Strike of the Sweepers

Strike of the Sweepers The stakes have never been higher and you ve never seen squeegees do this before It is a wild and slightly unsanitary ride as Spencer Daisy and the rebels find themselves chased by Mr Clean s new a

  • Title: Strike of the Sweepers
  • Author: Tyler Whitesides
  • ISBN: 9781609079079
  • Page: 410
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The stakes have never been higher, and you ve never seen squeegees do this before It is a wild and slightly unsanitary ride as Spencer, Daisy, and the rebels find themselves chased by Mr Clean s new and terrifying breed of toxite the Sweepers Time is short With the fabled Manualis Custodem in hand, Spencer must figure out how to summon the founding witches if they everThe stakes have never been higher, and you ve never seen squeegees do this before It is a wild and slightly unsanitary ride as Spencer, Daisy, and the rebels find themselves chased by Mr Clean s new and terrifying breed of toxite the Sweepers Time is short With the fabled Manualis Custodem in hand, Spencer must figure out how to summon the founding witches if they ever hope to mop up and save education.What critics are saying about Janitors An enormously entertaining book Orson Scott Card An entertaining ruckus Kirkus Reviews Action packed and surprising Readers will become convinced of the value of telling the truth, while having a lot of fun along the way Publishers Weekly Entertaining with plenty of twists and turns Brandon Mull, author of Fablehaven and Beyonders series

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    1. DEZ!!!!!!!!! Why do you always have to oppose everyone else? They have a better sense of judgement than you, but just because you're a sweeper now, doesn't mean you are invincible. Just watch, you're going to end up either dead or blind.

    2. "In five minutes," Walter said, "I'm going to use this squeegee to open a portal to New Forest Academy. We're going to move in and apprehend Director Carlos Garcia."Spencer's surprised look mirrored Daisy's. Penny looked excited, and Alan simply nodded."Tonight we finish what we almost did last November," Alan said. "We're taking the warlock's hammer and nail." This is book 4 in the Janitor's series by Tyler Whitesides. The series follows the adventures of Spencer and Daisy, two elementary schoo [...]

    3. I am always excited to see a new Janitors book come out. This is the fourth book in the series and it isn't over yet! Tyler Whitesides writes with imagination and creativity. Every book I say to myself, "how does he come up with this stuff?!"These are middle grade books and some of the best I've ever come across. If you have a reluctant reader, this might be a good series to perk their interest. I actually think this series would be awesome read aloud. If my kids were younger, this is the one I' [...]

    4. An audiobook narrated by the author? Tyler Whitesides can not only write, but he has more than one voice! Mr. Garcia with rolling “r’s” and the middle school bully Dez are just two of the characters portrayed in Janitors #4. My children adore this series. We listened to it to and from school and once again were not disappointed in the action packed, middle grade magic. In installment #4 Spencer and his crew and fighting a hybrid race of “toxites” and the evil Mr. Clean. Armed with glop [...]

    5. THIS SERIES CONTINUES TO AMAZE AND ENTERTAIN!SO. SO. SO. FUN!Join Spencer, Daisy, Dez and the other rebels as they battle with Mr. Clean's "new and terrifying breed of toxite-- the Sweepers."Travel through portals~Battle TP mummies~Ride in Big Bertha~And see what happens when a janitor gets glopified~Can Spencer protect the Manualis Custodem and find the founding witches before it is too late?This is a book for the WHOLE FAMILY!It's a wild and often messy ride, but leave it to Tyler Whitesides t [...]

    6. Another good book in the series. This one takes the Janitors all over the place to get everything ready to bring back the witches. We finally get a good look at Mr. Clean and the reappearance of an old friend. It has quite a few twists and turns that I didn't really expect, so I liked the surprises. It's going to be interesting to see how things work out in the next book.

    7. Exposition: -They find someone to translate the Manualis Custodem-When they are figuring things out they get ambushed-Have to keep the book safe as they go out in search of the other two nailsRising Action:-Walter gets rehired as head janitor -Get Garcia’s nail and hammer after having a huge battle-Go to the BEM lab where they get ambushed and only Dez, Spencer, and Daisy make it out-Save Walter from the vortex and almost get killed-Devise a plan to save the othersClimax: -Huge battle in the B [...]

    8. Great book. Fun, captivating, innovative. Very simple novel, but the imagination keeps me entranced. Finished the last half of the book in one night.

    9. Best book ever but very sad It is very interesting as wellBest book ever but very sadIt is very interesting as wellNdhd h. N n j n j n

    10. This is book 4 in the Janitors Series, so if you are considering it, you already have an opinion on the series. That being said, I want to warn anyone following this series. The synopsis for Book 5 spoils major points from Book 4. I was checking for the next installment, and therefore didn't end up being surprised. Rats!

    11. Spencer and his friends just got back from the Auran Landfill where he learned that he was an Auran. They have to find the Manualis Custodem, a book that contains the recipe to get the founding witches to come back. They go back to New Forest Academy to take the second hammer and nail from Director Garcia. While there, Spencer runs into his old school bully, Dez Rylie. As they fight Director Garcia and take the hammmer and nail, Mr. Clean shows up and trys to stop them. They escape, but as they [...]

