The Reluctant Dragon

The Reluctant Dragon In this beloved classic story a young boy befriends a poetry loving dragon living in the Downs above his home When the town folk send for St George to slay the dragon the boy needs to come up with a

  • Title: The Reluctant Dragon
  • Author: Kenneth Grahame Ernest H. Shepard
  • ISBN: 9780823400935
  • Page: 450
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In this beloved classic story, a young boy befriends a poetry loving dragon living in the Downs above his home When the town folk send for St George to slay the dragon, the boy needs to come up with a clever plan to save his friend and convince the townsfolk to accept him This story first appeared as a chapter in Grahame s Dream Days and was first published as a separatIn this beloved classic story, a young boy befriends a poetry loving dragon living in the Downs above his home When the town folk send for St George to slay the dragon, the boy needs to come up with a clever plan to save his friend and convince the townsfolk to accept him This story first appeared as a chapter in Grahame s Dream Days and was first published as a separate book by Holiday House in 1938 with illustrations by Ernest H Shepard.

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    1. Kenneth Grahame Ernest H. Shepard

      Kenneth Grahame was a British writer, most famous for The Wind in the Willows 1908 , one of the classics of children s literature He also wrote The Reluctant Dragon both books were later adapted into Disney films.

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    1. A really cute story. Though, I have to wonder if a modern child is going to get all the humor that the original child audience was able to get. They'll still think it' funny, of course, but some of the humor is more specific to the era that it was written.For instance, when the dragon says "You must tell him to go away at once, please. Say he can write if he likes, but I can't give him an interview. I'm not seeing anybody at present." the modern kids are going to get that the dragon is just goin [...]

    2. There once was a shepherd boy who read a lot and thus knew much about fairies, witches, and dragons. So, when a dragon moves into the hill by his family's farm, he goes to talk to the dragon. Turns out that the dragon is actually very nice, and has no inclination to cause anyone any harm at all. He really would just like to write and recite his poetry.But, the townspeople are afraid and, even though the dragon hasn't harmed anyone, they want to get rid of him. Will the boy be able to keep the dr [...]

    3. Kenneth Grahame is, of course, much better known for the Wind in the Willows. This book is an almost unknown gem by comparison. Kids and adults love dragons, and this one is drawn with such humour and wit that he is totally adorable. As a child I could never get enough of this book, and my daughter and her children are the same. The language will stretch a younger child but it is refreshing to have a child's book that does not 'dumb down' the writing. The illustrations are a delight and it is a [...]

    4. The Reluctant Dragon is a mild-mannered specimen of his breed who, unlike the "active and earnest" fellows who used to charge around battling knights, has survived long enough to develop his passion for poetry. He is befriended by an intelligent young shepherd boy, who is placed in an awkward position when the villagers discover the dragon's presence. Although the dragon has harmed no one, the villagers are so aroused that they call on Saint George to battle this "pestilential scourge." When Sai [...]

    5. What a clever twist on a dragon tale. The shepherd boy is such a great reader of fairy tales that he takes the advent of a dragon to his hometown quite in stride. The only problem is that, although the dragon is thoroughly tame, the townspeople love a good fight and absolutely insist that a dragon-slayer be sent for. Thankfully, the man in question, none other than St. George himself, knows how people sometimes exaggerate, and doesn't care too much for killing. The solution is agreed upon by the [...]

    6. Of course, I had 'The Wind in the Willows' as a child. I truly wish I'd had this story as well. It's less well known - but I'm not sure why. This is a truly wonderful story-within-a-story: two children, fancying that the snow tracks they've followed from their yard are those of a dragon, encounter a kindly neighbor, who tells them a story - of course, about a boy who meets a literarily-inclined, and unusually good-tempered dragon. Whimsical, warm and clever.

    7. I had read this previously, but decided to read it aloud to my children this time. My kids really enjoyed it. I love the timeless feeling of a young boy enthralled with knights and dragons who gets the chance to meet a real dragon one day. Though the villagers are scared and want to rid the area of this "scourge," the boy realizes that there is really nothing to fear from this dragon and befriends him. Not only that, but he brings the knight and the dragon together and they all become friends. I [...]

    8. Go! Read this to your childrenw! You will thank me. This was such a fun book to read aloud. Especially if you can do a decent English countryside accent. We were all laughing out loud. The version with illustrations by Ernest H. Shepherd is the best.

    9. Kenneth Grahame fue un escritor británico especialmente célebre por "El viento en los sauces", que ha tenido incontables adaptaciones en cine, teatro y televisión.Del resto de sus obras, las que se suelen considerar mas importante son "The golden age" y "Dream days", donde recopiló parte de su ficción infantil y diversos relatos sobre su infancia. Y el relato que mas fama y éxito cosechó fue "El dragón perezoso" (The reluctant dragon).Es una especie de reelaboración del enfrentamiento e [...]

