Ourselves They have always been among us An ancient nature loving race the Nahan have protected their secret world by cultivating the myths of fanged bloodsucking monsters that haunt legends Yet they walk th

  • Title: Ourselves
  • Author: S.G. Redling
  • ISBN: 9781477820391
  • Page: 124
  • Format: Paperback
  • They have always been among us.An ancient, nature loving race, the Nahan have protected their secret world by cultivating the myths of fanged, bloodsucking monsters that haunt legends Yet they walk through our world as our coworkers and our neighbors, hiding in plain sight and coexisting in peace They survive and they prosper.A shy young dreamer, Tomas wanders through hiThey have always been among us.An ancient, nature loving race, the Nahan have protected their secret world by cultivating the myths of fanged, bloodsucking monsters that haunt legends Yet they walk through our world as our coworkers and our neighbors, hiding in plain sight and coexisting in peace They survive and they prosper.A shy young dreamer, Tomas wanders through his life with help from his good friends and influential family on the ruling Council Now, he s decided his future lies with the Nahan s most elite class the mysterious Storytellers But his family is troubled by his new choice and by his new girlfriend, Stell, a wild, beautiful, and deadly outcast from a fanatical Nahan sect.As Tomas descends into the dark wonders of the Nahan s most powerful culture, Stell answers her own calling as an exceptional assassin But when a lethal conspiracy threatens their destinies, Tomas and Stell must unite their remarkable talents against the strongest and most sinister of their kind.

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    1. S.G. Redling

      S.G Redling, a graduate of Georgetown University, has spent fifteen years waking up the good folks of Huntington WV and its environs on the WKEE FM morning radio show She recently wound up her headphones for the last time and is focusing on thrillers, mysteries and urban fantasy When S.G isn t writing, she loves to paint, travel and embarrass herself by speaking wretched Italian.

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    1. To be honest, I read this book to do an author friend a favor. Sheila was unsure about Ourselves, and I offered to read and give her honest feedback… thing is, I never had to come up with something nicely positive to boost her morale. All I can say is, move over, Anne Rice, get off the throne, Charlaine Harris, the new queen of vampire novels has been born!Enough said. Now go and read this book. And join me in hoping this is only the start of a great series.

    2. I went into Ourselves by S G Redling without a clue as to what the book is about. Having heard a few good reviews on the internet and since well, 47North actually does a decent job of churning out interesting books - I got myself a copy through the Kindle Unlimited subscription. Unfortunately, this book - billed as Urban Fantasy was absolutely not my type. Try as I might, I couldn't really get into this book. Yes I finished it and yes the pacing was pretty good - but Nahan, a bewildering race of [...]

    3. Was initially dismayed to discover that Ourselves is a teen vampire love story. Sigh. However I powered through the disappointment and am happy to report that everything else in the book is on point. Looking forward to the next one.---All I need to know is the author is S.G. Redling. Pre-ordered.

    4. I won this book in a giveaway. The blurb had caught my attention. It talked about an ancient race that lived among us, cultivating the myth of vampires as a cover up for they drink blood of the commons (us, regular humans). To be honest, I wasn't too sure what to expect. I was thinking…maybe extra-terrestrial? Well, I guess I'll have to wait for the sequel to see if we'll learn of their origin. I don't know where to begin so I'll start with characters. When I first started the book, I thought [...]

    5. I did not like this book.At first.I don't like to leave a book unfinished (to my knowledge, I've only left one book unread). The beginning of this was justring. And not really my cup of tea. I couldn't remember why I was interested in reading this book to begin with. And so I plodded on. There were hints of interesting things, coming to no fruition.And then, I flipped a screen and things began to ramp up. It was somewhere around the 40% mark, somewhat far along for my tastes. The rest of the sto [...]

    6. I love books and my tastes vary. I just love reading and can't wait to get into the next story. But, there are a handful of books/series that I don't like to leave when I finish the story, so I go back to them and re-read them (sometimes, multiple times per year). Ourselves is now on that list of stories that I will re-read over and over. I enjoyed everything about Ourselves. The story is a mix of thriller, fantasy, and paranormal that kept me hooked from the beginning. The characters are fascin [...]

    7. Wow this story just blew me away. I'm not sure what exactly I expected when I began the story, but it was so much more than I could of imagined. This is so new and original. The world Redling has created holds so many possibilities and I'm excited to find out where it goes from here. The love story was sweet, sexy, and broke my heart! I loved all these characters and hope to get to know them even better in the next book. I'll be following this series!!

    8. I would definitely recommend this book to all and sundry who love urban/paranormal/fantasy type stories. This is just the beginning of a brand-new series by author, S.G. Redling and I cannot wait until the next book comes out to see what happens next to Tomas and Stell! Loved this story! I received the ARC from NetGalley in return for my honest opinion.

    9. S.G. has done it again; creating a unique tale that forces you to care about her characters and investing heavily in their evolution. Where Stephenie Meyer destroyed the vampire genre, made famous by greats like Anne Rice and Bram Stoker, Redling may have just given it a reboot and new life!

