The Saxon Bride

The Saxon Bride In war torn England the battle lines between Saxon and Norman are clearly drawn The Saxons must fight for everything they have in the hopes of winning their country back from the Normans who are deter

  • Title: The Saxon Bride
  • Author: Ashley York
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 375
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In war torn England the battle lines between Saxon and Norman are clearly drawn The Saxons must fight for everything they have in the hopes of winning their country back from the Normans who are determined to break their resistance Rowena Godwinson, the sole remaining member of the defeated royal family, stands proudly against the Normans that would trample them underfooIn war torn England the battle lines between Saxon and Norman are clearly drawn The Saxons must fight for everything they have in the hopes of winning their country back from the Normans who are determined to break their resistance Rowena Godwinson, the sole remaining member of the defeated royal family, stands proudly against the Normans that would trample them underfoot but her nobility and grace make her an ideal pawn in the Norman King William s play for power with the Saxon people When he decrees she marry a powerful Norman knight, her subjugation appears to be complete The handsome soldier with the kind brown eyes and gentle touch is a threat to her determination to defy the interlopers Can she hold firm to her Saxon heritage and refuse to give in to his advances John of Normandy wants only to prove himself worthy of the king s trust He is rewarded for his service and loyalty with land, titles and a Saxon beauty for a bride John balks at the marriage, driven by the secret guilt of knowing Rowena s father would still be alive if not for him However, John s reluctance is soon replaced by a burning desire to please this woman and win her over as well as her people As their people look to them for guidance and peace, can John and Rowena find a love that unites all of England

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      Aside from two years spent in the wilds of the Colorado mountains, Ashley York is a proud life long New Englander and a hardcore romantic She has an MA in History which brings with it, through many years of research, a love for primary documents and the smell of musty old libraries With her author s imagination, she likes to write about people who could have lived alongside those well known giants from the past Curse of the HealerEyes of the SeerThe Saxon BrideThe Gentle Knight The Irish WarriorThe Seventh SonThe Bruised Thistle

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    1. I received this as ARC in exchange for an honest review.'The Saxon Bride' by Ashley York is book one in the "The Norman Conquest" series. This is the story of Rowena Godwinson and John of Normandy.Rowena was 16 years of age she was the last one in her family of a defeated royal Saxon family. Rowena has been decreed to marry Norman knight, who were her families enemy. Rowena has no choice but to marry him. While being taking to the marriage ceremony she is threaten by words that her new husband i [...]

    2. This author Ashley York blows me away again with another spectacular book in "The Saxon Bride". It is a total different tale then her previous book "The Bruised Thistle", but just as wonderful to read. This is Ms. York's second novel and again she writes as if she has been doing it for decades. It is definitely her calling as she is a fabulous storyteller in my opinion and I read constantly so I don't say this or endorse this lightly.In this book the time period so during The Norman Conquest and [...]

    3. I read a clutter of ideas, a disconnect in most sequences, conversations that go in circles, major characters troubling themselves with perpetual thoughts on whether their arranged marriage was a blessing or a curse, minor characters popping out as either allies or foes, romantic moments that turn ambiguously acerbic out of the blue, romantic moments that flood the pages when you’re not even expecting one, and an epilogue that will make you muse (or perhaps, want to scream): “wait—that’s [...]

    4. Oh, my, oh, my Well, if the first book of Ashley York's hadn't already made me a fan, I can assure you now, this one did!The Saxon Bride tells the story of Rowena Godwinson and John of Normandy. Those two seemingly unmatched people are forced to marry each other for the sake of peace and unity, and it's a far cry from what they both want. Rowena hates that she has to marry for duty and not love, especially to a man whose people killed her family. And John dreads the very moment his feisty wife w [...]

    5. Not my favorite historical romance, but an overall okay read. The Saxon Bride fell a little flat for me. I didn't dislike it, but I can only say that it was a nice read.I had mixed feelings about both character. On one hand, Rowena was resilient and strong-willed, while also being fair-minded and John was a good and fair leader, who was also very sweet and quite adorable. However, there was just so much going in circles with them. One minute they trusted each other, the next doubts crowded their [...]