    10. Kenneth Grahame, best known for writing The Wind in the Willows, wrote this book. Ernest H. Shepard, best known for illustrating Winnie-The-Pooh, illustrated this book. With a winning team like that, it is no surprise that this well-loved book has become a classic.The plot of this story is straightforward enough: A dragon moves into a cave near a village. The villagers want the dragon gone. The villagers hire a knight to fight the dragon. But there are such delightful twists and turns along the [...]

    11. I promised that I have read this book somewhere, maybe once upon a time, for it is familiar but I just cannot place where. For me the writing was bland and the characters didn't have much of a personality besides annoying, vexing and what the. And to top the flat personalities the main characters with the exception of St. George didn't have names but were called by their place in the book then given with "and that was their skill while they were good at it". It would be interesting to see how Di [...]

    12. Thoroughly enjoyed this little book. The writing was fresh and witty, and Grahame inverted the classic St. George kills dragon tale.This dragon is reluctant to fight, preferring instead to work on his verses. The shepherd's son knows from his extensive reading of natural history and fairy tales that a dragon must fight when St. George comes to town. But this dragon balks. So the three devise a spectacle in which all keep their honor, the townspeople are treated to a worthy show, and the dragon g [...]

    13. The Reluctant Dragon is a delight of language and plot. The pacifist and poetical dragon, the wise and well-read boy, and the compassionate St. George come together in a small story that I love to read and hear aloud.

    14. OMG, loved this. my six year old and i were reading for a library list and this story, oh this story is so witty and hilarious. i laughed many times. we are starting wind and the willows now. tickle a funny bone long forgotten, read this one.

    15. This was a delightful little story. I loved the twist in the story and the illustrations added to the story in a wonderful way. It ignited the imagination and I could see the story play out like a movie in my mind. This was a fab read.

    16. I'd never heard of this book before I did a search on Shepard illustrated children's literature. What a sweet little gem of a book! Not much to the story. St. George vs the Dragon, except this time the Dragon is a good guy. It's the poetic prose that makes it something special. Love this book.

    17. A singular parody of the legend of St. George and the dragon, with no princess, a dragon that refuses to fight, and a boy who acts as middleman.

    18. An endearingly simple book from Kenneth Grahame (author of 'The Wind in the Willows'). My interest in this book stemmed largely from the fact that is was turned into an animated short by Disney in 1941. From the get-go I loved the concept of the book - that of a brave knight wanting to fight a dragon but the dragon refuses, meaning that a young boy needs to mediate between the two of them and settle their differences. It reminded me very much of an episode of 'Rupert the Bear' which I used to lo [...]

    19. Why did I read it? I had read The Wind in the Willows when I was a child, and only recently discovered that Kenneth Grahame had authored other books, about which I was unaware. This story sounded interesting.What's it about? Two children are following footprints in the snow, when a neighbour calls them in for warming tea, and begins to tell them the story of the friendship between a boy, and a dragon living in a cave up on the Downs. What did I like about it? It's a very nice, old fashioned stor [...]

    20. An oldie moldie. But goodie. Ew we have some really old books in our library. First published in 1898, "The Reluctant Dragon" shows how Kenneth Grahame was influenced by Victorian writers with voice. The humorous and stuffy narration reminds me of Lemony Snicket in his Series of Unfortunate Events, Lois Lowry in "The Willoughbys", and Pseudonymous Bosch in his Bad Books series, poking fun at Victorian narrators. "The Reluctant Dragon" starts out like a fairy tale, "Long ago" and ends happily eve [...]

    21. I listened to this as an audiobook with my kids. The narrator had a great voice. It is SO, SO, SO British! My kids enjoyed it; I paused the story several times to talk about what was happening because the vocabulary is challenging for ages 5 and 7,but I was impressed with how much my girls picked up on their own. It's not my favorite story, but it was fine.

    22. This was a super short book. We read it in about two hours. I had to stop and explain what was going on because it was too advanced for all of my kids to understand it, but we all loved it. I was surprised, given that I thought my younger ones couldn't follow it, but I guess they understood more than I thought. It was very funny and we'll read it again.

    23. A short, quick read but with some archaic language (vocabulary and syntax) making it suitable for competent readers with short attention spans. There are a number of great conversation starters here, especially about whether violence is necessary or not. Bringing the legend of St George to life this famous pairing of author and illustrator is a charming gateway to older children's literature.

    24. What a charming story! I listened to the audiobook read by Boris Karloff, which I don't see as a choice in the editions here. (It's included in Apple Music, so you can listen for free if you're a subscriber.) Karloff is a wonderful reader and made a good story even better.

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