The Piper

The Piper In this bone chilling tale of terror from Shamus Award winning thriller writer Lynn Hightower a devoted mother must confront the paranormal forces that have cursed her family When Olivia James receiv

  • Title: The Piper
  • Author: Lynn S. Hightower
  • ISBN: 9780727882516
  • Page: 256
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In this bone chilling tale of terror from Shamus Award winning thriller writer Lynn Hightower, a devoted mother must confront the paranormal forces that have cursed her family.When Olivia James receives a phone call just after midnight, she recognizes her brother s voice But there s a problem her brother has been dead for the past nine weeks Moving back to her old childIn this bone chilling tale of terror from Shamus Award winning thriller writer Lynn Hightower, a devoted mother must confront the paranormal forces that have cursed her family.When Olivia James receives a phone call just after midnight, she recognizes her brother s voice But there s a problem her brother has been dead for the past nine weeks Moving back to her old childhood home in Tennessee the place where her brother has just died her young daughter Teddy seems troubled, telling her mother that she s being visited by a menacing ghost When another tragic death occurs and her daughter disappears, Olivia must confront the demonic force that has cursed her family.

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    1. Lynn S. Hightower

      Lynn Hightower grew up in Kentucky, and graduated from the University of Kentucky, where she studied creative writing with Wendell Berry and earned a degree in Journalism She also teaches novel writing in the Writer s Program at UCLA Survival jobs include writing television commercials, catering waitress, and bartender for one day.Her books have been included in the New York Times List of Notable Books, the London Times Bestseller List, and the W.H Smith Fresh Talent Awards She has received the Shamus Award, and been nominated for the Kentucky Literary Award, the Kentucky Librarians First Choice Award, and the Mary Higgins Clark Award Hightower s books have been published in numerous foreign countries, including Great Britain, Australia, Japan, Germany, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Israel and The Netherlands.Hightower spends ridiculous amounts of time curled up reading, but also enjoys small sports cars and tame horses She is married to The Frenchman, writes full time, shares an office with her Belgian Shepherd, Leo the Lion, plays bad but fierce tennis, loves to dance and is learning to Tango.Hightower enjoys canoeing and is witty after two glasses of wine She has studied French and Italian, but is only fluent in Southern.Hightower is a Kentucky native, and lives in a small Victorian cottage with a writing parlor.

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    1. Okay, first things first.I HATE horror.Not because I don't think it's any good, but because I'm an extremely suggestible person, and a single horror novel can have me on edge for months later. Horror about your family going missing and or getting killed? I'm OUT. PERIOD. Nope, not for me. EVER.So, when I needed to read this for work, I was not loving my job quite as much as usual. But by the end of the first day, when I had to stop, because work was over, I was very, very, veryveryvery tempted t [...]

    2. This was a random selection based in part on a great cover, in part on its availability at the library and in part on my constant quest to find good female horror authors. Hightower has a background in crime fiction and it shows, because the book kept slipping into a police procedural. Another thing constantly evident was the fact that it was written by a female author an extreme case of write what you know all the major characters were female and oddly abbreviated (seriously, Amel and Ack, seri [...]

    3. This book had me in at the first page but by the end of it i struggled Hightower is supposed to be horror but was not scary it kept me turning pages but hate descriptive sex scenes was supposed to be a paranormal horror but was more like a dreary read in the end

    4. 2.5 StarsThis book was barely a horror novel. I never had a shiver down my spine. Nor did the dark creep me out after a reading session. I HATED how Hightower began the book. In my personal opinion, a book of this nature (ie. some dark entity haunting and harming the protagonists) should not reveal the supernatural entity at the bloody beginning of the novel! It really took the creepy-mysterious-suspense factor out of the book (not that having it really would have helped make the book scarier). [...]

    5. I just finished “The Piper” by Lynn Hightower, which simply blew me away. I’ve known Hightower as a Shamus-Award-winning mystery writer, so I didn’t look into what I was buying at all. I started the Audible book, and was quickly introduced to Olivia James, a pragmatic Southern woman living in Los Angeles. She receives a strange phone call from her brother who assures her everything is all right, that he “has paid the piper.” The thing is, her brother has been dead for nine weeks. I d [...]

    6. Couldn't stop turning the pages. Although the ending is a little lackluster, the overall suspense that the author builds throughout the story makes this a worthwhile read if you like books about the paranormal.

    7. Begins with a phone call from her deceased brother, broken with static, that he "had to pay the piper." Then evolves in a story, in the authors words, of spirits - "the good things and the bad" that, if you "turned your head just right," you might "get a glimpse of."

    8. I read this book in a week so a very fast read. The author spins a great ghost story that you are kept wondering what is real and what isn't.

    9. I LOVED it!!! this def needs to be made into a movie it kept you in suspense the entire time. Thanks so much for the opportunity to read The Piper .

    10. I found this hard to rate. I would have selected 3.5 stars if it were an option. I found the writing mediocre in places yet the storyline kept me fully engaged! I just had to know just who the piper was!

    11. I was hooked in the beginning it had great potential. It's like she gave up on the story about 3/4 through. Very disappointing end.

    12. Absolutely terrifying! There were so many twist that I never knew what was coming next. I can not wait to read everything else the author has written.

