Dr. Chase Hudson

Dr Chase Hudson This is not a stand alone and must be read after The Sex SurrogateYou asked for it now you re getting it a novella from Dr Hudson s POV plus an epilogue so we can catch up with Chase and Ava Here you

  • Title: Dr. Chase Hudson
  • Author: Jessica Gadziala
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 214
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This is not a stand alone and must be read after The Sex SurrogateYou asked for it, now you re getting it a novella from Dr Hudson s POV plus an epilogue so we can catch up with Chase and Ava Here you will find answers to your questions about Chase s childhood, how he got into surrogacy, and what, exactly, his feelings were for Ava while he was working with her For poThis is not a stand alone and must be read after The Sex SurrogateYou asked for it, now you re getting it a novella from Dr Hudson s POV plus an epilogue so we can catch up with Chase and Ava Here you will find answers to your questions about Chase s childhood, how he got into surrogacy, and what, exactly, his feelings were for Ava while he was working with her For possible triggers, go here jessicagadziala trigge

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    1. 5 "Fuck Me" Stars!Almost everyone who read The Sex Surrogate (the first installment of this series and in the female POV) wanted to know more about the misterious and sexy Chase Hudson. Thank God for Jessica and the people who practically demanded this book!! LOL To me, it was totally necessary. Why? Well, at the end of the first book, I found myself knowing a lot less about Chase than I expected. Too many questions popped in my head: Why is he the way he is? Why did he decide to study Psycholog [...]

    2. ***FIVE STARS***I loved The Sex Surrogate just the way it was. I'm one of the fans that was perfectly okay with the story being told from just Ava's POV. For me, Chase was perfect in it, and I didn't need to know any more about him. His story seemed pretty clear to me in TSS, so I was completely happy with it just the way it was. I'm really not big on second POV sequels. So many of those stories these days just retell the same exact story from the other person's side, so when other fans were beg [...]

    3. ♥ ♥ ♥ 4.25 STARS ♥ ♥ ♥ Oh, Dr. Chase Hudson he makes me swoon! I'm so very happy we got his POV. Finally things made a lot more sense on where he was coming from. I did enjoy this book, just as the original. I was expecting a bit more their future, and not so much of a re-telling of what we already read, but that's okay because I still liked it. It seems I can't get enough of Chase. This manat is all. <3 Thanks so much for giving us more of Chase. It is very much appreciated!

    4. I luvd getting more of the Doc ;) Once I knew this book was coming out I was delighted I luvd The Sex Surrogate it was so good an getting into Chase's head was what I want I was dyin to know how he felt about Ava when did he start to luv her basically I just want it al again but in his head an I have to say I wasn't disappointed I luvd every page of it from page 1 I couldn't put it down Chase is still so hotter I think maybe even hotter getting into his head an findin out more about him was just [...]

    5. 4.5 Drool-all-over-the-cover StarsYou wanted Chase? She gave us Chase! It was such a pleasure to be in Chase 's head! It was what was missingat piece that had to be placed in order to everything be right in my world.we asked and Jessica delivered. What can I say? I'm enamoured! He had me feeling like that from the get go! Everything was deliciously done and let us understand what moved, inspired and shaped him. Now, Jessica it too much to ask for a Holiday Special? ::grins::

    6. Much to my surprise, while I found most of the love scenes physically hotter from Ava's POV (see my review of The Sex Surrogate [The Surrogate #1]), where I felt her emotions more keenly, I found the sequel, Dr. Chase Hudson (The Surrogate #2), emotionally hotter. The unfettered access to his thoughts and emotions was a different kind of seduction.As a romance reader, I was thrilled to see that Chase was unable to think of Ava in a professional manner even during their initial meeting. Why? Beca [...]

    7. I suppose I was rash in my judgement of the first book. The only reason I gave this book one star is because it was a retelling, and we all know that retelling in the hero's point of view is essentially re-reading a story with different pronouns. His job is stupid. Homie got an office for sex. He keeps talking about how he is crossing the realms of professionalism, but in a job which requires intimacy - how could he remain professional?“Desire may have, in a way, been a part of the process. It [...]

    8. This book is The Sex Surrogate from Dr. Chase Hudson's POV. Yeah so we get to find out more about Chase's past and how his feelings for Ava develop. I really enjoyed getting into Chase's head. There were some things that thanks to this novella cleared up. I'm so happy that the last chapters are about their future but I was sad about one particular thing (view spoiler)[but why Eddie :((hide spoiler)]Anyway I have to say Dr. Sex won me all over. The conflict between the right thing and what he wan [...]

    9. 5 YUMMY STARS!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Sex Surrogate is one of my favorite books so it only stands to reason that this is up there also. Seriously I Love Dr. Chase Hudson. He is just Yummy in every way possible. It gives you a little more back story on Chase & then everything with Ava from is POV. I am certain I will be reading this book a second time. Jessica Gadziala has completely captured my attention as a writer & I will be making my way through all of her books!

