The Making Of

The Making Of AN ANGOUL ME AWARD WINNER RETURNS WITH A PARABLE ABOUT LIFE IN THE ART WORLD The Making Of is the follow up to international sensation Brecht Evens s Eisner nominated debut The Wrong Place With lush

  • Title: The Making Of
  • Author: Brecht Evens Michele Hutchison Laura Watkinson
  • ISBN: 9781770460737
  • Page: 123
  • Format: None
  • AN ANGOUL ME AWARD WINNER RETURNS WITH A PARABLE ABOUT LIFE IN THE ART WORLD The Making Of is the follow up to international sensation Brecht Evens s Eisner nominated debut, The Wrong Place With lush watercolors and his characteristic wit, Evens details the fumbling, amateurish foibles of the participants of a small art festival in the Flemish countryside Pieterjan isAN ANGOUL ME AWARD WINNER RETURNS WITH A PARABLE ABOUT LIFE IN THE ART WORLDThe Making Of is the follow up to international sensation Brecht Evens s Eisner nominated debut, The Wrong Place With lush watercolors and his characteristic wit, Evens details the fumbling, amateurish foibles of the participants of a small art festival in the Flemish countryside Pieterjan is invited to the festival as an honored guest From the moment he arrives, things start going wrong, and since no one seems ready to step in, Pieterjan takes over the show He decides to build a giant garden gnome as a symbol of Flemish identity, but the construction process brings buried tensions to the surface as the other artists become jealous of Pieterjan s authority In The Making Of, Evens delves deep into the petty tensions, small misunderstandings, and deadpan humor that pervade modern relationships With a keen eye for the subtleties of body language, Evens s The Making Of builds on the iconic visual style showcased in The Wrong Place Sweeping watercolors jump off the page, surrealist scenery intermingles with crowds of people, and small suburban plot homes have never looked so lovely.

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      123 Brecht Evens Michele Hutchison Laura Watkinson
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    1. Brecht Evens Michele Hutchison Laura Watkinson

      Flemish cartoonist Brecht Evens was born in 1986 and studied illustration in Ghent, Belgium His prizewinning debut comic book A Message from Space was released in 2005, followed by several other books including Vincent 2006 and The Wrong Place 2009 , which recently won the Haarlem Comic Festival s Willy Vandersteen Award for best Dutch language graphic novel You can follow him online at brechtnieuws.

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    1. This humorous and multi-layered meditation on the function and social status of art features painfully convincing characters, lush watercolors, and an inventive grammar that manages to reconcile highbrow with lowbrow ambitions. One of the most interesting comic books to come out of Europe in recent years!

    2. arg I'm torn about this. On one hand I like it cos the art is beautiful and the story is interesting and the plot is original enough. On the other hand I fucking hate it cos I am so sick of graphic novels about dudes in their 30s being hip wankers and shitting on those around them who feed their macho bullshit egos. The main character of this graphic novel was just so unlikeable, what a fucking douche! I mean minor SPOILER ALERT-------------------------------------------------------------------- [...]

    3. Superb- this really moves comics to a new level. Evens is one of those creators who come along once in a while to show how limitless is the expressive potential of comics. On one level Making Of is a gentle and often very funny satire on a circle of untalented provincial artists, and their neuroses. But there are much deeper and more satisfying things going on. For one there is the way that Evens quotes high art as an ironic counterpoint - so there are sudden lapses into pointilism and cubism. T [...]

    4. Beautiful artwork and funny and insightful story about the function of art in a community. A sort of marginal hipster artist who is not very likable gets invited to a community biennial event, to help them create art and he is the Real Artist, though all the motley crew of locals does art of some kind balloon art, a schizophrenic named Dennis who only does swirls on everything, etc. But art gets made and the story is sort of like that hilarious mockumentary about theater in a small community, Wa [...]

    5. A very abusive and pretentious man organizes an art festival, especially concerning organizing a collective art piece. I'm not sure if the protagonist ever did see the errors of his ways.The story is nice to read. The characters are varied and interesting. The art work is beautiful and unique; the sequencing is well-done.I would have preferred if more focus was placed on the secondary characters, as the main character is just a douche-bag, hipster, 40-something asshole. I think this book works a [...]

    6. Excellent book! An artist, Peterson, travels to a small town to participate in an arts festival. Once there, he discovers that the whole thing is a bit less organized and more amateurish than he anticipated. He attempts to work with everybody and suggests a group collaboration. Although he seems to do his best to be gracious and not be the center of attention, his very presence seems to throw things off kilter. The artwork in this is magnificent, very lovely watercolor work. I spotted at least o [...]

