I’ll admit, fantasy fiction is the most likely to get 5 stars from me. School of Deaths and Sword of Death, Books One and Two in the Scythe Wielder Series by Christopher Mannino, both warranted 5 stars in my opinion. Mr. Mannino has built a complex and unique world based on a “monster” we haven’t seen much of in the world of fantasy yet - the Grim Reaper. But ol’ Grim isn’t just one skeletal dude, a la Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life. No, t [...]

    4. I RECEIVED A FREE COPY OF THIS BOOK!Good sequel to the first book!This one flows well after the first – similar structure and quick speed with continued development of the magical world and characters! If you enjoyed the first book then I think you’ll have fun with this one too! There are a couple points that I do want to share though. First, I have to commend the author on a great job creating the fantasy world of Deaths in both books. It is clearly well thought out with incredible detail. [...]

    5. This book Was Given To Me By The Author In Exchange For An Honest ReviewAmazing Book! Christopher is an incredible author! I loved this one even more then the first! I couldn't put it down. the characters were more colourful, the adventures more dangerous and heartstopping, and the twists and turns of the mystery and intrigue were even more edge of your seat!I really loved the character of Susan in the first book and loved how her character has grown in this one. Being the only female death isn' [...]

    6. Title: Sword of DeathsAuthor:Christopher ManninoGenre:YA/Fantasy Format:EbookPages:263Rating:4.5/5Setting:The world of DeathsMain Characters:Suzie/Susan, Billy/WillSupporting Characters:Frank, MichiSummary:This is the second book in the series and starts the day after the first book ends. Susan (she wants to be called that now) did not pass the final test after her first year so she did not get to go back home to earth. She still misses her parents but this is now home and she has come to accept [...]

    7. Teenage DRAMANow we are talking… horny teenagers realizing there is only one female results in a love-pentagon. Well, being honest, the real romantic interests are two, the other two are crushes that could have been avoided, but it kind of shows the point that, being the only female, Suzie will get a lot of unwanted attraction.The problem was that Suzie felt flattered by the attention, she even sounded as if she was toying with the boys at times. And worst of all, she chose the one I didn’t [...]

    8. Who knew the life of a Death could be so exciting?In Christopher Mannino's first book, we were introduced to the young and resilient Susan Sarnio, who was literally plucked from her normal life and dropped into the all-male world of Deaths, who are tasked with the job of ferrying dead souls to the hereafter. To make matters worse, Susan is the first female Death in a MILLION YEARS.In Book Two, Sword of Deaths, after a year of facing bullying and prejudice, Susan has established herself as a forc [...]

    9. WOW WOW WOW Christopher just doesn't cease to amaze me!!!I will start by saying - if you have NOT read School of Deaths (which is the 1st book in The Scythe Wielder's Secret Book series) you really need to read it before you read the Sword of Deaths!!!!The Sword of Deaths picks up right where School of Deaths left off. We continue on with the story of Suzie, Billy and Frank as deaths and their training. It's hard to write much about this story without giving it all away. BUT - I will say this, t [...]

    10. This was my favorite so far. It’s great that the author attributed each chapter to a character. We can follow different points of view of different characters along the novel. It allows us to get a better feeling of the world.Suzie has friends and she will earn more respect from the Deaths’, but it’s not easy. She has to deal with sexist teachers and bullies. Suzie has a lot of qualities and strengths so she’s not easily defeated. She finds her place among the boy, sports, reaping, class [...]

    11. Susan has had to make some big decisions for such a young age I was so excited to see a book two on this series. Book two she is growing into this part. She has now excepted her life in this in between place. She dives into the histories and tries to figure out the missing pieces about who plays what roll in this world. Susan also realizes her feelings for Will (not going by Billy any longer) and realizes she has all these boys looking at her because she's the only female Death. Oh what could go [...]

    12. This is fast-moving story, full of allegory and intrigue. Suzy, the main character, faces a lot of discrimination and must out do all the other Deaths to prove herself. She is the perfect female super-hero. My only complaint is if you had not read the first book, it would be hard to catch up with this one. So read Book 1 first! I enjoyed the interplay between the teen characters and the change in point-of-view. It was interesting learning Frank's motives and feelings, particularly for Suzy. This [...]

    13. I would like to thank MuseItUp Publishing for a copy of this e-book to review. Though I received this e-book for free, that has no impact upon the honesty of my review. Teaser: "Susan Sarnio made a choice, and will spend the rest of her life as the only female Death. Last year she was bullied and ostracized. Now, to her complete bewilderment, four Deaths via for her affection. Yet, something is terribly wrong at the College of Deaths. When a ship Carr scythe metal is attacked, many blame the ne [...]

    14. My first thought after finished reading the book: Was I at the last page? What happens next? I need more!Thank you Book Publicity Services for sending me a copy of this book in exchange of my honest review!Sword of Deaths is the sequel to the uniquely written story of School of Deaths. However, I adore School of Deaths more not only because of its fantastic world building and plot planning but it's like an upgraded version of the first book with more mysteries and adventures.Since the brief intr [...]

    15. This book picks up where the first one stopped, which is right after Suzie fails to pass the test that will take her home. Suzie had been instrumental in having the last headmaster removed after she helped expose his association with Dragons. This has not made her any new friends though. In fact, this could have made her even more of a pariah, especially now that she is stuck in this world permanently. There are so many things happening that it is amazing Christopher Mannino was able to fit them [...]

