Showboat: The Life of Kobe Bryant

Showboat The Life of Kobe Bryant Finalist for the Cross British Sports Biography of the Year Award in the UK With surgical precision Roland Lazenby expertly dissects the life of this generation s most fascinating basketball player W

  • Title: Showboat: The Life of Kobe Bryant
  • Author: Roland Lazenby
  • ISBN: 9780316387248
  • Page: 472
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Finalist for the Cross British Sports Biography of the Year Award in the UK With surgical precision, Roland Lazenby expertly dissects the life of this generation s most fascinating basketball player What made Kobe Bryant tick so loud for so long Lazenby shows you with a tour de force in reporting and an intimate inspection at Bryant s trials, accomplishments and tribulaFinalist for the Cross British Sports Biography of the Year Award in the UK With surgical precision, Roland Lazenby expertly dissects the life of this generation s most fascinating basketball player What made Kobe Bryant tick so loud for so long Lazenby shows you with a tour de force in reporting and an intimate inspection at Bryant s trials, accomplishments and tribulations Jonathan Abrams, author of Boys Among Men With the publication of Showboat The Life of Kobe Bryant, it is high time we recognized author Roland Lazenby for what he has become the finest sports biographer of our time First with the astonishing Michael Jordan The Life and now his having written an incredibly researched, beautifully written biography of this enigmatic Laker superstar, Lazenby has entered rarified air one is wowed by what one learns and at the same time you can t wait to read what comes next Peter Golenbock, author of ten New York Times bestsellers Eighteen time all star scorer of 81 points in a game MVP and a shooting guard second only to Jordan in league history Kobe Bryant is one of basketball s absolute greatest players, a fascinating and complicated character who knew when he was a mere boy that he would be better than Jordan on the court The debate about whether he achieved that is a furious one but Kobe has surpassed Jordan on the all time scoring list and has only one less championship than Jordan 5 to Jordan s 6 He is set to retire after the 2015 16 season, just in time for Roland Lazenby s definitive biography of the player and the man.The Lakers are the flashiest team in all of sports, and the context in which Bryant played is salacious and exciting Provocative stories mixed with good old fashioned basketball reporting make for a riveting and essential read for any hoops fan.

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      Roland Lazenby is an American sportswriter and educator.Lazenby has written than five dozen nonfiction books, mainly about basketball and American football He has also contributed articles to magazines and newspapers.Lazenby s book Bull Run was named Sports Book of the Year for 1997 by the Independent Publishers Association.Lazenby studied at Virginia Military Institute and Hollins University, and has been a member of Virginia Tech s Department of Communication and Radford University s School of Communication A group of students from his media writing class compiled the book April 16th Virginia Tech Remembers 2007 , an account of the Virginia Tech massacre Lazenby served as editor.In 2005, Lazenby and Andrew Mager created Planet Blacksburg, a student organization that focuses on new media, journalism, and publishing.

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    1. How you evaluate this book comes down to this question: Does Kobe Bryant really warrant 550+ pages of detailed biography? Lazenby's Jordan biography is much better than his work on Kobe and that's not an MJ bias speaking. Despite Kobe's drama-filled career and criminal accusation/trial, this book lags toward the end even though it is riveting in spots, especially early on. In fact, the most compelling portions are about Kobe's fascinating father, Joe, and the insights into Kobe's childhood and f [...]

    2. I've read many biographies in my day, and especially about sports figures, and this one tops being the worse of them all. How did this book receive 5-star reviews is beyond me! Then again, Roland Lazenby is a respectable writer, so I think his proteges gifted him 5-stars for GP. This is by far, NOT a biography but a history book about Philadelphia basketball leagues, history of Lakers, drafts, but VERY little about Kobe Bryant besides a plethora of basketball stats. This book doesn't tell you an [...]

    3. I'll start off by stating that I'm a huge basketball fan (maybe that's a given when you choose to read a 500+ page bio on an NBA star). I've always admired Kobe Bryant for his dedication to his craft and for standing by his actions/feelings (whether or not others agreed with them). I previously read Lazenby's book "Michael Jordan, The Life" which I also loved, as I'm a long time MJ fan. With such positive feelings about the MJ book, I was skeptical that I'd like this one as much. But, I did. I l [...]

    4. This will probably become the definitive biography of Kobe Bryant. This book was a very well researched book. At the same time this was an incredibly laborious read. The prose was longwinded and his use of sources was clumsy. At some points he seemed to be citing sources just for the purpose of giving them their chance to have their say. The pacing of the book was also strange. He spent a large amount of time on Bryant's family background and his high school years but sped through the years afte [...]

    5. Mamba Mentality With over 30 years experience interviewing NBA players, coaches, and staff members, Roland Lazenby has become a best-selling author of biographies such as Michael Jordan: The Life and Jerry West: The Life and Legend of a Basketball Icon. With titles such as these to his name, Roland Lazenby places himself in a qualified position to write Showboat: The Life of Kobe Bryant. Lazenby’s Showboat: The Life of Kobe Bryant focuses on the development of Kobe’s career, being raised by [...]

    6. I am really disappointed with this book. Poorly researched, almost nobody from close Kobe's circle is interviewed for this book, and most of the content is cited from press or TV interviews. You won't learn anything new about Kobe himself. Nothing more about his personality, hobbies, or his life philosophy. I'm really surprised by the high rating this book was given by community.

    7. Here are my to 3 takeaways from the book.#1 Be Obsessed or Be Average. Kobe was obsessed with reaching his potential. What is your potential? Become obsessed with it!#2 Be a Free Thinker. Kobe didn't follow the thinking of the masses; instead he created his own path. Be careful when you follow the masses, sometimes the "M" is silent. ;-)#3 Turn Setbacks Into Stepping Stones. Kobe never let an injury, or any other setback dissuade him from living up to his potential. Remember that it isn't about [...]