    6. Reading this book is like getting hit by a truck. It never slows down. And while this might be construed as a good thing, trust me when I tell you it's not. From the very beginning, the MC's are constantly running away from one another, and it gets extremely annoying, extremely quickly. They never talk. Even when one of them says, "We need to talk", they don't. And I could not understand the hero's weird logic. He'd tell himself he wouldn't "take her" until she was willing, right? Noble and all. [...]

    7. Ashley York's The Saxon Bride (The Norman Conquest #1) was captivating. This story takes you on a roller coaster of conquest, betrayal, devotion, mistrust, honor, fear, hatred, and love. Rowena, a young Saxon girl, is forced to marry John, a Norman, by order of the King. He leaves her after the wedding without consummating their marriage. Returning after years away from the castle he tries to reunite with his wife. There are those that have not bent the knee to the King leading to hidden traitor [...]

    8. Great introduction to a new Norman-Saxon series!Do you love medieval romance? Then THE SAXON BRIDE, written by Ashley York, will be perfect for you! This story is a great introduction to her new series THE NORMAN CONQUEST SERIES! It’s the love story of John and Rowena, who must learn to trust each other, heal from their past emotional wounds and give love a chance in their lives. Rowena is the only survivor of the Godwinson family, who were murdered by the Normans. She is very proud of her Sax [...]

    9. Ashley York’s novel, The Saxon Bride, is a fascinating romance set in the life and times of the eleventh century immediately after the Norman Conquest of Saxon England. In an era when women were pawns moved around a political chessboard at the whim of fathers, kings and guardians, Rowena Godwinson, the daughter of a Saxon earl, finds herself married at sixteen to Sir John of Normandy, a knight who has been charged with the responsibility of creating peace with the conquered people. Journeys at [...]

    10. This was a great story of intrigue, treachery, conquest and a love! The story moved at a great pace, and there was always something going on. As I kept reading, it just kept drawing me in more and more. I loved all the little moments in the book that just make me fall in love with it even more, like when John returns to claim her and the holding, she is willing to try to make a marriage, but there is treachery in the making when their enemies try to ensure there is no happily ever after for this [...]

    11. Fantastic read beyond 5 stars count put the story Dow . Downloaded it yesterday midmorning was reading it till midnight was up at 5:30 am itching to continue. 2 people were forced to Marry one Norman and one Saxon. They mistrusted each other at the beginning. The Knight left the same day as the wedding. Yrs later he came back and couldn't believe his eyes how beautiful his wife was. Only problem was once they started falling for each other people in the Castle were throwing problems their way. T [...]

    12. I love political intrigue and this story has it in spades. Of course, the love story between John and Rowena doesn't hurt the story either. Enjoy, all you fans medieval era stories!

    13. No rating, read only 20%. I don't feel anything for the lead characters. And I decided not to continue. I never do well with kindle unlimited or prime library books.

    14. It was a fairly good read. Though it was not clear to me where a fugitive like Leofrid found gold to bribe unscrupulous villeins or was it Arthur who brought Abigail from Normandy and where did they get their information about Abigail in the first place? Why should a whore like Abigail have more power in Rowena's castle than the wife of the Lord? And why should Rowena be vulnerable to Arthur's and Abigail's separate presences without any guards around? Was John that remiss as a commander and Lor [...]

    15. One of the best that I have readFrom the moment that I started to read this story I felt that I was their watching the the story unfold what a great book I had to read the next chapters till the end. It was so complying and I could not just put it down. This is the first book that I have read by Ashley York and it will not be the last just brought the next one in the The Gentle Knlght and can not wait to start it Any one who loves historical romances I would highly recommended this author and he [...]

