Awake in the Dark: The Best of Roger Ebert

Awake in the Dark The Best of Roger Ebert Roger Ebert has been writing film reviews for the Chicago Sun Times for nearly forty years And during those four decades his wide knowledge keen judgment prodigious energy and sharp sense of humor

  • Title: Awake in the Dark: The Best of Roger Ebert
  • Author: Roger Ebert David Bordwell
  • ISBN: 9780226182001
  • Page: 104
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Roger Ebert has been writing film reviews for the Chicago Sun Times for nearly forty years And during those four decades, his wide knowledge, keen judgment, prodigious energy, and sharp sense of humor have made him America s most celebrated film critic He was the first such critic to win a Pulitzer Prize one of just three film critics ever to receive that honor and the oRoger Ebert has been writing film reviews for the Chicago Sun Times for nearly forty years And during those four decades, his wide knowledge, keen judgment, prodigious energy, and sharp sense of humor have made him America s most celebrated film critic He was the first such critic to win a Pulitzer Prize one of just three film critics ever to receive that honor and the only one to have a star dedicated to him on the Hollywood Walk of Fame His groundbreaking hit TV show, At the Movies, meanwhile, has made two thumbs up one of the most coveted hallmarks in the entire industry No critic alive has reviewed movies than Roger Ebert, and yet his essential writings have never been collected in a single volume until now With Awake in the Dark, both fans and film buffs can finally bask in the best of Ebert s work The reviews, interviews, and essays collected here present a picture of this indispensable critic s numerous contributions to the cinema and cinephilia From The Godfather to GoodFellas, from Cries and Whispers to Crash, the reviews in Awake in the Dark span some of the most exceptional periods in film history, from the dramatic rise of rebel Hollywood and the heyday of the auteur, to the triumph of blockbuster films such as Star Wars and Raiders of the Lost Ark, to the indie revolution that is still with us today The extraordinary interviews gathered in Awake in the Dark capture Ebert engaging not only some of the most influential directors of our time Martin Scorsese, Steven Spielberg, Woody Allen, Robert Altman, Werner Herzog, and Ingmar Bergman but also some of the silver screen s most respected and dynamic personalities, including actors as diverse as Robert Mitchum, James Stewart, Warren Beatty, and Meryl Streep Ebert s remarkable essays play a significant part in Awake in the Dark as well The book contains some of Ebert s most admired pieces, among them a moving appreciation of John Cassavetes and a loving tribute to the virtues of black and white films If Pauline Kael and Andrew Sarris were godmother and godfather to the movie generation, then Ebert is its voice from within a writer whose exceptional intelligence and daily bursts of insight and enthusiasm have shaped the way we think about the movies Awake in the Dark, therefore, will be a treasure trove not just for fans of this seminal critic, but for anyone desiring a fascinating and compulsively readable chronicle of film since the late 1960s.

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      Roger Joseph Ebert was a Pulitzer Prize winning American film critic and screenwriter.He was known for his weekly review column appearing in the Chicago Sun Times since 1967, and later online and for the television program Siskel Ebert at the Movies, which he co hosted for 23 years with Gene Siskel After Siskel s death in 1999, he auditioned several potential replacements, ultimately choosing Richard Roeper to fill the open chair The program was retitled Ebert Roeper and the Movies in 2000.Ebert s movie reviews were syndicated to than 200 newspapers in the United States and abroad He wrote than 15 books, including his annual movie yearbook In 1975, Ebert became the first film critic to win a Pulitzer Prize for Criticism His television programs have also been widely syndicated, and have been nominated for Emmy awards In February 1995, a section of Chicago s Erie Street near the CBS Studios was given the honorary name Siskel Ebert Way Ebert was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in June 2005, the first professional film critic to receive one Roger Ebert was named as the most influential pundit in America by Forbes Magazine, beating the likes of Bill Maher, Lou Dobbs, and Bill O Reilly 2 He has honorary degrees from the University of Colorado, the American Film Institute, and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.From 1994 until his death in 2013, he wrote a Great Movies series of individual reviews of what he deemed to be the most important films of all time He also hosted the annual Roger Ebert s Overlooked Film Festival in Champaign, Illinois from 1999 until his death.

