The Lost and Found Life of Rosy Bennett

The Lost and Found Life of Rosy Bennett Rosy loved her London life her job in a designer shop her gorgeous West London family house and of course her gorgeous family although young sons are enough to test anyone at times All that disappear

  • Title: The Lost and Found Life of Rosy Bennett
  • Author: Jan Birley
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 207
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Rosy loved her London life her job in a designer shop, her gorgeous West London family house and of course her gorgeous family although young sons are enough to test anyone at times All that disappears when, one unremarkable morning, after one unremarkable school run, her husband collapses on a crowded tube carriage and dies As she struggles her way through the griefRosy loved her London life her job in a designer shop, her gorgeous West London family house and of course her gorgeous family although young sons are enough to test anyone at times All that disappears when, one unremarkable morning, after one unremarkable school run, her husband collapses on a crowded tube carriage and dies As she struggles her way through the grief, she discovers her husband s secret life secrets accounts, secret deals that their solicitor knew nothing of, secret debts and what looks like a secret very close friend at least Totally unprepared and suddenly in debt, Rosy is forced to leave London to start a new life with her incredibly reluctant boys in the countryside Can angsty urban teenagers cope with farm life, let alone enjoy it More to the point, can their mother It s certainly not going to be easy but when you are at rock bottom the only way is up.

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      Jan Birley Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Lost and Found Life of Rosy Bennett book, this is one of the most wanted Jan Birley author readers around the world.

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    1. Well, wow. What Rosy goes through in this book… one moment her life is perfect, then her husband dies, she finds she’s deeply in debt, there is no money to pay for it and her youngest son clearly hates her. And that’s just in the first few chapters. To say that Rosy goes through the mill during this book is a massive understatement. And I really enjoyed the journey.Rosy is a pretty incredible character, for all that she frequently seems unable to cope. The situation Simon leaves her in is [...]

    2. What a wonderful book! The story opens with the death of Rosy's husband, Simon, during a normal commute to work. Whilst dealing with her grief and that of her young boys, the last thing that she is worrying about is her financial situation and the security of her family home. However all that changes when Rosy's solicitor informs her of the sale of all of Simon's investments and she finds that the house that she believed was theirs, had in fact been re-mortgaged to raise funds for a alpaca farm [...]

    3. Id first of all like to say, i am surprised this is Jan Birley's first book. From reading this i would of said she had been writing for years.Its not often i can say a whole book drew me in and had me engaged from start to finish. So here we meet Rosy Bennett, after husband Simon suddenly and unexpectedly dies. We discover things arnt quiet as they seem. Sadly Rosy goes on to discover so many secrets that Simon has been keeping from her. There seems to be no end to the betrayal. Simon has been l [...]

    4. Jan Briley has changed my opinion of Chick Lit with her exceptional debut novel. I am normally a reader of mystery/thriller type books but I do like variety and will pick up general fiction. Romance and chick novels are not my thing and never have been. The Lost and Found Life of Rosy Bennett has proven that a Women’s Fiction novel does not need to be sappy and full of dreamy dudes.The characters in this novel are so well written that you’ll forget they are not real! Rosy is so identifiable [...]

    5. Firstly I’d like to thank the author for sending me this eBook to read and share my honest opinion. The description really appealed to me because I have a tiny bit (okay maybe more than a tiny bit) of farm life in my history and I always enjoy reading about characters who swap city life for country living.I liked the quick pace of the storyline, right from the very start there was plenty going on to hold my interest. Rosy’s life had been completely tipped on its head and she was struggling t [...]

    6. This was a good book. The plot and the writing picked my interest since the beginning and the mystery to discover pushed me to greedily turn page after page.Rosy Bennett,our heroine,was a likable character. She seems so real that I felt really bad for her at the beginning and I was really happy at the end.I've appreciated that she never gave up even if it wasn't easy to leave the city she knows and loves,her best friend and her siter to go to live in an alpaca farm in a little village with her t [...]

    7. An excellent read which kept me enthralled from beginning to end. A few Twists and turns which I didn't see coming. This author writes compellingly and interestingly from start to finish. I now can't wait to read another of her books

    8. *I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.What starts out as a fairly normal day for Rosy Bennett turns into a really horrible one when her husband dies, leaving her and her sons deep in debt. They have to move down from London to an alpaca farm she suddenly inherits, and in the countryside, she comes to know another side of the man she was married to. She also has to deal with life the right way, while trying to get her sons to not completely hate her. Rosy is a one of a [...]

    9. I had seen this book around a lot and loved the premise of it. I’m always a sucker for books where everything’s turned on its head and the characters have to start afresh. This book was everything I thought it would be and then some. I began it by warming to her husband, of course forgetting the blurb straight away, and then getting a shock when he collapsed. It hit me in the stomach and I kept thinking two things: first: ‘Tell him that you love him,’ and secondly, how“Simon gestured a [...]

    10. When it rains it pours, which is exactly what it must seem like to Rosy Bennett after the sudden and unexpected death of her husband Simon. One secret after the other, and there seems to be no end to the betrayal. The quiet married father of two seems to have been leading quite the double life.Suddenly Rosy finds herself in debt, in danger of losing her family home and the owner of a herd of alpacas. Yes, a bunch of four-legged furry exotic animals. Not really the kind of secret you expect your [...]