    16. *I want to thank the author and publisher for letting me read the second book of The Sword of Deaths for free in exchange for an honest review*I was ecstatic when I found out that I didn't have to wait for the second book to come out. It feels like this book is a mixture of fantasy and self-discovery (and a little bit of puberty?). There were boys vying for the affections of Suzie (which I'm not surprised about). I just wasn't sure about the new character in this book (Tom). It was like he was j [...]

    17. What if you were dead, but still had life, in an unusual sort of world? What if you were the only female in this world and had to work extra hard to prove yourself? In SWORD OF DEATHS, Book 2 in the Scythe Wielders’ Secret Series, Author Christopher Mannino’s novel for young adults, Suzie Sarnio finds herself in such a situation. She is a Death, the only female death. Frank is an Elemental (Mental) in disguise. Deaths hate Mentals. Suzie knows Frank is a Mental; he’s also her friend, and t [...]

    18. I was so engrossed in the first book that I couldn't wait for this one to come out. I was very excited to see where the friendships were going between Susan, Will and Frank. Although got confused a few times when I put the book down and picked it back up; the characters re-naming themselves made me have to stop and think about who "Will" was. I do think there was a bit too much emphasis put on Will and Susan's relationship. When the book started they had been holding hands and there was a kiss o [...]

    19. Thank you, Mr. Mannino, for this review copy in return for my honest opinion! Suzie, Will, and Frank are back after Suzie, having no other acceptable choice, purposely failed her final test thereby choosing to stay in the World of Deaths until she fades or ceases to exist. We meet a new boy and watch as Suzie comes into her own as a teacher to Tom and a potential flame to almost every other boy in sight. A girl from Frank's past arrives and causes a little hiccup in the affections Frank feels fo [...]

    20. I Love this series the first book School of deaths was a great start of it and this is the second book and I thought it sounds good well it was great! I love Susan Frank and Billy they are strong characters each with a strong story on them self. Susan (Suzie) is the first female death in a men world in a long, long time.Which result that she is picked on a lot, but positive attention as well.The Deaths are attacked and Suzie wouldn't be Suzie if she stood up fr the mentals knowing they are innoc [...]

    21. After reading this book, I realized I liked it even more than the first and I loved the first. In this book, Christopher alternates the POVs and I LOVED it. It made it more appealing because you were able to follow Susan and Will as Deaths and you got insight into the Elementals side from Frank. Deaths are trying to repair their relationship with the Elementals, while on the brink of war with the Dragons. Suzie seeks out answers to solve the growing problems between Deaths, Elementals, and Drago [...]

    22. This book was just as good, if not better, than the first book in this series. I love this series so far. I don't get to read many books about the grim reaper so I try as many as I can find. I love all the characters in the book. The character of Susan has evolved in this next book in the series and I love to see that one great characters. This has it all for me, danger, adventure and so much more. I will keep my eyes open for the next book in the series. * I received this book from the author i [...]

    23. A superb addition the this series by Christopher Mannino! There is plenty of events and details to keep your attention and draw you further into the world of deaths. I find the characters to be very interesting and the addition of the dragon threat is very intriguing. You are also never going to believe what Susan and her friends come across along the way!

    24. all I can say is I just can NOT wait to read the final volume Daughter of Deaths!! The end of Sword of Deaths was just beyond perfect! Hell everything about this book is perfect.

    25. Fantastic followup to book one, which I suggest you read first as Sword of Death begins right where it left off. Being the first female death is problematic, especially since she ise first one in like a million years. In the first book she was picked on and ridiculed but it didn't stop Susan for staying onThis year she has 5 boys on her side trying to create drama and all that jazz. Oh teenage love!! That's not all!! A ship load of metals are stolen and everyone points their fingers at the eleme [...]

    26. I loved the first book in this series, and so it wasn't all that difficult to convince me to read the sequel.In some ways, this book is a little different than the first one. For instance, the first book was told entirely from Susan's perspective. This time around, the story is told from POV's of Susan and her two best friends and sidekicks, Billy and Frank. This book is bigger than its predecessor in terms of world-building and history. The characters get to explore this world outside of the co [...]

    27. This book was awesome! If you liked the first one get this one and join the characters for some more adventures. The first book "School of Deaths" was really good. Okay with that out of the way I do have one beef with this book even though it was great.I loved this book, but not the ending. It ends with a huge cliffhanger. There is very little resolution, and it leaves you in the middle of the story. That's fine for the end of a chapter, but not the end of a book. There were loose story strings [...]

    28. I received a copy of this ebook in exchange for an honest review.The Sword of Deaths picks up directly where School of Deaths left off with Suzie and her pals Billy and Frank at the College of Deaths. With Sindrel gone and things seeming to calm down at the college, the friends decide to take a trip to a neighboring city where they visit an amusement park. There, they witness a ship carrying mortament (an element mined to make the scythe's they use to reap souls) ablaze. They learn that more shi [...]

    29. I was given a print copy of Sword of Deaths, by Christopher Mannino for review.Sword of Deaths the second book in The Scythe Wielder's Secret trilogy.Although no great plot complication is resolved in Sword of Deaths, I still liked this story very much. It focuses on character building, maturing the main characters. A good thing considering our heroes are teenagers, a time of rapid changes both physically (especially for Suzie, oops, Susan) and emotionally. The story does span a few years after [...]

    30. This was another great installment in this trilogy. For some reason, these books just fly by so fast. I had two hours yesterday morning before work and managed to read almost half of the book in that time. Same with the first book in the trilogy. I guess that sounds average, but i read super slow and usually get distracted after 15 minutes. I think this is because of how interesting the story is and how fast the pacing is. There isn’t much in the story that gets boring. Every scene has a purpo [...]

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