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    1. For the movie lover and nostalgia buff, this book is a gold mine! Forty years of Ebert's movie reviews, essays, and interviews with the stars of cinema.In his very early critic years, he called both "Bonnie and Clyde" and "2001: A Space Odyssey" masterpieces when the majority of critics were panning them. It was also 1968 when the young Roger interviewed both Jimmy Stewart and Lee Marvin.Many big films are reviewed here--The Godfather, Apocalypse Now, Sophie's Choice, and Amadeus. But it is Eber [...]

    2. Roger Ebert has a way of writing about films that will make you smile, it will make you want to stop what your doing and watch whatever he's gushing about, his enthusiasm is infectious. As a film major I love reading his stuff but I think that even if your remotely interested in movies this will help you see them in a new light and appreciate all that goes into them.

    3. Like all of Ebert's books, this one's going to be reread a couple of times in my lifetime. Reading or rereading, I learn so much from him. Even more important, I ENJOY him!

    4. I used this book to pick out movies to watch in order to learn. I don't have any informed thoughts on the author's point of view, however I appreciate his crisp and lucidity in his writing (judging by the movies I have watched in the past). I may return to this book later.

    5. If pressed to name a movie critic, most people would probably say Roger Ebert.Even though he hasn’t hosted the show he made famous in some years – indeed, he no longer can speak – he remains (and likely will remain for some time) the most famous critic of his time.I recently finished a collection of his writings, Awake in the Dark, which reinforces that conclusion. While the book is primarily made of film reviews (which I’ll get to later), it’s the other sections that shine the most.If [...]

    6. Reading his reviews making me want to watch movies immediately! His passion is contagious. His reviews are always bang on!_________-From BooklistEbert, probably the most prolific film critic of all time, here distills his massive life's work into a single volume. After a nostalgic introduction recounting his initial forays into criticism, he presents reviews of the best films of each of the past 38 years, from Bonnie and Clyde to Crash, and a selection of foreign films, documentaries, and "overl [...]

    7. It’s difficult to review a book such as this. In the world of movie criticism, the late Roger Ebert loomed large, as have many others, like the late Pauline Kael. Whether you find Awake In the Dark: The Best of Roger Ebert – Forty Years of Reviews, Essays and Interviews interesting or not, I suppose, depends on whether or not you value Ebert’s opinion. When it comes to the writing, Ebert was more than competent, writing reviews in a reader-friendly way, accessible to all.Awake In the Dark [...]

    8. Roger Ebert has always been my favorite film critic. Regardless of his feelings about the movie in question his reviews are always well written and actually SAY something. For example, I will never forget the beginning of his review of Star Wars - The Phantom Menace. Most every other critic was trashing it, but Ebert wrote:"If it were the first "Star Wars" movie, "The Phantom Menace" would be hailed as a visionary breakthrough. But this is the fourth movie of the famous series, and we think we k [...]

    9. Best of Ebert: it's a selection of reviews from his favorites and essays on film trends and film criticism generally. His writing style is quick-witted, yet clear and concise, which allows the reader a certain level of comfort and familiarity with his writing. his writing ability, love for the movies (and the University of Illinois and the Chief) make him a favorite writer of mine. of course, he also will skewer a film when necessary, and one of the lines I remember best (from his review of Deuc [...]

    10. I know I have raved about Ebert's negative reviews before ("Your Movie Sucks" is a must-read for film buffs, or anyone who writes about popular culture or enjoys reading about it), and I was not expecting this anthology of some of his more favorable reviews to be as entertaining. This was one of those rare situations in which I was glad to be proved wrong! I may not agree with all of his positive reviews (Crash was the best film of 2005? Really?), but I always learn something when I read his wor [...]

