Morel'in Buluşu

Morel in Bulu u Borges Morel in Bulu u i in yazd ns zde diyor ki Entrikan n ayr nt lar n yazar yla tart t m onu yeniden okudum onu kusursuz olarak nitelemenin bir yanl l k ya da abartma olaca n sanm yorum Ben de sa

  • Title: Morel'in Buluşu
  • Author: Adolfo Bioy Casares Jorge Luis Borges Nevzat Yılmaz
  • ISBN: 9786055819026
  • Page: 111
  • Format: Paperback
  • Borges, Morel in Bulu u i in yazd ns zde diyor ki Entrikan n ayr nt lar n yazar yla tart t m, onu yeniden okudum onu kusursuz olarak nitelemenin bir yanl l k ya da abartma olaca n sanm yorum Ben de sanm yorum.Pek iyi de, nas l bir roman ki bu 1940 da yay nland ndan beri c k c c k incelense de h l tasvir edilemiyor, tan mlanam yor Neden Arjantin ve d nyaBorges, Morel in Bulu u i in yazd ns zde diyor ki Entrikan n ayr nt lar n yazar yla tart t m, onu yeniden okudum onu kusursuz olarak nitelemenin bir yanl l k ya da abartma olaca n sanm yorum Ben de sanm yorum.Pek iyi de, nas l bir roman ki bu 1940 da yay nland ndan beri c k c c k incelense de h l tasvir edilemiyor, tan mlanam yor Neden Arjantin ve d nya edebiyat n n en nemli kitaplar aras nda yer al yor Bu soruya cevab m yok, ama benim i in niye nemli oldu unu biliyorum Bir kere, hayal var Macera var Ger ekli in s n rlar nda gezintiye kmak var Daha sonra bo olmad anla lacak bir ada ve o adaya s nan bir ka ak var ne ok kullan lm t r de il mi bu bo ada konusu romanlarda Sonra gizemli bir kad n belirecek, adadaki ka a n d nyas de i ecek Uzaktan k olacak Umutsuzca kad n cezbetmeye al acak, kaybedecek onu, arayacak yle bir an gelecek ki, arzunun bu karanl k nesnesinin var olup olmad ndan bile emin olamayacak.

    • Free Read [Contemporary Book] ✓ Morel'in Buluşu - by Adolfo Bioy Casares Jorge Luis Borges Nevzat Yılmaz Ã
      111 Adolfo Bioy Casares Jorge Luis Borges Nevzat Yılmaz
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    About “Adolfo Bioy Casares Jorge Luis Borges Nevzat Yılmaz”

    1. Adolfo Bioy Casares Jorge Luis Borges Nevzat Yılmaz

      Winner of the Gran Premio de Honor da Sociedad Argentina de Escritores 1975 , the Cervantes Award 1990 and the L gion d Honneur da Fran a 1981 , Adolfo Bioy Casares Buenos Aires, 1914 1999 is one of the main writes of the XX century Also a journalist and translator, he was a friend and collaborator with his fellow countryman Jorge Luis Borges, with whom he wrote six books and created the character H Bustos Domecq.He is best known for his novella, La Invenci n de Morel.

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    2. The Invention of Morel is a romantic classic in which passion triumphs over convention, a surrealist classic in which imagination triumphs over reality, a science fiction classic in which technology triumphs over time, and a mystery story whose fantastic resolution always plays fair with the reader. Is corporeality necessary for human personality? Is community possible even in isolation? Can love survive death and--perhaps what is worse--complete indifference? Bioy Casares novel addresses all of [...]

    3. The Invention of Morel was adjudged a perfect work by Jorge Luis Borges, the author’s mentor/friend/frequent collaborator. Anybody familiar with the essays and short fiction of Borges can appreciate what it means for one of the great masters of world literature to make such a pronouncement. Perhaps Borges’ appraisal reflects, in part, how Adolfo Bioy Casares shares much of his own aesthetic and literary sensibilities since, after all, they collaborated on twelve books.More specifically, here [...]

    4. ‘I do not believe that a dream should necessarily be taken for reality, or reality for madness.’How often we feel like an island, alone in a world and beleaguered by the crashing waves of change, responsibility and heartache eroding our soil. Adolfo Bioy Casares presents us a chilling and empathetic tale of love and loneliness, molding the ‘diary of a man stranded on an island’ literary trope into a fantastical and exciting exploration into the human heart. While the sci-fi elements are [...]

    5. Insane. Insane. Again. Insane. Then I resumed my efforts, moving to other parts of the wall. Chips fell, and, when large pieces of the wall began to come down, I kept on pounding, bleary-eyed, with an urgency that was far greater than the size of the iron bar, until the resistance of the wall (which seemed unaffected by the force of my repeated pounding) pushed me to the floor, frantic and exhausted. First I saw, then I touched, the pieces of masonry— they were smooth on one side, harsh, earth [...]

