Salted After taking a gig with her grandfather the Don of the Italian mafia Lacey Luzzi has been in for a wild ride Stolen property rogue weddings and uncomfortable Family dinners she s seen it all However

  • Title: Salted
  • Author: Gina LaManna
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 462
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • After taking a gig with her grandfather the Don of the Italian mafia Lacey Luzzi has been in for a wild ride Stolen property, rogue weddings and uncomfortable Family dinners she s seen it all However this time, when Carlos interrupts Lacey s sugar induced nap with a phone call, he gives her an assignment that sends her skidding into a place she least expects the lAfter taking a gig with her grandfather the Don of the Italian mafia Lacey Luzzi has been in for a wild ride Stolen property, rogue weddings and uncomfortable Family dinners she s seen it all However this time, when Carlos interrupts Lacey s sugar induced nap with a phone call, he gives her an assignment that sends her skidding into a place she least expects the local spa Despite rumors of a prostitution ring that Lacey is tasked with investigating, the most intimidating portion of the job is not the spa s head guard, a man armed to the teeth and called The Refrigerator It s not the insanely advanced weaponry commissioned by her cousin Clay, a computer whiz and social disaster who hasn t quite mastered the art of explosions It s not even the suspicious Mister Kim, Lacey s new landlord, who is linked all too closely with the spa No, what has Lacey s undies in a bunch is seeing her grandfather in yoga pants and working side by side with Anthony a stud muffin who is increasingly forward with his intentions And when Lacey s ex boyfriend shows up to her housewarming party with a shiny new girlfriend, the party takes a turn for the awkward But at the end of the day, the thing that s really got Lacey s stomach in knots is the spa s no clothes policy in regards to the salt treatment Meg signed them up for on Carlos s dime As Lacey struggles to find out the truth behind the spa s uber secret second floor, she discovers that Carlos s heart might not be as icy as she expects, and that living with her cousin isn t quite as bad as she thinks And when the heat is turned up between Anthony and Lacey, she just might find they have to hold hands and jump

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    1. Wow! Another amazingly fun read! Lacey is a fun, hilarious & sassy character who loves dessert! You cannot go wrong with such a loving character who perseveres through anything 😀❤️

    2. These books just get better with each one.Lacey still gets herself into crazy situations that can be quite hilarious, especially if Meg is involved. Clay once again is their trusted and reliable Tech sidekick, and of course there's Anthony who can forget Anthony! Things are heating up with him and Lacey, jumping out of all sorts of dilemmas. Never a dull moment with Lacey & Co. Loving this series. Reviewed for JoandIsaLoveBooksBlog.

    3. Funny, quick readFirst let me say this. The story is in no way shape nor form short! I read the books in this series quicker than others because the stories reads like movies or tv shows. All the characters dialogue is very easy to follow. Add in the brief description setting up the scene then, BAM, you're moving right along laughing your butt off. There's even a tear jerker (or two) scene in the books.Right, now to the brief take from me about this book. Salted is filled with more Anthony scene [...]

    4. I really liked this book. We get more Lacey and Anthony (yum)! We also get Blake her ex which I hope is finished. He just doesn't go with the series. He just keeps getting dragged in and he also drives mf a lil nuts. I hope with the stronger connection with Anthony, Lacey will finally just cut connections. But I had lol moments where I seriously giggled at. Most were of Megs one liners. What I loved the most we get a glimpse of the mysterious Anthony. He's loyal, sweet, and just an overall stron [...]

    5. Really enjoyed the third book in this series.Lacey Luzzi is at it again! She has another assignment from her grandfather - head of the ‘Family’ and this time her job is to track down the head of a new prostitution ring. Lacey with the help (or rather not a great help) of her best friend Meg, and the electronic mastery of her cousin Clay is investigating which can only mean things are about to get messy! I love that we are finally getting to know Anthony (the Family’s head of security) a li [...]

    6. This book gives more spotlight on Anthony. Even though we don't actually learn much about him, he has more page time than in the previous two books (three if you count the prequel) and he makes his intentions very clear. A rival also appears for him, Blake. He's Lacey's Ex, who wanted to marry. Who still wants to marry her. Of course there's still the usual hijinks and shenanigans, but Lacey also has a little personal growth I like to think in this one.Going forward, I'd like for there to be mor [...]