    13. Reviewed by A Simple Taste for Reading:simpletasteforreading.wordpresOooooh this book needs to be made into a movie! Very eerie and I loved it, kept me on the seat of my chair! I would highly recommend this book if you want a great chilling read!Christopher James has been dead for nine weeks, but that doesn’t stop him from phoning his sister Olivia and warning her: “I had to pay the piper….Don’t let him…after you.” Olivia knows instantly that the piper is the nameless malefactor who [...]

    14. Someone on Shelfari recommended this book because it was creepy and I love creepy. The had an audio version of this and I wish I had just read it because it was creepy and I think that reading it would have maintained that atmosphere. However, since I did not like the voice of the reader for the audio, Xe Sands, the book just lost some of its "creep" factor. The story starts off with Olivia receiving a phone call from her deceased brother. His message is that he has paid the piper but Olivia doe [...]

    15. I have mixed feelings about this book. There were definitely sections that were creepy, but there weren't nearly enough of them given how many weird things happened. The book has a huge body count for the number of characters in it, but after a little while they stop meaning anything. Especially since you never even meet some of the characters who die. Sure the situation with them would be creepy if it actually happened, but in a novel I have a hard time caring about them.Some of the word choice [...]

    16. Lynn Hightower has written the ultimate mystery/supernatural book. This book was so good I couldn't put it down, but it was so creepy I had to. I am usually not squeamish about reading horror and mystery books at night, but then I had never read The Piper before. I won it as part of a book give a way from the author and I have never been so thrilled with my luck in my life. I didn't even really give a thought to one of the key places in this novel, Waverly Hills, until it snuck up on me from no [...]

    17. This should really be 3 and a half stars, rather than 4 but 3 seems too harsh. It was enjoyable, and parts were quite scary. But, sometimes the characters were too idiotic, and not in a good “no don’t do it” horror way.For example, one character finds out why a bad thing happened and explicitly tells the reader this. They then also go and tell another character this, so it is clear they know X (thing) caused Y (bad thing). However, they still end up thinking that doing X again would be a g [...]

    18. In The Piper, Lynn Hightower introduces us to a malevolent spirit that is targeting her family and friends. You make a deal with the Piper for what you want and he takes away something you hold dear. While billed as a horror novel, I found this to be more of a psychological thriller, and a very good one at that. While Olivia James is not the most likeable character I have found in a book, she adequately makes a nice foil for those who would try and defeat the Piper. I guess what makes this such [...]

    19. This was my first reading a book by Lynn S. Hightower and I really enjoyed this story line very much, it did leave me with some unanswered questions but it also scared me too! I look forward to reading more stories written by this author. :)In this bone-chilling tale of terror from Shamus Award-winning thriller writer Lynn Hightower, a devoted mother must confront the paranormal forces that have cursed her family.When Olivia James receives a phone call just after midnight, she recognizes her bro [...]

    20. I took to this book fairly slowly, but when I did, I fell head and heels in with the characters. From the first few chapters I foolishly assumed where it was going, and there wasn't much to suggest I would be wrong and I almost dismissed the story as another clichéd paranormal / mystery / thriller type title, but the careful pace and escalation of events paid off and before I knew it I was hooked onto Olivia's every move, feeling the relief and stress with her in every page.When this book gets [...]

    21. I should have read this during the day. Once I started I couldn't stop which sucks for me because not only did it creep me (it takes a lot to accomplish this), I'll be sleeping with the lights on. For readers who love reading bone-chilling thrillers with paranormal elements that make the hairs on your neck stand up, look no further as "The Piper" does not disappoint. The author successfully delivers a well-written story that captures the reader's attention and imagination; watching it unfold lik [...]

    22. The story sounds intriguing, so it's on my To-Do-One-Day list (if I remember) to borrow a dead tree edition from the library — I just couldn't listen to the audiobook. The narrator's voice was insurmountable, despite my attempt to ignore it, hoping I'd just get used to it as the story went on. She sounded irritatingly floaty, to me — like she was constantly on the brink of falling asleep, or was perhaps enveloped in the haze of some distracting smokey substance. This timbre was even more pro [...]

    23. First a disclaimer: I know Lynn Hightower. She's a mentor and friend. Secondly, she's a fiend. She knows that I have a sensitive nature and yet she still writes these stories that have me looking over my shoulder and jumping whenever the furnace kicks on. I suspect that she giggles about this.Anyway, The Piper is a suspenseful story with a paranormal twist (and a twisted paranormal entity) so be afraid. Be very afraid.[I've suggested to Lynn that she try romantic fiction next time and stop frigh [...]

    24. THis was a pleasant surprise, Olivia has just gotten divorced and her brother has passed away when he gets a phonecall coming from him (brother) warning her that he has already paid the piper. She is confused and talks to ehr best friend, Emily, a pediatrician. Since her brother died, she inherits their parents' house and moves from California to Knoxville to find out there is something wrong with her childhood homeA lot of suspense, great original story

    25. A really solid, 3.5 star horror read. It's a kind of chilling paranormal thriller rather than anything truly gory, but I liked the pace and the characterisations. Reminded me of both the movie 'Absentia' and alsoThe Dwelling, although it wasn't quite as intriuging as either of those. Still definitely recommend for a quick beach or commute read, though.

    26. 5 stars for the 5 or more sleepless nights I'm about to haveLynn S. Hightower does a magnificent job of permanently scarring me in this scary Slenderman-like novel. If anyone has seen or ever heard of Slenderman then you basically have a good grasp of what this book will be about. Every turn of the page left me gasping for more and yet at the same timeI really didn't want to know what would happen. Time to watch some Disney movies.I received this book from ! Thanks!

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