    10. Love it! Love it! Love it! Oh Baby this book is a pure stroke of scorching hot sexy brilliance! It's just so fascinating and tantalizing! Each session mesmerizing me until the very last page!! Chase is so much more than he appears in The Sex Surrogate as Dr Hudson, and I thought he was the book-god's gift to me then, but now I'm overjoyed!! Chase has so many more layers than just a tall, dark and model handsome doctor. His POV of the surrogate relationship with Ava just blew my heart right up te [...]

    11. I really enjoyed Chase's POV. We get Ava's in the first book and I felt like we needed Chase's perspective just to fully understand Chase. Where I was like does he have feelings for Ava or is this jus some professional sessions in the first book. Um no, his feelings for Ava are deep, intense, but also refreshing. He sees that she is a patient that truly struggles with life and well sex at first. Then, Ava grows on him. He wants to protect her and for really her to trust him. We also get a backgr [...]

    12. I loved Chase's POV! I couldn't believe that he could get hotter, but i was wrong. He was rougher and naughtier and sexier than ever! I liked meeting Ava all over again through his eyes. She was more innocent and scared, while being sexier at the same time. Chase's friend Eddie from childhood plays a role in this story from Chase's perspective, and for some reason I wasn't really feeling the character. 4 sexy-doctor-stars! There was a lot of story plot repeated but i looked past it. I liked find [...]

    13. This was enlightening. After reading Sex Surrogate, I was very curious about Chase's story and although this gives us insight, I would have liked a bit more. I felt like I still lacked understanding on to why he is so drawn to her when she is not his "typical" type. I'm simply stating I would have liked a little more explanation on what it is specifically about her that he can't resist when she is such a contrast to the women he has always been attracted to.

    14. 5 AMAZING STARS !!It's so nice to finally get to read the book in Dr Hudson's POV and it's super hot!! In this book, I got to finally know him better as more personal things were revealed. And clearly he cared for Ava. So this book was amazing and I didn't regret reading it :)

    15. Whereas Ava's story revolved around her anxiety issues, Chase's story was focused more on frustration and understanding and also had some inside about what happened after they got together. Although I was enjoying it, I quickly realized I was reading it too soon after the first book because my brain wouldn't stop screaming at me, "You've already read this and that dialogue! Why are you reading it again?" so I sometimes had to talk myself out of skipping pages.

    16. Dr. Chase Hudson, The Surrogate 2, was so great to get after reading The Sex Surrogate because this is written completely as his POV- point of view. There were so many new interesting details and more story! There were conversations missed in book one but given in this book and lots of being in Chases's head which was great! I could really feel his struggle in feeling guilty for bonding with his patient, his "baby", Ava. And because Ava was not always forthcoming, he was confused by her actions. [...]

    17. I loved that Jessica Gadziala gave us a second book in the series through Chase's POV. He is such a delicious character and I loved being inside of his sexy head/ dirty mind. I'd love to see more of him because he was so fascinating and diverse. I want to know about his previous clients, how he got into the field, his dating life while he was single and more about their HEA. The man is perfection! I can't imagine that there is anyone in the real world as amazing as him but if there is, I hope he [...]

    18. Wow just wow!! Loved being Dr. Hudson's head!! Damn so hot! Review to come when I'm more awake and less delirious from the holidays. Loved it JESSICA!! You rock!

    19. I loved Chase's pov. However I do prefer dual pov's. It's was nice to see he was feeling the same as she was. So glad he didn't have moobs as well. I was worried when Nat appeared but thank goodness that fell through. Loved Shay and Jake as usual. So hoping that in the January special mentioned that Mae gets an HEA. I know women do not need to be with a man to feel fulfilled in life but she's still jumpy after a decade long friendship with Chase. I just don't want her to be afraid forever. I've [...]

    20. 4 Emotionally Charged Starsit was so nice hearing Dr. Chase Hudson POV. It was still Sexy and Hot and I really enjoyed it. Although the love scenes where hotter in Ava's account of the story, Chase's was more emotionally charged. While I was reading Chase's story I couldn't help but feel sorry for him and the unprofessional situation he has gotten himself into. Gone was Chase, the doctor. Or Chase, the surrogate.It was just fucking me. Just what I wanted. Hard. Rough. Consuming.

    21. I gave this book a 4 because I like the author, plot, and characters. There is a huge but coming The first book was from the female point of view and the second book was from the male point of few. I felt like I was rereading the same book with just some word changes. Still a great book, I guess I just don't like that. I haven't liked it previously in other books either, so I think I will just pass when it comes up again.

    22. It's a four because I liked the story, a lot. and I got to read Dr sexy Chase Hudson all dilemma and struggles. But I skipped a lot in the dialogue, just taking Chase's POV. that eas the only thing that annoyed me, repeating. but it wasn't that much since this book is not a that big and being such easy to read. And a great epilogue with surprises! now I'm heading for the last one. a little extra epilogue

    23. Absolutely loved it! I am so glad JG ended up writing a whole novel for Chase! Understanding what he was thinking helped answer a few questions that I had lingering from the first book. Excellent writing and compelling characters once again Well done!

    24. This book was a great conclusion and filled in questions left from the last book. The ending had me shedding a few tears and pulled at my heart strings. This series is one of my favorite reads for sure!

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