True to the Game III

True to the Game III The third and most explosive installment of the groundbreaking True to the Game trilogy will take you on a marathon race through the mean streets of Philly Starting off where the second installment s

  • Title: True to the Game III
  • Author: Teri Woods
  • ISBN: 9780446581684
  • Page: 416
  • Format: Paperback
  • The third and most explosive installment of the groundbreaking True to the Game trilogy will take you on a marathon race through the mean streets of Philly Starting off where the second installment s dramatic cliffhanger left us, True III will finally reveal Gena s mysterious stalker and savior, as well as introduce a new killer so vicious, so cunning, so ruthless, he llThe third and most explosive installment of the groundbreaking True to the Game trilogy will take you on a marathon race through the mean streets of Philly Starting off where the second installment s dramatic cliffhanger left us, True III will finally reveal Gena s mysterious stalker and savior, as well as introduce a new killer so vicious, so cunning, so ruthless, he ll have you looking over your shoulder with each turn of the page The crooked cops are searching for the money, Gena s family members are now the target for Gena who s hiding from everything and everyone, as the race is on for Gena s survival Will she manage to keep the money, can she get out of town and make a new life for herself, and will her family survive the maniacal killer that is hell bent on tracking her down Will Gena stay, True to the Game

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      True to the Game by author and publisher Teri Woods has been undisputedly titled a classic While working as a legal secretary for a law firm and juggling motherhood in Philadelphia, PA, Teri Woods completed her first novel, True to the Game Teri Woods submitted her story over a period of six years to than 20 different publishers, all of whom rejected her When major publishing houses refused to embrace True to the Game she wasn t discouraged In 1998 instead of giving up, Teri Woods printed, bound, self published and began selling hand to hand her first book True to the Game Her grassroots tactic paid off Teri Woods became a self made millionaire in just three years selling her novel, True to the Game She landed a major motion picture deal for the book as well With the release of True to the Game, Teri Woods has reinvigorated the urban fiction market and created a growing trend in publishing from the author s website

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    1. Loved! if you can't stand the heat don't play with the 'BIG' boyzwell defined and developed charactersexcellent writing.e saga all had to come to an end.commend to all (paperback!)

    2. Reading this again for the second time. When Qua was killed I cried like a newborn just born into this world.Quadir is back!! If only he were a real man. Omg! I'm like Gena I would have been pissed about him faking his death. Gene ate, slept, drink and breathe Quadir! I was mad when he started falling for Amelia I mean I know she put her job on the line to save him but that's what she does for a living. Then there Jerrell crazy ass brother Terrell. I couldn't believe the things he was doing to t [...]

    3. oh SNAP! This book was the bomb! I cant believe how good this was! I was so into this book i truly was talking to myself in the gym over and over on the bicycle ! I couldnt believe the mind of Terri Woods its amazing! Book 3 was soo off the hook! I flipped through this book so fast there had to be smoke coming from my pages! He's back ! he who? look at the cover real close. So Gena is on the run and everybody is after her loot! The 17 million is driving folks crazy! They are plotting and planing [...]

    4. I gave this 3 stars because the novel is just average. Woods relies heavily on police scenes (which he does in several of her novels) and I just did it so awkward and so unnecessary. This novel ends the story of Quadir & Gena - thankfully, I certainly could not handle another True to the Game book. Woods brings in way too many characters, the most aggravating being Jerrell's unknown-until-this-book-was-released twin Terrell who had a negative impact on Quadir's childhood. Woods' description [...]

    5. This book had much more action than book two, but there were so many questions that needed answers Did Rik & Red ever find out that Rasun was the snitch? How did Red feel about Rasun's death? Did Quadir go back to Amelia to have her stitch him up? His wounds weren't completely healed & after the fight with Terrell, he would need medical assistance. More importantly, how did Quadir explain to Gena about his daughter? Remember in books one & two, she had no clue he had a kid & now [...]