    7. Miss LaManna hasn't disappointed in her third Lacey Luzzi book. :) As usual, this book is filled with many laugh out loud moments (which could mean trouble if you are reading it in the workplace. :D) Many wacky characters and mostly lovable who woulda thunk a person can love a mob family? HeeHee If you are a Stephanie Plum fan, you will love this series. I think is my favorite one so far. It's a pretty quick read and you will laugh your way through it all.

    8. Best. Charaters great. Love stories. Meg n clay are the best. Wish i had a friend like her. Lacey does need t dress up more. Jusr want t read the woLove the characters. Meg n Clay are great want t read the whole series. Don't want t stop reading till I finish the book.

    9. SaltedExcellent, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I don't like giving spoilers,so I won't, but I love the whacky ride that is Lacey. I also love sparks by way of Anthony.

    10. This book is another laugh a minute romp with our favorite characters and each book in the series just keeps getting better and better! haha we see a lot of things come to pass in this story (including a trip to the spa for our 2 besties Lacey and Meg: With hilarious results I might add, and even poor Clay gets in on the spa actions -- albeit quite unwillingly!) Carlos's jobs for Lacey keep getting more and more intense as we progress through the series and you gotta give our girl props she has [...]

    11. SHE MIGHT WORK FOR THE MOB - BUT SHE HAS MORALSso happily the latest story of lacey and friends is here- for those who don't know --lacey found out her moms family was mobbed up and her grandfather is fact running the family in the twin cities--- ok so this time around her grandfather wants lacey to find out who is running a prostitution ring/spa - that has sprung up in the city--- her instructions are "just get the names and get out-- do not go by yourself- there are people who can help you- us [...]

    12. Loving Lacey!!!This installment made me love Lacey! She's a character and half. I loved her vulnerability and her complete naivety when it came to the two romances I her life. Loved the premise and the sass in this one.

    13. A new and fresh installment of the next Lacey Luzzi. This is the 3rd book. Armed with a new assignment from her grandfather (and head of the Luzzi Family) Lacey and her friend visit a spa, she decides to move house (for the job but also because she feels it is time) and she meets ex boyfriend Blake again. Blake is still in love with Lacey and her feelings are not clear. I was a bit miffed she was seeing him again (come on: Anthony???!!!).Again the story is an easy read with things happening fast [...]

    14. Fast pace read that kept me chucklingWho knew a mob wedding could be so exciting? Lacey, with her side-kicks Meg and Clay, has stirred up another mess to hysterical proportions. You won't want to miss this second book in the Lacey Luzzi series by Gina LaManna! It has everything you could want and more inside the covers, and Lacey seems to be getting a better grip on her job with her grandfather. It was a fast pace read with continuity from book one and lots of possibilities for book 3! Sometimes [...]

    15. This series is free of graphic sex, and extreme violence. Well, except when you snort coffee out your nose from sudden contact with wiseassery. Lucy Lacey is at it again with her friends and relatives. Her relatives? Well, her grandfather is the Godfather in Minneapolis, her cousin is the ultimate geek. Friends? Girlfriend is an ex-cop with her own view of justice, and the bodyguard is simply delish. This time, she needs to find out who is running the prostitution ring in town so that they can b [...]

    16. A Different Kind of Family!Lacey's family is mobbed up. However, they are a softer & gentler mob. Carlos loves his newly discovered granddaughter, Lacey. In order to help her make ends meet (her short career as a stripper was very unsuccessful - one night), he gives her small jobs helping out the family. This time Lacey is supposed to find out the names of people running a prostitution ring & tell Carlos, a mob boss who thinks prostitution is wrong! With the help of her crazy, ex-cop BFF [...]

    17. This is the first Lacey Luzzi book I have read and it was not necessary to start with the first one. Billed as a humorous, cozy mystery, the book did not disappoint. Lacey is a sweet-loving slob who obviously looks good enough to attract several men. The plot of Salted? Not as important as the relationships, although I did wonder why the Family was so concerned with a house of ill repute. But it’s all about the interaction of the characters (including my favorite, Meg), the laugh out loud situ [...]