    12. In this book Spencer, Daisy, Alan, Spencer's dad, and Walter are traveling all over the place to find clues to open the glop source and bring the witches back from the glop source. Spencer is an Auran. He has white hair and can deglopify and glopify things. So he is very important to this quest of finding the glopified sources to get the founding witches back. Daisy is Spencer's friend who has helped him destroy toxites to save the education of students. Alan is Spencer's dad. He went on a top s [...]

    13. Janitors has been among my top favorite Middle Grade fantasy series. I've been recommending Janitors to kids and their parents since this series first came out. The kids can relate to main characters, Spencer and Daisy. They want to have a grand adventure like these now sixth-graders are having. Did I like this new installment in the Janitors series? With two words I answerOf Course!! It picked up soon after where book three ended. Mr.Clean has become even bigger and scarier as he has invented a [...]

    14. Whitesides has delivered another heart-pounding adventure full of fantastic inventions, daring-do, and betrayal. Spencer, Daisy, and their friends are determined to use the recently acquired Manualis Custodem (see book 3) to help bring back the Founding Witches. But things aren't looking good when they come up against Mr. Clean and his new goons, the Sweepers time and time again. Can the Rebels accomplish their goal of freeing the witches? And if they do will it turn out to be everything they ho [...]

    15. It has taken me longer to review this book than I had planned. Why, you ask…because I couldn't wrestle it away from my children long enough to actually read it! Strike of the Sweepers is the fourth book in Tyler Whitesides' Janitors series. I have to say that Whitesides has an incredible imagination. In each book I am always amazed at the ideas he comes up to "glopify" cleaning supplies - the rake was classic. That would come in handy for a couple of my children ;-).Although my kids were super [...]

    16. What a fun (and slightly disgusting) book! I love Mr. Whitesides' creativity and writing style. This book is filled with a lot of garbage, a porta-potty, a germ-filled bowling ball, lots of toilet paper, and maybe even a little magical dust. I love the new glopified inventions in this book; I think I need to stock up on squeegees and Windex! The characters, as always, are great. They can be a little cheesy at times, but they are also brave, witty, intelligent, creative, and well developed. I lov [...]

    17. Strike of the Sweepers is the fourth book in the Janitors series. Spencer and Daisy and continuing their quest to take out the BEM and restore toxite protection to every school. Since this book is so far into the series and there is a lot that happens in it, I can't really say much without potentially spoiling things. This is another strong book in the series. I have read the first three to my daughter (and wife) for bedtime and they really enjoyed them. My wife was super excited when I showed h [...]

    18. Let me start this by saying that I did enjoy the book, and I will be happily picking up the final installment to finish it out. I'm anxious to see how it ends. I really like the characters still (even if Daisy is getting to be just a bit too much), and it's still a really inventive premise.I just have one thing to say: plot holes. The plot holes in this series started out as minor, but they're getting worse. Spencer even says, "If only I weren't in this glopified rake-cage" Then UNGLOPPIFY THE R [...]

    19. Right now I am still reading this book. But this book is sooooo good, right when you start reading the 4th book, you're so into it, you want to keep reading the book, you don't want to stop. In this book, I really like how the Author put's detail in the book, in some parts in the book, the kids(Spencer, Daisy, Bernard, etc.) are trying to get rid of certain creatures, the creatures are called "Sweepers", the Sweepers follow there boss's orders, the boss's name is Mr.Clean. As the kids and the Be [...]

    20. It seemed to take me forever to get through his one. It was a good story but didn't keep my attention enough to make time to read.Quote page 92 - Winning doesn't mean we all go home safeat I a thing if fairy tales and bedtime stories. Real life will demand much more of us, and we have to stand ready to pay whatever price is needed to gain the victoryBecause victory will come to those who fight for what is right. It won't come without it's fair share of pain and suffering. No victory comes withou [...]

    21. Strike of the Sweepers by Tyler Whitesides is a fantasy book. It is about Spencer Zumbro and his group of friends and janitors who are trying to save education. They are searching for the only thing that will help them save education. I really liked this book and recommend it. It is also the fourth book in the Janitors series.

    22. Oh. Walter! NO! Everything is going wrong for the rebels. Especially with the witches turning out to be with the BEM. I wonder if the witches will see they're wrong and come back to the right side: Maybe if the Aurans are all with the Rebels and prove that the rebels are right to the witches. I am so excited for the next book! It's going to be a painful wait.

    23. Simply put, this book is awesome! The niece and I laughed, cried, and even had some good discussions about emotions. The first niece read the book in 2 days. The next niece read with me and she got to the point of hating my job because it got in the way of "good" reading time.Tyler Whitesides has really shown what a great writer he is and we simply cannot wait for book 5.

    24. I read this one with my 10 year old. And while this series is not one that I would pick up on my own I have enjoyed it more than I thought. This book was may favorite so far. It moves quickly and there is a lot going on and plenty of twists.

    25. A good book. There were some interesting ideas. I thought Daisy was a little too air headed. Then again I am an adult reading a kids book. I am glad there is only one more book, I am starting to get tired of this series. All in all, worth reading.

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