Untainted The highly anticipated conclusion to the Top Bestselling romantic suspense series by author Sarah Robinson The Photographer Trilogy answers every question from the first two books and reveals tr

  • Title: Untainted
  • Author: SarahRobinson
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  • Page: 168
  • Format: ebook
  • The highly anticipated conclusion to the Top 10 Bestselling romantic suspense series by author Sarah Robinson, The Photographer Trilogy, answers every question from the first two books, and reveals truths no one saw coming Untainted is the gripping conclusion to a unique story can Derrick and Annie save Kate before it s too late The infamous serial killer, known as the PThe highly anticipated conclusion to the Top 10 Bestselling romantic suspense series by author Sarah Robinson, The Photographer Trilogy, answers every question from the first two books, and reveals truths no one saw coming Untainted is the gripping conclusion to a unique story can Derrick and Annie save Kate before it s too late The infamous serial killer, known as the Photographer, is gone, but this time he has taken someone with him Even though everyone finally knows his identity, he is still two steps ahead of them Someone is dead Someone is missing Kate Jackson is one of those two Derrick Kane finds himself teaming up with Annie, Kate s younger sister, in a desperate search for any clues that could lead them to the answers they need.Little did they realize that they would find a lot than they had bargained for Every dirty secret from the past comes to light, and they are faced with the ultimate test of true love, and true heartbreak.When an innocent life is on the line, the cost of justice could be than love can afford Not everyone makes it to the end of their love story NOTE Untainted is the conclusion to The Photographer Trilogy and contains no cliffhangers.DISCLAIMER Due to violent and dark subject matter, this book is intended for 18 years old.

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      Sarah Robinson is a Top 10 Bestselling Author on Barnes Noble and Top 25 on Purchase Sarah s Books Here Join the Fan Club here Stalk Sarah on Social Media Click on any of the links below to be taken to one of the social media sites Author Website Subscribe to Newsletter Facebook Twitter Profile Profile Tumblr Instagram Pinterest Google Plus iBooks Nook Kobo Fan Club Snapchat booksbysarahrob About Sarah Aside from being a Top 10 Barnes Noble and Bestseller, Sarah Robinson is a native of the Washington, DC area and has both her Bachelors and Masters Degrees in criminal psychology She is newly married to a wonderful man who is just as much of an animal rescue enthusiasts as she is Together, they own a zoo of rescues including everything from mammals to reptiles to marsupials, as well as volunteering and fostering for multiple animal shelters.

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    1. Untainted is book three, the final book in The Photographer Trilogy by Sarah Robinson. These books are both available individually or in a box set. This series will evoke just about every emotion you have. You will feel joy, pride, anger, heartbreak and horror. This third book, more than the other two, kept me on the very edge of my seat. I could not stop reading. We start up exactly where book two ended. Something horrible has happened. Annie and Derrick work together to try to find Kate. They [...]

    2. Have you read the bestselling romantic suspense series, The Photographer Trilogy, by Sarah Robinson yet? Come get tainted ✯ The Photographer Trilogy✯ ✔Tainted Bodies ➜ amzn/1w8BriJ✔Tainted Pictures ➜ amzn/1sR6a6a✔Untainted ➜ amzn/1szl76X ✔Box Set ➜ amzn/2cDAXQE Grab the first two books now!Book 1 (Tainted Bodies) ➜ amzn/1plyStzBook 2 (Tainted Pictures) ➜ amzn/1tRHB6p

    3. TITLE: UntaintedSERIES: (Photographer Trilogy, #3) AUTHOR: Sarah RobinsonGENRE: Contemporary RomanceRELEASE DATE: November 10th 2014MY RATING: ★★★★★A bittersweet ending to the Photographer Trilogy what an epic way to end this seriesAnd for the life of me I still can not believe it took me so long to read this trilogyREVENGE "You're going to die today, Kate"It's quite fitting that the rope that killed my father is now around your wrists.You're going to die the same way he did. An eye fo [...]

    4. An absolutely fitting conclusion to the trilogy. Your heart will be in your throat, your stomach will churn, you'll cry, you'll gasp, you'll be shocked, but one thing you won't do is be able to put this book down.I was fortunate enough to read an advance copy, and as I post this, I'm still in shock at the twist and turns the story takesI'm going to go read it again now!

    5. I was one of the lucky few who got to beta read for this AMAZING author! I've been waiting for this book for almost 6 months, and from the moment I read a few excerpts I was wanting MORE!!!! Let me tell you this book was hard for me to put down & when I had to I was sneaking back to read more!!! The story of Kate & Derrick goes through it's twists & turns & struggles of life, tradgedy & the strength to get back up when you have been kicked down. I went from intrigued & cu [...]