    10. (I received a free copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.)They are the Nahan. Their kids go to our schools; they work in our offices. They could be your neighbors. They are polite but private; they are efficient and dangerous. Blood is their life. “Ourselves” is the first peek into this hidden world.A shy dreamer, Tomas lives a sheltered life in the Nahan community, his future secured by the long arm of the Council that protects their people throughout the world. [...]

    11. I enjoyed this book, although it reminds me of an R-rated YA novel because, although the action is adult, the main characters seem immature and unfinished. The Nahan are an interesting race, and Ms. Redling does a very good job of world-building. The ending is tied up neatly yet leaves several doors open for more Nahan stories. I look forward to subsequent books in this series. Stell's mother deserves a book of her own!And thanks to Ms. Redling for providing a glossary of Nahan terms (at the end [...]

    12. Redling manages to put a slightly different twist to the vampire mythology in this young adult coming of age tale involving the Nahan who live amongst humans or commons, feeding on them, using them and frequently killing them. Raised by a zealot group of Nahan who believed deprivation and barbaric rituals would quell their thirst for blood, Stell a young woman with a remote mother, had no idea who her father might be and little tolerance for her classmates. As a consequence, Stell spent most of [...]

    13. I received a paperback advanced reader copy of this book after winning a contest on Redling's Facebook page about a month before it was released. I put off reading it for a while for a few reasons. First, I wasn't completely sold on the premise as blood suckers in love aren't usually my go to pick. Second, I knew it was the beginning of a series and I am already reading more series than I can should be. Third, I have loved everything I've read by S.G. Redling up to this point so I didn't want to [...]

    14. I received this book through NetGalley and Publishing in exchange for an honest review.I am not really a fan of fantasy/romantic fantasy, especially ones that involve (view spoiler)[vampires. (hide spoiler)] At first, I had trouble getting interested in this, but after 50 pages or so it began to get more interesting. It was a unique take on a genre that is a bit played out lately, and S. G. Redling has a very nice writing style. The story moves along pretty quickly after the first part, and you [...]

    15. S.G. Redling tells a tale of the Nahan, the real species of human hiding among us and the basis of the vampire myths. They get energy from blood, can hypnotize with their breath, and live for centuries but are quite alive. Killing a common human while drinking their blood gets them high. Ourselves (ebook from 47North) is the tale of Stell, a Nahan raised in a religious group that tries to deny the Nahan blood thirst. She ignored their teaching and mostly ran wild in the woods where she met Tomas [...]

    16. This book should have been an easy day read for me due to its size. However, it took me so long to read because I found it boring. I kept waiting for the good parts to happen and they never came. I found the sex was too vulgar for me. I felt it took away from the story. The author felled to deliver this one for me. The ending was very disappointing, I felt it could have been more exciting. It did keep my attention enough to make it threw. There were some interesting parts, like the made up langu [...]

    17. A Different TaleOk I first read The Widow File followed immediately by Redemtion Key both of which I LOVED so both Ourselves and Flowertown were a disappointment. Not only were they entirely different in genre but, I didn't ever come to LIKE any of the characters that much. It felt long and slightly depressing. The originality of the vampire was good but, if I had started with this book I would not have ordered any more of this writer. Luckily for me, I didn't and can highly recommend her other [...]

    18. The story was interesting, but not really my cup of tea. At times the story seemed small and intimate, but then it turns into something with much larger implications, but it doesn't quite live up to the scope and scale that it deserves.I did like the characters much more in the later parts of the book as they developed, and I like the implications of the epilogue.

    19. Imaginative, sexy, violentPresuming that our monster lore as humans has a source in reality, this story explains the society of the Nahan. They live among common people while being slowly aging and blood lusting. While there are well described sexual encounters, there is also a different society to unfold and their own conspiracies the story works with.

    20. I struggled with this book, hard a hard time following it. If I don't like or feel for the characters then that makes it all more difficult, I did not like one of the main characters Stell. I have read many of SG Redling's book and absolutely loved them, this one is not a favorite. I see it is listed as #1 in the Nahan series. I will not be reading additional books in this series.

    21. A page turner! Well paced, surprises around every corner. A totally new take on the vampire tale. Not a genre I usually read, but now I can't wait for the next book to follow the story. Highly recommend this book.

    22. I liked that this book was different than the normal YA paranormal book. The subject was along the normal vein but it was presented differently. I liked the characters and found it a pretty quick and easy read. *I received this book for free through the Good Reads First Reads program.

    23. Started out reading this one the old fashioned way, but due to crazy scheduling finished it out from the audio book. Sheila told an awesome story that kept me entertained to the end. I can't wait for the next one! :)

    24. Good readS.G. Redling did a great job with this story. It's a really interesting idea, or many ideas, that come together really well. It was captivating and the characters were interesting and developed.

    25. Loved!!!The author had an interesting way of describing the way that vampires live in our society and theirs. If you like this type of a story you will love this one. It was a kind of storyline that I will read more from this author.

    26. Teen or young adultI didn't really enjoy the book but I probably would have if I were a young adult or teenager. I probably won't read the series.

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