    18. This is a great book; this is the third book in the Lacey Luzzi Mafia Mysteries series by Gina LaManna and narrated by Caitlin Kelly. Lacey gets another assignment from Carlos, she is investigating the local spa and rumors of a prostitution ring. I loved this book and seeing what kind of crazy situations that Lacey gets herself into. This book kept me laughing throughout it. The narrator Caitlin Kelly did a wonderful job, and was very easy to listen too. She did a great job with the different ch [...]

    19. I must say that as this series progresses (each book is its own story) Lacey finds herself in more and more hot water which she somehow manages to get out of while at the same time she manages (with the help of a few friends) to solve a problem for her mafia grandfather/family.Gina LaMana certainly knows how to spin a clever tale and she does it with wit and cunning and then along comes Caitlin Kelly - and as she speaks, she paints verbal pictures with her clever narration. Well done ladies. Thi [...]

    20. Funny And ScaryLaugh out loud hilarious. Megan and Lacey at the spa having to go in the buff, seriously I have never laughed so hard in my life. That part was funny. Could Anthony get any hotter. He is always there to save Lacey. This book had some scary parts where I was worried that something would happen and Anthony wouldn't be able to save her or something would happen to him. Couldn't sleep until I finished reading. Every book in this series is wonderful. Once you start reading you won't be [...]

    21. Each Lacey Luzzi book gets better. In this book you learn how Lacey and Meg's friendship began, as well as why Meg behaves the way she does. Sad but true, our childhoods do shape us as adults. The book also told about a mother's love for her child, and the extent she'd go to bring join into her life even though they lived on pennies. This book has the typical capers, and at times had me in tears from laughing, have to love Meg! She definitely is one of my, if not my favorite characters in this s [...]

    22. Salted by Gina LaManna is a well written story. It is a humorous cozy mystery so we get many laughs while trying to guess what the mystery is. Lacey Luzzi is always the main character and she is trying to please the mafia or at least not upset them. I love Lacey's infatuation with Dairy Queen - a girl after my own heart. This book includes mystery, romance and danger.The author, Gina LaManna did a good job on this book. I loved the plot. The narrator, Caitlin Kelly did a good delivery of this st [...]

    23. Love it!I love all the books don't get me wrong amazing characters hilarious situations and romance that just makes you sigh and say "aww" but I love how the books progress and this is probably my favorite one so far. Lacey is getting more comfortable and adjusted to her lifestyle,her and Anthony are still feeling each other out but getting closer everyday,and you learn more about her previous life. Sorry I don't give away anything in my reviews buuuut all I have to say is if you love Lacey and [...]

    24. ** I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review **LOVED IT ONCE AGAIN!!! I cant get enough of this series, and will be trying to wait patiently for book 4! Once again Lacey is sticking her nose in where she probably shouldn't and getting herself in deep trouble, this one she almost gets blown up a couple times! All the characters are super great in this series, and I absolutely can not get enough of Caitlin Kelly's narrationse is 100% AWESOME!!!!!Thank You Once Again Cai [...]

    25. Imagine Stephanie Plum in the Mob!This is the third book in the series and they keep getting better. Lacey Luzzi grows up with a single mom and then discovers that her family include the boss of the Twin Cities mob. She does odd jobs for her grandfather that usually turn out to be not illegal. I am really enjoying Gina's books and cannot wait for the next one. I was given this audiobook in exchange for an honest review

    26. Every time I finish a Lacey Luzzi book I wonder how Gina LaManna will top herself, and she did it again! This time Carlos sends Lacey to investigate a possible prostitution ring in a Spa imagine what happens when she takes Meg along! This adventure has lots of Anthony (<3), Clay, sugarbombs, DQ cake, and even Blake! We get some progression with one of her relationships, and as always lots of awesome humor and a fun mystery. I can't wait for the next one!

    27. Lacey gets even betterI was so lucky to find this author even though I was a little skeptical about a mafia story line. This book is even better than the first two in the series. The characters pop in this book where Lacey gets over her head at a spa. Can she survive to finally get a true love interest. Grab some grappa and sit back for a great read

    28. Best one yet!I read this one in a matter of hours, that's how good it is! This is a fun and easy read! I have read in other reviews that this series is very similar to the Plum series by Janet Evanovich and I will say there are lot of similarities, but the best is Anthony is a combination of Ranger and Mortelli Kind of the cherry on top!

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