    6. Sarah has done it again! If you liked the first 2 books in this series you will be overjoyed by the finale. I was crying more than once, angry, and laughing by the finish. The love story of Derrick and Kate is not like any other. Their struggles are real and you can feel it. I finished this book a few days ago and still having a book hangover. You will not be disappointed, that I promise. So thank you Sarah Robinson for an Epic finish to the perfect trilogy.

    7. ** review for BareNakedWords ** ‘Untainted’ is one hell of an ending to what has turned out to be one my favourite series this year. It will leave you gasping for breath and your heart lodged in your throat. You’ll cry, sigh, laugh and by the end have you fist pumping the air shouting “BOOM. In Your Face”!!!!!"When you’re suddenly thrust into a world of darkness, it can be impossible to distinguish what your senses are telling you.”That is exactly what we were thrust into when star [...]

    8. This was truly an unexpected love for me. I didn't expect this final book in the trilogy to suck me in this much.We have followed Derrick and Kate through two books and this is the final, with the exception of an epilogue that I am dying to read. The books have always had a criminal and psychological thriller background with a a hint of romance from our main characters, but this book is sure to trump them all. I was a bit surprised when I started this one, I was expecting some of the same but it [...]

    9. 5 GUT-WRENCHING STARS! I've been waiting for this book the moment I finished reading Tainted Pictures back in April so I kind of squeal when I was given the privilege to read this book in advance.Sarah Robinson doesn't disappoint.It has been an emotional read for me.This book is raw, gut-wrenching, nerve-racking and most importantly empowering!I am happy for Kate and Derrick, they've been through leaps and bounds and I am so glad that they've got their HEA. I really admire Sarah as an author,  [...]

    10. Untainted is the third book in The Photographer Trilogy. You MUST read book one, Tainted Bodies, and book two, Tainted Pictures, before reading this book. I put a warning on the first two for heavy content and this one needs it as well. This one is a bit more graphic than the first two.Untainted picks up where Tainted Pictures left off. Everyone is in this book. Derrick, Kate, Annie, Detective Snow, Detective McCraig and, of course, The Photographer himself. Be ready for a roller coaster of even [...]

    11. HOLY SH**!!! I've been DYING to finish this series and was so lucky to be a beta reader! I finished it in one day- ONE DAY! That rarely ever happens to me. I absolutely loved, loved, loved it. It was action packed, but had unbelievably sweet romantic moments. And on top of that- the twists! Oh my goodness, I never saw certain things coming, and I absolutely LOVED the ending. LOVE. It was something I NEVER would have thought of, but now I can't imagine any other ending, it was perfect. Warning- g [...]

    12. This is the third and final book in the Photographer Trilogy and the word that comes to mind is WOW!! Sarah has nailed it with a great suspenseful ending to a great series! I found my self totally engrossed in the story and wanting to know what happens next. Will the bad guy get caught or will he find a way to escape what he has done. Wondering if Kate could ever put the past behind her and ever be free. Wondering if Derrick can keep his word and always be there for Kate. One thing I did see is [...]

    13. I could not put this down. IT was such an amazing read. It moved along at a great pace, has awesome characters and a story that will not let you down. I could not put this down once I started and carried it around with me until I was done and even then, it was like, WOW. This has to be read.

    14. I loved this, a fitting end to a great series. More details later but wow. You know a book is good when it makes you loudly exclaim, and perform physical acts.

    15. I'm a bit at a lost for words. I'm usually worried about conclusions to trilogies/series because I'm sometimes left feeling as if the book isn't concluded or the ending is weak, compared to the beginning of the book, or the series as a whole. But I thoroughly enjoyed the ending to this trilogy. I feel as if I have all the answers I've been wondering since book one, loved the plot-line to this book, and I really appreciated all the life lessons, and general lessons, I learned from these books.Lik [...]

    16. Untainted by Sarah Robinson (The Photographer Triology #3) This was truly an unexpected love for me. I didn't expect this final book in the trilogy to suck me in this much.We have followed Derrick and Kate through two books and this is the final, with the exception of an epilogue that I am dying to read. The books have always had a criminal and psychological thriller background with a a hint of romance from our main characters, but this book is sure to trump them all. I was a bit surprised when [...]

    17. I have followed this series since its inception, and this final book in the series is by far the best book! Sarah has out done herself on this one. The first few pages of this book had my stomach hovering somewhere near my shoes, I do not think I took a breath until the last page of Chapter 1. Holy cow! Do not read this book if you cannot stand being on the edge of your comfy reading chair. I am pretty sure I aged a bit from the first page until the last. This book proved that no one is safe, cr [...]

    18. This is the best of the 3 books in this trilogy. It is a great ending to the series. It picks up right where book 2 ends, not skipping a beat. At the end of the 2nd book, Tainted Pictures, we were left wondering where Kate was taken, or if it was her that was dead in her apartment. We find out in this book, who it is. Kate has been kidnapped by the Photographer, a demented serial rapist/murderer. I had an idea of who the Photographer was, I was right, but I had no clue about the reasons why he w [...]