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    8. When I first started this novella, I was highly bemused by everything. The nameless narrator from Venezuela, who is living on an island he believes is called Villings and who decides to write a diary of what is happening there. He is unsure how long he has to live. He is a fugitive on the run from justice after being sentenced to life imprisonment. We are never to find out what this crime is, and then an Italian rug merchant in Calcutta tells him about an island: There is only one place for a fu [...]

    9. A surrealistic story with perfect execution. I am captivated by the setting and protagonist's inner conflicts. Me! A shallow reader who enjoy cheap thrilling of pulp fictions enjoyed a Latin American literature work! That's how good Casares's writing skill is. Mystery has big part on the story, so even it is a well known literature, I don't want to say much about the plot. But I can say the atmosphere alone is a perfect example of surrealism of early 20th century. I can't help myself imagining t [...]

    10. The incomprehensibility of an idea is what makes man delve deeper into it. The more challenging the idea the more fascination it holds. For as long as mankind can remember, the idea of death and immortality has intrigued minds, making man wish to conquer death and to become immortal. Philosophy, science and religion maintain views which suggest some interesting thoughts for contemplation. But since ‘death’ still remains unconquerable, man somehow tries to deceive it by leaving behind works o [...]

    11. Coming Clean About LOSTSeveral years ago I was induced by my grandchildren to watch seven seasons’ worth of the television series LOST during summer holidays. Filmed in Hawaii from 2004 to 2010, the series recounted the increasingly strange existence of the survivors of a trans-Pacific flight on an apparently uncharted, and possibly uncharitable, island. Often tedious, always unexpected, the tale, I decided, was either an invention beyond my abilities to appreciate, or it was utter nonsense, w [...]

    12. “Perhaps we always want the person we love to have the existence of a ghost.”The Invention of Morel is a deceptively slender novella, one which examines weighty psychological and philosophical concerns with great tenderness, delicacy and melancholy grace. It covers much intriguing ground; topics under discussion include solitude, love, the desire for immortality, and the ways in which human beings relate and grow attached to one another. While technically satisfying the requirements of inven [...]

    13. Αγάπησα τα πάντα, το καθετί που αποτελεί αυτή την μαγική νουβέλα μα πιο πολύ το μυαλό, την ψυχή και την πένα του Κασσάρες.

    14. am i jackass? a moron? this is a perfectly good book. and a guy spending months on a sun dappled island amongst three dimensional phantoms re-enacting a single weekend is sublime. but this:“the most complete and total perception not only of the unreality of the world but of our own unreality: not only do we traverse a realm of shadows, we ourselves are shadows.”that’s octavio paz. and paz is a badasss. a serious badass. and borges – maybe the biggest badass that has ever lived – called [...]

    15. Τι να πρωτοπώ γι αυτό το βιβλίο . Δεν ξέρω . Είμαι εδώ αμήχανη . Σιωπή Σιωπή Σιωπή . Ενδεχομένως αυτό ταιριάζει . Αλλά θα προσπά-Λοιπόν εντάξει . Ας το κάνουμε με τον τροπο του Casares. Τι λέτε ;; Α) Lost B) lost Γ) κατασκευή Δ)"διαβάστε και λίγη λογοτεχνία " φράση καθηγητή στο πανεπιστήμιο E) [...]

    16. Floating Reviews and the Television Show LostI just went through my update feed looking to see what my friends have been doing. I see reviews and things I should pay some attention to, but I'm not quite that self-reflexive yet that I will write reviews only about what I'm doing at the moment on . Instead I would like to make an observation of how my update feed mirrors this book. For the past few days just about every morning and early evening that I check my update feed, or my homepage, or wh [...]

    17. What a great little book! Casares comes as close here as a writer possibly could to successfully mixing literary fiction with elements of science fiction. I feel like there is very little that I can say about the plot without spoiling it. Over the first thirty pages I was convinced that this was merely a ghost story – more specifically the ghost story that inspired Shyamalan’s whole “I see dead people” thing. Casares totally surprised me at that point by taking the story in a direction t [...]

    18. Μόλις τελείωσα το βιβλίο (δλδ σε μιάμιση μέρα) και δεν είχα καμιά αμφιβολία ότι πρέπει να πάρει 5 αστεράκιαΈτσι απλά μιλάμε για ένα αριστούργημα της λατινοαμερικάνικης λογοτεχνίαςΔεν θέλω να γράψω πολλά για το βιβλίο για να μην χαλάσω τις απανωτές εκπλήξεις των εν δυνάμει [...]

    19. 4.5/5In order for this novel to work the groundwork had to be situated early and deftly, the author’s voice sculpted within the fictions flow. At first the slowness, repetitiveness earned the book a 2 star rating and my reading ability a one lone lonely star. Okay, maybe a two but the last in pieces and I had to glue it together. Then I waited for it to dry. Impatient waiting I decided it best to give the novella up. There is a condition where the ribs become inflamed as does the lower back. B [...]

