Matches Christmas Eve should be a night filled with magic and love But for Anderson down on his luck and homeless in Chicago s frigid chill it s a fight for survival Whether he s sleeping on the el or hole

  • Title: Matches
  • Author: Rick R. Reed
  • ISBN: 9781608205219
  • Page: 445
  • Format: ebook
  • Christmas Eve should be a night filled with magic and love But for Anderson, down on his luck and homeless in Chicago s frigid chill, it s a fight for survival Whether he s sleeping on the el, or holed up in an abandoned car, all he really has are his memories to keep him warm memories of a time when he loved a man named Welk and the world was perfect When Anderson findChristmas Eve should be a night filled with magic and love But for Anderson, down on his luck and homeless in Chicago s frigid chill, it s a fight for survival Whether he s sleeping on the el, or holed up in an abandoned car, all he really has are his memories to keep him warm memories of a time when he loved a man named Welk and the world was perfect When Anderson finds a book of discarded matches on the sidewalk, he pockets them Later, trying to keep the cold at bay hunkered down in a church entryway, Anderson discovers the matches are the key to bringing his memories of Welk, happiness, and security to life Within their flames, visions dance and perhaps a reunion with the man he loved most.

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    1. Rick R. Reed

      Real Men True Love.Rick R Reed draws inspiration from the lives of gay men to craft stories that quicken the heartbeat, engage emotions, and keep the pages turning Although he dabbles in horror, dark suspense, and comedy, his attention always returns to the power of love He s the award winning and bestselling author of than fifty works of published fiction and is forever at work on yet another book Lambda Literary has called him A writer that doesn t disappoint You can find him at rickrreed or rickrreedreality Rick lives in Palm Springs, CA with his beloved husband and their Boston terrier.

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    1. It’s a modern remake of “The Little Match Girl”.Depending on how you find the ending,it is a sharp reminder of what a cold world we live in,especially when the chips are down.

    2. I don't feel this story works for me for several reasons.Before going to the content, the eBook itself. This is not the author's fault, but I was not that happy to have a story starts at 7% and ends at 67% in my Kindle. It means a whopping 40% is dedicated to titles, ads, and so on, not to the story.Now my comments.(view spoiler)[1. The short-story format limits the length, which at the end affects many things.2. The author's decision to make the story plot in one year, from Christmas to Christm [...]

    3. Having lost everything in the recession, including his job and his home, and having lost his husband to a tragic accident, there's not much left to live for, when Anderson finds himself dreaming of days gone by, while he tries to stay warm on Christmas Eve in Chicago. Poor, homeless, he's chased away from his one source of warmth, and much like the Little Girl with the Matchbook, his soul finds his way home. This is not a fluffy story. It's about human suffering, and how so very often we look aw [...]

    4. I was not familiar with the classic story this was based and therefore was not prepared for how sad the story was. It may not be a happy holiday story but it was touching and bittersweet in the end.It did remind me of some important things that sometimes get pushed aside and I immediately looked up the wish list of the local homeless LGBT youth organization and sent some winter basics. Hopefully others who read it and are able to will do the same.

    5. Ohhh Rick! My tummy is tight. My eyes are wet. My heart aches. Wasn't expecting such a heartbreaking holiday tale.

    6. Looking for a tear-jerker? Look no further. This short story is a heartbreaking, poignant tale of a young man who has lost his job and his home and is roaming the streets of Chicago on Christmas Eve. He has no family and his lover was killed this past year so he has no where to go. He tries the subway for a while but is ultimately kicked out by transit patrol and finally finds shelter from the snow near a church. There he cherishes his memories of his lover, and the author does what he does best [...]

    7. Beautifully written little gem brimming with startlingly vivid imagery. Grabbed me by the heartstrings right from the beginning and didn't let go. This is the first holiday story I've read this season, only its not your typical lighthearted, feel-good holiday story. Instead, it's a poignant and touching reminder to be thankful for what we are blessed to have because it can be taken from us so easily. I was lucky enough to pick this up free on and am so glad I did. My first read from this author [...]

    8. A bitter tale that reminds us Christmas isn't all ornaments, family, presents and warmth for everyone. Sad and poignant and a reminder to us all.

    9. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! A fully realized world with a fully realized main character, and together they pack one hell of an emotional wallop. If you love the holiday season and admire the art of writing "short," you'll be cheating yourself if you don't read Matches. It's the best contemporary Christmas story I've ever read -- bar none.

    10. NOT TO BE MISSED!! Rick Reed has done it again. MATCHES is his brilliant homage to Hans Christian Anderson THE LITTLE MATCH GIRL, skillfully reimagined and set against a backdrop of 21st Century Chicago. It is Christmas Eve. Our protagonist, Anderson, finds himself on an el train, homeless and searching for shelter from the bitter winter cold. As he wanders, and as he is forced to move from place to place by forces beyond his control, he is both anguished and comforted by memories of his dearly [...]

    11. This is a very poignant story about a man who has lost everything, his family, his lover, his home and by no fault of his own. People in the city treat him very badly and all I could think of was "there but for fortune, go you and I". Does the story have a happy ending for him? It depends on who you ask.

    12. This was a different kind of Christmas story. This makes me so thankful that I have a home, a job, a pension plan, and 401K. And although I do live paycheck to paycheck I take advantage of all the benefits and resources I have at the job. This story made me want to go pick up a homeless person (preferably female - safer I would think) and let them have a good shower, hot meal, and warm bed, if at least for one night. Maybe when I win the lottery I'll donate some of the millions to the homeless. [...]

    13. I picked this up without reading the blurb. I was in the mood for a Christmas story, I saw it was by an author I like so I grabbed it. So picture this I'm on the stationary bike at the gym, blinking so hard as my eyes well up until one or two tears spill over. I'm not a crier and it made me self conscious, so with every sniffle I looked around, thankful that no one was paying any attention to the crazy lady crying like her heart is quietly breaking while she works out. Still, I couldn't stop rea [...]

    14. sadThis was really good, but so sad that I'm not sure I feel good for reading it. Still, it's really good. I'm all confused.

    15. This is a very short read, but it packs a punch. a re-working of the little match girl, be prepared for a heart felt sob at the end.

    16. Rick Reed's Matches is based on Hans Christian Andersen's story "The Little Match Girl", a Victorian-era sob fest about a child selling matches on the street on New Year's Eve, afraid to go home to a father who will beat her if she doesn't sell her matches. She sits in the freezing cold and lights matches to keep warm, and in the glow of each match, sees visions of happy Christmas celebrations and of her grandmother, the only person who ever treated her with love and kindness.Reed's update is se [...]

    17. Anderson is an unlucky victim of life and circumstance. He lost his lover in an accident, then lost his job, and finally his home. Living his life in abandoned cars or wherever he can find at the time, he longs for the life and the love he lost. When a train operator mistakes him for a vagrant and sends him back out onto the cold streets, he happens upon a book of matches that prove to be a welcome distraction from the cold.This little story broke my heart! For the short time I was with Anderson [...]

    18. This story kills me. I work in the loop. I've given money to the same homeless man for years. Just makes me sad. Made me cry.

    19. Heartwrenching and Heartwarming at the same time.Beautifully written and it's poignant echo lingers long after the last heartbreaking line.Absolutely beautiful.Well done Mr. Reed!

    20. 2.75. There was a lot to like here, but I find myself agreeing with some of the points Mr. Bedwyr made in his review.

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