    19. Untainted is the conclusion to The Photographer Trilogy and picks up right where Tainted Pictures left off.I have been waiting to get my hands on this one ever since the epic cliffy that Sarah Robinson left us with in Tainted Pictures. The wait was definitely worth it, as Untainted followed in the footsteps of the first 2 books of the trilogy and left me breathless.This final installment wraps up all of the unanswered questions that you have had since the first book. It also takes you on a wild [...]

    20. Untainted by Sarah Robinson is a superb ending to The Photographer Trilogy. It is a gripping, emotional roller coaster of a story that you won't be able to put down. Untainted picks up right where the cliffhanger of Tainted Pictures left off. Sarah Robinson keeps you in suspense as to what happened till the end of the first chapter. I've never been so worried in a first chapter of a book, ever. Even then that feeling doesn't leave you as you read the story. What unfolds is one of the most suspen [...]

    21. Great book & end to the trilogy!!! I have to say that this is my fav of the 3 books! It's so full of action! I was totally shocked with the turn of events! Untainted picks up where book #2, Tainted Pictures ended! Kate is missing & someone is dead! My heart was racing & beating out of my chest during the whole book! Annie & Derrick go on their own search as does the professionals! It's literally a race against time! How far will the perpetrator go? Derrick is amazing in this book [...]

    22. We have been holding our breaths waiting to find out the identity of the person who dies at the hand of The Photographer at the end of book 2. It is devastating that such a kind and innocent human being has paid the highest price of all at the hands of this serial killer. At least now, we know who the killer is. The police just has to build a case with evidence to substantiate what everyone now knows.In the meantime, Kate is missing and believed abducted by The Photographer. Derrick and Annie ar [...]

    23. WOW!! WORTH THE WAIT!!!! Well I have to say Book 3 is well worth the wait. Sarah you did a great job with Untainted. It was so worth waiting for. To find out what happens with Kate and to see if they get her rapist aka the Photographer. Book 3 picks up right where book 2 finishes. Annie and Derrick are on the search for Annie when they found out that she was kidnapped. Did they find her? Was she alive? Where did she find her? What happened to the Photographer? So many questions right well first [...]

    24. This book had me from the beginning. I read it in the 3 book box set, so my review will be on all three. The events that take place in Kate's life are heart wrenching. She goes through so much, more than any one person should ever have to bare. Unfortunately I can relate to a lot in this book. It is a very well written story of a very strong young women. She had to face adversity, loss, molestation and murder. Becoming friends with a female cop is really her only female friend besides her sister [...]

    25. WOW!! My head is still reeling from this book.It's the conclusion of the series and you will find out who the Photographer is. If you loved the first two books you will not be disappointed with the endingof this story. But be warned it gets very deep and you will feel it. Subjectmatter can be hard for some so please know that ahead of time. The highs were great the LOWS were so very low. To the point I was literallyyelling at my kindle "NO NO NO.at can't happen." But it did. People die,people ge [...]

    26. ~~I received this in exchange for an honest review~~ OK, this is the final book in the series, and it is wrapped up nicely. The emotion in this book is raw. Your heart will hurt for several different reasons. You will go through all the emotions that you know of. But at the end, You will be left feeling complete. A little sad, but nonetheless complete. Sarah, has written a fantastic book. She has taken a subject that is all to often heard of in shows like Criminal Minds, and made it her own. Thi [...]

    27. This is the third and finale book of The Photography Trilogy. When Tainted Pictures ended we were left with one hell of a cliffhanger. So the wait killed me. I feel like I needed to know the answers to all of my questions!When the long awaited day finally arrived I couldn't put the book down. All of my questions were slowly getting answered, and everything was falling into place.Untainted was written to really draw you into the story line. You felt like you were on the journey with the character [...]

    28. This is one of my favourite crime thriller Series to date and Sarah has done it again with this stunning conclusion to The Photographer Trilogy.This story is extremely fast paced and leaves you with the answers to every question that has been bugging you since the start of the Series. No stone is left unturned!You are also left in suspense for a little bit into the book in regards to the cliffhanger ending of Tainted Pictures.Once again you are transported into the world of Kate and Derrick with [...]

    29. This is the final book of The Photographer Trilogy. To fully grasp all the emotions involved you need to read the previous books. Sarah topped the other two books off with this one.In Book 2 I thought I knew exactly how this trilogy would end, boy was I wrong. There was so much suspense throughout that I couldn't stop until I got to the end of the series.Kate recognized her attacker in a picture line-up. With everything from her past, the police department was determined to find out for certain [...]

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