    8. Showboat. The Black Mamba. Ball Stopper. Villain. The Bad Guy. LEGEND. These are the many names used to describe the great NBA basketball player Kobe Bean Bryant. He is one of the most polarizing players to ever play in the NBA. From his aloof nature to his sheer iron will to be great, people take a hard line with him to either be for or against. I will admit my basis in this book review that I am for Kobe Bryant and his greatness. This semi-biography of his life only confirms what I believed ab [...]

    9. Roland Lazenby has written an outstanding biography of Kobe Bryant. Although the biography is not authorized by Bryant himself, Lazenby's interviews with the people closest to Bryant add a great deal of understanding to what made him tick on the court and off. I especially enjoyed the quotes from Tex Winter, the legendary coach responsible for the triangle offense that Phil Jackson's Lakers teams ran. The interviews convey a well supported impression of Bryant as an astoundingly hard working and [...]

    10. Although Showboat and Michael Jordan: The Life are by the same author, and about two very similar subjects, I found Showboat to be a much better read. I have been fascinated by Kobe's life since he wrote his retirement letter in a poem, "Dear Basketball", and reveled in that fascination in this book. The part I found most interesting was how well Kobe was able to compartmentalize his life. He cut off his entire family, he faced one of the biggest legal trials a professional athlete has faced, bu [...]

    11. We see how Kobe Bryant, the second-greatest shooting guard in NBA history, was molded from the skinny Italian transplant who sought to be accepted by the inner-city crowd. While Roland Lazenby gives a robust account of Kobe through his formative years until the first half of his Lakers career, his accounts from 2006 onwards felt rushed and compressed. Much of what is told from 2006-2016 feels like a paraphrased version of anecdotes we have read on the Internet without a fresh take.

    12. Will and SkillThis is a remarkable biography of one of my favorite sports figures - Kobe Bryant. A complete telling of Bryant's journey to greatness, fall from grace, and return to the mountaintop. Very well written, I digested this book in 2 days. Couldn't put it down. If you are a Kobe fan, you need to read this book!

    13. Showboat clears so many misconceptions about Bryant and offers fresh perspectives and context to Kobe's entire life yet, has made Kobe relatable and less villainous by making him more understood, further cementing and glorifying the man who is too often seen as just a myth. Perfect for every Kobe and hoops fan. Lazenby's seat at the table of the best sports biographers of all - time is intact.

    14. It was great learning about how Kobe's father had so much influence on his playing style, and it was cool how the author talked about his life outside of LA a lot. It was really long, so it was kind of start and stop reading for me, but I'm not that quick of a reader.

    15. I thought this was a very good book, and it gave a perfect insight to many fans that love Kobe Bryant and want to know more about his life.

    16. This was a 600 page book and I flew right through it. Great insight into Kobe's psyche and what made people love (or hate) him

    17. I found the book interesting. It did give an insight into the player's life. However, the player was not himself interviewed for the book. Overall, a good read.

    18. A brilliant and comprehensive description of Mamba's life. There's no such thing as genius; it's just hard work and mental toughness.

    19. It's too long BUT this is a definitive book chronicling the life and times of Kobe Bryant, his family AND his associated career characters. I highly suggest reading Phil Jackson's The Final Season beforehand and Shaq's autobiography as a companion afterward.

    20. 'Showboat', a moniker that Shaq gave Kobe to describe Bryant's flashy style of game.Overall an excellent book from start to finish. I honestly wish the book was longer. Similar to Michael Jordan's book, you get the prelude and family history of Kobe Bryant. Starting from Joe "Jellybean" Bryant and his turbulent start with the Philadelphia 76ers as a hometown star, up to the final game of Kobe Bryant, scoring 60 points giving his final speech as a Laker. This book covers all peaks and valleys of [...]

    21. Wow, what an interesting read. Kobe Bryant the boy, the teen, the man and the legend. Compared to many yet he stands alone. This is a great book with depth and insight beyond what you see. We all see KB as this laid back guy that doesn't sweat. This book gives the impression that he does sweat. It tells how much sweat is needed to be KB and look unaffected. Some neat exciting and fun stories as well as good old fashioned sports reporting. So, well written you feel that you really know him and hi [...]

    22. Kobe Bryant, one of the most beloved players in the NBA. But, also one of the most hated. This gives a glimpse into his life. With media as big as it is, and analysts mouthing off as a living, Kobe is under the spotlight a lot. He is a great competitor and it is shown. Real Kobe fans will like this book.

    23. I have been a Kobe Bryant fan, thus I enjoyed reading the book. The author protrays Bryant and jerk. Just like what Jordan was describe as. I felt bad for Bryant in the fact that he had extremely domineering women in his life. The guy could play ball, yet 5 NBA championships, numerous scoring titles, all-star appearances, a gold medal and other accomplishments. It was difficult to understand how Jackson treated him until O'Neal left. A bunch of screwed up people. I guess the situation affected t [...]

    24. Simply AwesomeIf you're a Kobe fan then get this book. This does a great job to get an in depth look on how Kobe was on and off the court.Truly wonderful experience to get to learn as to why you had certaine questions.

    25. Came away understanding why I didnt like Kobe as a person throughout his playing career. After reading a few Jordan books, I came to respect his greatness more didnt happen in Kobe's case. Good read though.

    26. This was excellent. Lazenby writes a thorough biography of Kobe. There was lots I didn't know. Well written.

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