    6. New York’s Best Selling Author, Terri Woods, has done it again in True to the Game 3.The story line was very a great follow up to her True to the Game series and I was pleased with how the story began and unfolded. Terri Woods takes what you think is the end, and crafts it as just the beginning of a wild ride.Gena is being hunted by all of those who know that she has Quadir’s 20 million dollars. There are the Cops who want the money and they will do whatever it takes to get it if only they c [...]

    7. Okay what can I say? Quadir is a bitch for not telling Gena. Omg the way she had the crazy twin chasing after her. Attacking all of her family and her friend. It was brutal. I was not expecting that. I did however expect him to be moving on. Which I didn't like. I can't lie. It made me mad. Idc how cool Amelia was or whatever. Happy they got back together and married. Great way to close the book. Can't wait to watch the movie.

    8. True to the Game part 3, was a great book and I enjoyed how the author, Teri Woods, went about writing it. True to the Game part 3, was written from a different point view of a character and it retraced the same exact steps from the last book, and then continued it from this characters point of view. I think the author succeeded in this task because everything made sense. If you read the previous book, True To The Game 2, there were a lot of cliffhangers that made you wonder: Who is that? Who is [...]

    9. This third and final book of the series True To The Game was very good. Providing the fact that the 2nd book wasn’t all that great, this one certainly made up for it. This book filled in all the gaps that the second one had left. I personally feel like the 2nd book and this one could have certainly been one. The ending of the second book left me with many questions that the first few chapters on the 3rd one had answered. This entire thing was completely unbelievable, it was a one in a million [...]

    10. WHY?Following her near death experience in the hotel with Jerrell, Gena is whisked away by an unknown savior and nursed back to health. Now awake, Gena is ready to meet the person behind it all In the third installment, the "True to the Game" trilogy comes to an end and answers the one question readers want to know - Is Quadir alive? Defined by no substance, no story and no characterization, this novel is like watching paint dry. The few moments of action quickly dissipate. In large, "True to th [...]

    11. Better than the previous books, but I'm very annoyed with the development of this series. (view spoiler)[ Quadir resurrection was uncalled for. To me was just to keep this series.(hide spoiler)]I don't like Gena, she stoped mourning for Quadir the minute she found his money. I sure don't like Quadir, he made Gena go through hell thinking he was dead, didn't care if his mother made her homeless and forget about her the minute he got hot and bothered with the doctor. And simply came back to Gena's [...]

    12. This series was truly great. But the way Qua came "back to life" was so unrealistic it reminded that I was definitely reading a fictional book. I felt like the storyline with police wasn't necessary and should've been replaced with the introductions of some of the new characters and the other characters' feelings (like reds and how he felt about his best friend being a snitch!) Overall, I enjoyed the series and was happy to see my girl Gena and my boy Quadir finally be happy again.

    13. this book was crazy like how did Quadir come back to life. how did he hide that he was alive for that long. and then he killed people that was supposed to be his so called "brothers'. he save genas life. this book was a very good one. i would tell you to read this book if you like to be on the edge of your seat and love ation in your books

    14. **Insert dreamy eyed sighing here**Finally reaching the end of this trilogy is bittersweet. While I'm ecstatic to finally know the fate of Quadir and Gena's love, as well as have some unanswered questions that built up within the first two books answered I'm sad to be at the end.The characters in this trilogy force you to invest in them from page one of book one. The entire series embodies everything that classics are made of, so it's kinda hard to say goodbye. I'm aware that all good things mus [...]

    15. Teri Woods definitely made a come back with this one. It’s crazy how money changes people. They say money is the root of all evil and in this book that showed. I never thought Rik would be the one to change up on her but I guess when your desperate you’ll do anything. Terrell was one sick and deranged man. Gena just couldn’t seem to catch a break. Overall I’m glad that Gena and Qua made it thru the struggle. Gena definitely deserved the happiness that she got in the end.

    16. Riveting!!What an awesome continuation of suspense, drama and even romance!! I couldn’t this book down— read it in one day! I love Qua and Gena together!! I love Love!! Happy endings do exist. I’m really hoping there’s another book coming in this series and another movie!