    11. I think Roger Ebert is an informed and generous critic, and I like that about him. He tries not to be mean just for the sake of it, but if something needs a hammer applied, well. Anyway, this is a book that includes his original reviews--not the ones in his Great Movies series--for his best films of the past 35 years or so, along with celebrity interviews, a few documentary reviews, and some essays. I didn't read every bit of this--I am profoundly uninterested in criticism on film criticism (mak [...]

    12. A very enjoyable book about movies, consisting of both essays and columns on individual films. Roger Ebert was not my favorite film critic because our tastes didn't align as closely as they did with other critics, but he was a terrific writer so I enjoyed reading about movies that I had not seen for many years (causing me to go and revisit some of these films). The essays cover directors, stars and Roger's general ponderings on film. I've found the book a great late evening read, best savored in [...]

    13. Roger Ebert is, by far, my favorite critic and journalist. This book was interesting because he included a few think pieces he wrote about the movie industry. My favorite being his case for and 'A' rating in movies for adults only. His argument isnt that complicated and it completely explained the absurdities of the current movie rating system.Another great piece was his review of the Color Purple and his writings on why it was snubbed at the Oscars. The politics of the Oscars are so interesting [...]

    14. This book by one of the most famous film critics is terrific. With a career spanning over 50 years, Ebert's interviews with top directors and actors are so conversational and unforced that a very personal and human quality comes forward. Favourite interviews are with Woody Allen who confesses that he wishes he was the 'the genius' Marlon Brando and Ebert's rare interview with Ingmar Bergman on the Swedish island of Faro.

    15. From the time I was sixteen until his death I read Roger Ebert's new reviews every Thursday before the movies came out. For the longest time I wanted to be Roger very badly. I've always loved Roger's writing, and found that his digressions away from films and musings on life tend to be his best work. This book reminds me that films can be exhilarating, and life changing, and most of all this book has made me miss very dearly being able to read Roger every week.

    16. I skipped around this book, reading the sections in the order I thought I'd find them most interesting. Ebert was just such a great writer and it's fun to see how his passion and enthusiasm for movies never waned over his lengthy career. He repeats only a few of the same stories, but this book is great for reminding the reader of what movies you need to see again or for the first time.

    17. Rereading Ebert's reviews in this format (back to back, chronologically) really reminds you of how informed, passionate, and articulate he was. One forgets how succinct he had to be, while also conveying why you should see a movie without giving away any spoilers. I especially enjoyed the film criticism essays regarding the ratings system, colorization, and Oscar politics.

    18. Very enjoyable - avoids the trap of a lot of nonfiction/essay collections I've read recently where you get 3 samey variations on the same theme (probably because Ebert was writing for so long). The section on film criticism at the end feels very off and inside-baseball compared to the rest of the collection, but doesn't sour the experience totally.

    19. I enjoy movies and have enjoyed Roger Eberts reviews. This book is a collection of his reviews through the years. I like the collection of best movies of the year and best movies of the decade that he lists at the end. It provides a list of worthwhile movies to see. Many of them have reviews in the book so that you can see why Roger liked them.

    20. Loved reading the reviews of movies I've seen, heard of or even haven't seen. His essays on movies are fun and educational, for those of us lay movie buffs. I'll have fun looking various reviews over again.

    21. A generous compilation of Ebert's reviews and essays over 25 years. A good book for picking up and reading on occasion for fun, and some rather compelling essays about cinema throughout Ebert's career.

    22. An easy, relaxing read that I enjoyed, even though Ebert repeats himself in many of these essays, which is quite understandable, considering that we're talking about a 40-year time period. This makes me want to read other books on film, especially those by Andrew Sarris and Pauline Kael.

    23. I scanned and read the good stuff. Ignored a lot of the "think pieces". It was uneven, I would say. I would have liked more reviews of movies.

    24. The essays show a serious, considered side that the reviews often leave behind. Skip the short stuff and head for the real meat at the back of the book.

    25. Not as consistently inspired as the Great Movies books, this is still an excellent cross-section of Ebert's work, showing why he's one of the best film critics and writers in America.

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