    20. I see Faustinebut she doesn't see me.I speak, halting, tortured wordsbut her gaze never shifts.I build her a garden, a hint of my lovebut she walks through it._____ _____ _____ _____ _____I hold the glass by the stem, hard against the table. My wrist works, making the liquid swirl. I breathe it in. So often, I miss the notes. I guess wrong. I keep quiet at tastings.So here._____ _____ _____ _____ _____No, that won't do.Let me tell you of my wrong guesses and dead ends.I tasted the name: Faustine [...]

    21. Τι να πω γι' αυτό; Τέλειο σε όλους τους τομείς! Ολόκληρος Borges το εκθείασε, πώς είναι δυνατόν να έκανε λάθος; Ευφυέαστατη σύλληψη, εξίσου ευφυέστατη εκτέλεση και ένα τέλος που μόνο απόλυτα αρμόζον μπορεί να χαρακτηριστεί.Νικόλα σ' ευχαριστώ που μου άνοιξες τα ματια!

    22. ilk defa okuduğum bir yazar. Kitabın önsözü Borges tarafından yazılmış olunca ilgimi çekti. Edebi dilinden ziyade anlatılan olayın ilginçliği dikkate değer. Başlangıçta sıradan bir ada hikayesi gibi görünse de okudukça soru işaretleri oluşuyor ve kitabın sonuna doğru anlıyoruz Morel'in neyi bulduğunu ve buluşun nelere mal olduğunu. Kısa ve dikkate değer bir kitap.

    23. Edited@14/02/2017:Since today is Valentine's Day, let's do a photo spamming for one of the most romantic novels I've ever read, The Invention of Morel, by Adolfo Bioy Casares.I'll spam this review of mine with a movie which is closely related to Morel, this movie is the most mysterious, elegant and romantic movie I've ever watched, Last Year At Marienbad, directed by Alain Resnais.Movie Trailer on Youtube: youtube/watch?v=VIdSQActual book review here:I would have given this book 20 full stars if [...]

    24. Δεν εχω λόγια!! Προκειται για ενα αριστούργημα!!Μοναδικό, εξαιρετικό, ανατριχιαστικό, τρυφερό, ανατρεπτικό, σκοτεινό, ΑΝΕΠΑΝΑΛΗΠΤΟ!!Η γραφή του Κασαρες ειναι απίστευτη πραγματικά πλην ομως οφείλονται εύσημα και στην εξαιρετική μετάφραση του Αχ. Κυριακιδη. Δε θα πω τίποτε άλ [...]

    25. Έχω καταλήξει πως στα μικρά βιβλία κρύβονται οι πιο μεγάλοι θησαυροί !Άλλος ένας λατινο-αμερικανος συγγραφέας που με γοήτευσε μετά τον Σάμπατο και τον Κορτάσαρ!

    26. I wish I hadn’t read the back of The Invention of Morel before I read the novel. Once I read that Borges, Paz, etc. loved this book I felt like I had to like it. Too much pressure. Fortunately, I think the The Invention of Morel is strong enough that I would have been a fan without any background knowledge. The book is narrated by a fugitive marooned on an island to which the tides carried him after his escape. A house, chapel, and museum occupy the otherwise-deserted island. Soon, however, pe [...]

    27. This is the kind of book one reads from cover to cover in one sitting (or before bed, and then finishes on the bus in the morning). This is true for a variety of reasons: the length, the mystery evoked in the first twenty or so pages, and the pacing of the narration for the last half. The narration is haunting, the island where the action (the endless, repetitive action), the events transpire, is eerie, somewhat vague. The Love (the emotion or obsession or sentiment or consuming need- I dont kno [...]

    28. Όταν πρωτοδιάβασα κριτικές γι' αυτό το βιβλίο και όταν είδα το μέγεθός του -μόλις 153 (!) σελίδες- σκέφτηκα: μα πόσο ωραίο μπορεί να είναι; Τόσα πολλά μπορεί να προσφέρει; Την απάντηση μου την έδωσε το ίδιο το βιβλίο, κοροϊδεύοντας με. Πόσο μικρά ανθρωπάκια είμαστε τελικά όλοι/ες [...]

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    30. Terminei há dias este livro e fiquei com a sensação de que não o tinha lido com a dedicação que ele merecia. Como tem pouco mais de 100 páginas, não me assaltou o desespero pela falta de tempo, e reli-o, hoje, sem intrometer entre mim e ele outras leituras. De facto Jorge Luis Borges tem razão: "não me parece uma imprecisão ou uma hipérbole classificá-lo como perfeito."Trata-se do diário de um foragido que se refugia numa ilha deserta. Passado um tempo descobre que não está sozin [...]

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