    11. "The Lost and Found Life of Rosy Bennett" is the story of Rosy, a wife and mother of two boys, who suddenly loses her husband. Her life is thrown into a tailspin when she finds out that her husband was not exactly truthful with her and spent most of the money buying a random alpaca farm in the middle of the countryside. This is only the first of many surprises that her husband left behind. Although she is shocked, she thinks that moving to the farm could be the fresh start she and her boys need. [...]

    12. Review now up on the blog: thewritinggreyhound/The main character, Rosy, has her life turned completely upside down by a series of unpredictable twists throughout the course of the story. She has to deal with every woman's worst nightmare - the sudden death of her partner coupled with debt and the emotional challenges of bringing up two children as a newly single parent. As if that wasn't enough to deal with, she then discovers her husband's secrets and realises she was completely taken in by th [...]

    13. This book follow Rosy as her husband suddenly dies and she is left to find out he had a secret life. Rosy lived what she thought of as a simple life in London with her husband and two sons. Rosy had what seemed like everything in order and when her husband dies she finds out none of that was true.The author did an amazing job developing Rosy as the lead character. Rosy was a very strong individual even if she didn't know if throughout the whole book. I felt as a reader I couldn't help but root f [...]

    14. This is an enjoyable Chick - lit/ family drama about a young Mother of 2 boys who suddenly finds herself a widow and in a precarious situation. In a scenario I hope never to experience, Rosy’s husband drops dead on the morning train right in front of her and her cosy well-heeled enviable life crumbles to pieces.Her 2 boys are hard to handle youngsters and make life even more difficult – in particular the younger lad James is just a nightmare! I found Rosy’s attitude toward dealing with him [...]

    15. Rosy had the perfect life lovely London house, hubby, two children what could possibly be better! Then tragedy strikes very early in the book and she realises that perhaps her beloved husband Simon wasn’t quite who she thought he was when events begin to unravel.As soon as she hears the fateful news from the family lawyer that there is no money but in fact there is a huge mortgage on a farm miles away her life takes a turn for the worse. Why would he have bought an Alpaca farm! Faced with loo [...]

    16. I really enjoyed this debut novel from Jan Birley, its definitely chick lit but it has quite a bit more depth to it than the average story. Rosy's life is thrown into turmoil many times during the story, the first of which is when she sees her husband collapse and die, on the tube, on the morning commute. Leaving behind Rosy and her two teenage boys, Rosy soon discovers she didn't really know her husband at all. The first surprise and only because it is mentioned within the first 10% of the book [...]

    17. “She thought back to their last morning together before the Tube journey. So apparently normal but, unknown to her, so desperately abnormal.” So begins the family drama of Rosy Bennett. The author has created a rich world of varying texture and colors, like the alpaca weavings that appear in the story. When we meet Rosy, she is primarily a wife and mother, living a trendy lifestyle near London. Rosy loses her comfortable life because of her young husband’s sudden collapse and death. Not on [...]

    18. Rosy Bennett is living my nightmare. She suddenly loses her husband and is alone to raise her two sons. Her house is paid off, but only working part time won't pay the bills. When she starts to work out her husband's estate, she is shocked by the fact that she DID have a new mortgage to an alpaca farm. The thought of having to live and work on a farm is horrifying to Rosie and her boys. She tries to make the best of it just like any other Mother would, but her youngest son is proving to be a pro [...]

    19. The love of your life sits across from you each morning eating their breakfast and one day it is over, but what if that was only the startA life you once knew and took for granted is now gone, it is hard enough to fight moving forward yet alone a web of secrets that seem to come to head when you realise your husband had lied about not having a mortgage and many other things in life that he looked after. Trying the best way to provide for her Family, Rosy is rebuilding their life from the bottom [...]

    20. With the death of her husband Simon, Rosy’s life naturally plummets, but she learns over the next year just how far that free fall takes her, and yet she manages to survive.Brilliantly written this emotion packed novel unfolds to the quandary Rosy is left in with the death of her husband. Everything she thought she knew about him and what they had together wiped clean with news from her solicitor the family’s finances had been depleted.The story begins in London and moves to the English coun [...]

    21. You wouldn't find this in the lost and found !.An excellently written book with lots of energy , determination and stamina. Just when you think she has had enough, up pops something else for her to deal with.I struggled with how Rosy dealt with her 11 year old potty mouth :-) Rosy left widowed, with all that to contend and deal with, doesn't have a clue what is to follow for her. What does follow are total shocks but she takes each issue on as it hits her. She is hurt, in love and in business bu [...]

    22. Let me start off by saying that I should have read this book awhile ago. I was sent a copy, but unfortunately it kept getting put off. That said, I enjoyed this book. It was a quick read. In this book, we meet Rosy who is coping with a number of challenges at home. We find her at a wits end. Just when you think that not much can be taken, things turn around. The book is a cute read with a little romance thrown in. I don’t want to say too much in efforts of not spoiling it.

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