    16. I enjoyed this book. I like the historical nature of the book. I enjoyed the book and the characters. I felt the book ended a little abruptly. I expected more. The book in some areas when on and on and so I was surprised at the abrupt ending. I am a genealogist and have traced some ancestry into this era and some actual events that I have run into with some ancestors would have paralleled some of the events and feelings in the story.

    17. Glimpse into medieval history An intriguing tale where a saxon bride & her legacy are handed over to the conqueroring knights. She does all she can to help her people while the new lord neglects his bride & new estates. Lots of intrigue, advenure & the sad lack of humanity in ruling classes.

    18. Rowena and John were married by order of King William. There life was a rough one considering that their families were enemies. Intriguing interplay and misunderstanding throughout the book. Often just when you think at last they are Happy something else happens. A book to keep you on your toes. I liked it.

    19. An enjoyable storyAn interesting romance told from viewpoint favorable to Normans. Even though William is on the throne and attempting to unite the conquered Saxons under his rule, there are pockets of resistance, which adds an element of suspense.

    20. 👎Poor character development and disjointed timeline. It had a good concept but lacked substance . Writing SCUM on the chest of a Norman soldier made absolutely no sense, a modern word and in a time period where very few could read and write.

    21. WonderfulThis is a great book! The romance is earned in this book and is emotional to the reader. The author wrote this book from the heart. I look forward to her next book.

    22. OutstandingThis is such an outstanding, well written book. It gives the reader so much insight into what life must have been like during those times.

    23. Originaly Posted at: bittenbyromance/2016/09/review-saxon-bride-norman-conquest-1-bymlAs a lover of medieval history this book quickly caught my attention.The year is 1071 Essex England just five years after the Norman defeat of the Saxon King at the Battle of Hastings. Two unlikely people are brought together against their own will to unite the Norman and Saxon people. Rowena Godwinson, daughter of the late Earl of Essex, and John of Normandy, a powerful and trusted Knight to the Norman King Wi [...]

    24. I got this free on the other day and I thought I'd give it a try. I like historical romances, but I'd never tried something from the Norman Conquest. That sounded interesting.And it was. Sure, it wasn't always great (men were on military campaigns for months, if not years at a time, which doesn't usually lend itself to romances), but it surpass what I expected. Rowena is sassy and fiery while still maintaining the submissive attitude and deference women of the time were supposed to show their h [...]

    25. While this book had a decent plot buried in there, it just got lost along the way. There was nothing wrong with either main character, but the fact that the book hardly EVER had them interact made their love story nearly impossible to believe. They spend the majority of the time apart. And in the few rare times they are actually in the same place at the same time, their is nothing done to actually develop their relationship. The book pretty much just TELLS you "and now they are in love" rather t [...]

    26. I thought the story was very entertaining and kept my interest. You have the struggle of the Norman people who are trying to claim the obedience of the Saxons. King William wants control, and in doing this he decrees that the defeated people must obey him. When the King decides that his loyal vassal John of Normandy must marry Rowena Godwinson a Saxon. She is the last remaining member of the royal family since her father was killed by the Normans. She hates all Normans who have taken away everyt [...]

    27. Well, I just finished reading The Saxon Bride. I have to stop and think for a bit. I don't give spoilers out either. Sir John of Normandy wed Lady Rowena Godwain, his Saxon Bride when she was only 16. He knew she disliked Norman's tremendously. After his wedding, he heads out to do the kings bidding. He does not consummate the marriage and keeps that secret. He is gone for three years, then returns. Things had changed. His wife is now a beautiful woman. Can he win their affection and her people' [...]

    28. John is a Norman who is given a young Saxon bride by William the Conqueror. Rowena's family has been destroyed by the Norman invasion of England and she is unprepared to marry the Norman knight, no matter how handsome he is. John leaves right after the ceremony to fight for his king for the next three years, leaving his virgin bride behind.John finally shows back up to do his duty, but Rowena is unhappy. Meanwhile, John must win over the conquered Saxons and appease his bride. There are a lot of [...]

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