    17. Gena the well-known beautiful girl that caught every man attention on the street has finally found love again. After, her supposedly died fiancé Quadir has left on the cold hearted Philadelphia. She was lonely and gloomy and did only what she know how to do best. That was to shop to she drop. After finding the money that her died fiancé has stashed she decides to go on a all out shopping spree. Doing and buying whatever she wanted and what ever pleased her. It was the money left for her, righ [...]

    18. This book literally had me on the edge of my seat. I never would have known Jerrell had a twin named Terrell. And that he would come back for revenge and do what he did to those people , especially Gah Git and Markita. He had no remorse for what he did to them just by looking for Gena. and she wasn't even the one who killed his brother. I'm even madder that Quadir never even bothered to let Gena know he was okay, so many opportunities presented themselves and he still didn't have the balls to le [...]

    19. The final book was crazy alot of ups and downs ALOT. Book Summary belowThe third and most explosive installment of the groundbreaking True to the Game trilogy will take you on a marathon race through the mean streets of Philly. Starting off where the second installment's dramatic cliffhanger left us, True III will finally reveal Gena's mysterious stalker and savior, as well as introduce a new killer so vicious, so cunning, so ruthless, he'll have you looking over your shoulder with each turn of [...]

    20. This book has many different conflicts based on the people in the story. Gena is struggling dealing with the fact that a lot of people is after her and is trying to target her because of the money she has found belonging to her "dead" boyfriend. Her internal problems are dealing with her long lost love who she would fight to have. Also she has to find a way to deal with a new person entering her life. The external problems she faces is the world seems to be out to get her. Police are hunting her [...]

    21. Love was present in this story and that love affair was strong and withstood near death experiences, violence and the perils of street life. The love was for money. Love existed as long as you have money.Qua loved Gina, but not more than his money. Gina loved Qua, but not more than his money.Again I kept wondering where was the love for each other.Terrell’s crazed search for Gina was the only interesting storyline going. Qua’s waffling between wanting Amelia and going after his money ( I mea [...]

    22. 2.5 stars. I think there were one too many subplots to this book. Qua being alive? OK. Fine. Maybe implausible. Maybe not. But Terrell (twin to Jerrell) popping up and raping everyone in his quest to find Gena, crooked cops, Qua's brief romance with Amelia (the doctor that saved him) There was a lot going on. Then Qua had a daughter. It took me years to read parts II and III to this series. But somehow I don't remember that. What happened to the crooked cops? I couldn't stand Gena's twin cousins [...]

    23. One of the Greatest Ever!!!I had to go back to the beginning to find that feeling of the time I became an avid reader and fell in love. ThIs book is one of the best ever written after all this time it still has the same effect on me. Each time I come away feeling some type of way about Qua rather or not I like the way he left Gena, but that is what makes this book series unique. Still in love with this book!

    24. Loved it. The ending was unexpected. I didn't expect for Quadir to be alive. Plus I liked how the cops didn't arrest either of them at the end. They just left the love birds alone. I was a little bit nervous at first cuz I thought Gena was gonna choose the money over him, but she didn't. Overall the series showed how this fast life works. You get fast money and it can all be over even faster. Then what're you gonna do?

    25. I normally love Teri Woods' books but the ending of this one left something to be desired I don't want to give anything away but I hold the little cousins responsible for alot of the violence that occurred from Terell. No one addressed that I found all those detective scenes to be confusing and too drawn out I just kept reading to see what happened at the end , but in the end I guess that is all that matters that we finish the darn book

    26. this book picks up where number two leaves off. Gena trying to make it through the defeatful streets. A killer is after her and she doesnt know who he is. the major theme in this story is this story is issues with trust because Gena has trust in nbody about her money because everyone is after it. her and Quadir gets married at the end.

    27. Quadir makes a return in this final installment and we get to find out what happened to him. But we don't see how he and Gena mend their broken relationship. They just know they love each other and get together at the end. I'll admit, it's better than the second but still doesn't live to up to the first.

    28. I listened to the audio book and even though the narrator was bland, the story itself was intriguing enough that it did not even matter. Once I put book 2 down I could not wait for book 3 to come in and start finding out what happened. I am glad that in the end everything came full circle and it ended happily ever after!

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