    7. The Making Of is Evans Brecht's ironic portrayal of the small arts and crafts world. Unfortunately, the satire is dull and the art too much of an acquired taste. The plot is rather simple, but not enticing. The characters are also not inspiring. I found little reason to smile. The lead character, who as artist has the dubious credentials of having had art exposed in The Big City, is invited to a small commune of artists to join their biennale and help create a new work of (joint) art. After the [...]

    8. As many have said, the artwork is amazing. There are these terrific moments (probably more of them than I noticed) when the characters en scene come together and resemble other works of art. The dialogue is also great, and the characters feel right most of the time, but it gets a bit wavery as things progress and the ending felt a bit chopped off. ***SPOILER-ISH***The Mexico moment at the end: if that was supposed to be their final project, it was not at all clear. Also, poor Dennis.

    9. You can always tell when a comic is written by a dude because someone always takes a dump or jerks off or both and there are always inexplicably young and vacant women lining up to put the protagonist's dick in their mouth. And then the protagonist treats all the other characters like absolute crap, but it's excused because he's "flawed" or "shy" or "uncool" or whatever.

    10. Hmm I am not quite sure what I think about this graphic novel. The Art was beautiful and the story was both interesting and original, yet I am left rather confused by it. I had hoped for it to take a different turn at some point, but it didn't and then the ending just left me rather lost. Most of the characters were very interesting, but I found the main guy to be so unlikeable that it deducted a bit from the story, but I loved the artistic expression of it. Consensus is three stars from me.

    11. no amount of watercolor magic is going to save your artist-is-a-bad-man-but-nobody-cares plot, I'M SO TIRED

    12. Wow! What a beautiful book! It has so much going for it. Evens' art is getting much deserved acclaim, his lovely water color storytelling feels extremely fresh - and unique. He has established a method of painting translucent characters and scenes that can add both depth of perception as well as emotion. In using this, Evens is able to fill a scene with a curious fullness. It's to his credit that he employs this artistic sensibility to it's best advantage and not overused. But,to try and describ [...]

    13. Wat een straf boek: het schilderwerk is magnifiek en dwingt je bij elke prent even stil te staan en opnieuw te kijken. De halfdoorzichtige personages en/of decor, het kleurgebruik, het al dan niet afgewerkt zijn van figuren zelden heeft de tekening zo'n impact op het verhaal als hier. Het verhaal is vrij rechtlijnig, maar het zijn de acteurs die deze wonderlijke wereld bevolken die het de moeite waard maken. Dit is leesclub-waardig. Alle lof voor dit,meesterwerk is meer dan terecht.

    14. Excellent handling of the specific subject matter: artistic collaboration. Breathtaking artwork, easy to get lost in, and occasionally startling and transcendent. The read as a whole left me unmoved, though. Certainly not a book for everyone, but some will find a deep and personal connection here.

    15. I need to see the making of of 'The Making Of' because the artwork pickled my mind. No idea where he began on some of the paintings and spent most of my time trying to analyse each piece which usually led to confusion.

    16. 3.5 for gorgeous artwork.Some of the relationship developments a little unbelievable (can't expound w/o spoiling) brought the rating down.

    17. Liked this a lot more that "The Wrong Place." The story was better and the illustrations were better, I think.

    18. De belles images mais un récit qui m'a mise un peu mal à l'aise par moment Des personnages fragiles encadrés par un type narcissique et faux. On ne sait pas de quel côté l'auteur veut nous faire pencher.

    19. Maravilloso colorido, un dibujo libre que rompe completamente con el concepto de viñeta, cada página es una obra de arte en sí misma. La historia que cuenta, sobre un artista invitado a una bienal de pueblo, con unos personajes tan inútiles como tiernos, está contada con claridad.

    20. I checked this out from the library because I enjoyed the illustration style, and thought the organic watercolors where an unexpected treatment for a graphic novel. I was disappointed with the story, and found the main character really unlikable.

    21. I was NOT a big fan of the the story in the beginning, but hey, Leslie and Dennis were my two main boys! i kept reading. for them! So here I am giving this shitsicle a 5 star cuz i enjoyed it very much ;)p.s peterson i don't like you

    22. "Gorgeous, complex, dream-like artwork. But DAMN give the female characters some dignity" says reader, as she quietly shakes her head and frames half the pages from the book her for living room

    23. This book was oddry odd. The artwork/illustrations are interesting. One thing I liked was that the dialogue was the same color as the person speaking, and it was consistent throughout the book. The story was strange and the ending even stranger. Weird book.

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