A Última Tentação

A ltima Tenta o Um assassino profundamente perturbado cujo alvo s o psic logos deixou um rasto sinistro pela Europa O Dr Tony Hill perito em mapear a mente de assassinos est relutante em envolver se Mas a v tima

  • Title: A Última Tentação
  • Author: Val McDermid
  • ISBN: 9789727922338
  • Page: 481
  • Format: Paperback
  • Um assassino profundamente perturbado, cujo alvo s o psic logos, deixou um rasto sinistro pela Europa O Dr Tony Hill, perito em mapear a mente de assassinos, est relutante em envolver se Mas a v tima seguinte est muito mais pr xima dele Entretanto, a sua antiga parceira, a detective inspectora chefe Carol Jordan, est a trabalhar sob disfarce em Berlim, numa arriscadUm assassino profundamente perturbado, cujo alvo s o psic logos, deixou um rasto sinistro pela Europa O Dr Tony Hill, perito em mapear a mente de assassinos, est relutante em envolver se Mas a v tima seguinte est muito mais pr xima dele Entretanto, a sua antiga parceira, a detective inspectora chefe Carol Jordan, est a trabalhar sob disfarce em Berlim, numa arriscada opera o cujo objectivo capturar um traficante milion rio Quando o jogo se torna perigoso, Tony a nica pessoa a quem ela pode pedir ajuda Confrontando uma crueldade que tem as suas ra zes nas atrocidades nazis, Tony e Carol s o atirados juntos para um mundo de viol ncia e corrup o, onde n o t m ningu m em quem confiar, excepto um no outro.

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    1. Val McDermid

      Val McDermid is a No 1 bestseller whose novels have been translated into than thirty languages, and have sold over eleven million copies She has won many awards internationally, including the CWA Gold Dagger for best crime novel of the year and the LA Times Book of the Year Award She was inducted into the ITV3 Crime Thriller Awards Hall of Fame in 2009 and was the recipient of the CWA Cartier Diamond Dagger for 2010 In 2011 she received the Lambda Literary Foundation Pioneer Award She writes full time and divides her time between Cheshire and Edinburgh.

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    1. Dr. Tony Hill and DCI Carol Jordan had been living separate lives for some time since their last case ended and they went their separate ways; Tony moved on the world of academia and Carol continued running the CID in a section of the East Yorkshire Police. However, since she has a strong interest in criminal intelligence, she’s taken courses and has done tons of research in hopes of landing a new position in the area of intelligence and analysis. Now she finally has a real shot at moving into [...]

    2. I didn’t enjoy this book as much as the first two in the series. It seemed to take forever to get to the conclusions of the two cases. One case was a serial killer and the other involved the head of a crime syndicate. The two investigations were dissimilar, and yet the author did a great job bringing them together. The secondary police characters, Petra Becker in Germany and Marijke van Hasselt in Holland, were just as pushy as Tony Hill and Carol Jordan, and I liked the interaction among all [...]

    3. Description: Coming to terms over her breakup with criminal profiler Dr. Tony Hill, Chief Inspector Carol Jordan plunges into a risky undercover sting: track down a European drug trafficker and gain his confidence. But she's being tracked as well-by a serial killer whose psychosexual madness is born out of the darkest corners of history. In quiet isolation, Tony Hill is laying to rest the scars of his past-until he's recruited back into business on a case he can't ignore. An evil is striking unc [...]

    4. Carol Jordan is drawn into a Europol sting while Tony gets involved in a Berlin detective's case that appears to be the work of a serial killer. The two cases are separate but brings the two of them back together. This was another harrowing, tense ride with an exciting climax, although I could foresee the inevitable. Scared me witless but the procedurals covering so many European jurisdictions was quite interesting. I enjoyed all aspects of this story and, of course, want to jump right into the [...]

    5. A compulsively readable mystery which provided a vivid sense of place as Carol Jordan goes undercover in Germany to catch a corrupt smuggler. I was, however, annoyed by some illogical and reckless behavior that brought Carol and the profiler she admires so much, Tony Hill, into danger. It did not seem plausible that they would act so carelessly when they are usually highly intelligent (and don't they know they always nearly get killed?!) and when they knew they were likely under surveillance.

    6. An above average serial killer thriller, by one of the best authors in mystery fiction. McDermid skillfully weaves the multiple threads playing out across Europe, without dropping a stitch of suspense, and her characters are, as always, well fleshed out and engaging.

    7. Wow! I really disliked this bookwhat a shock since I liked the first two so much. The entire premise of the story was so forced and the undercover scenario was ridiculous. It was like the author had an idea in her head and although everyone tried to talk her out of it, because it was utterly DUMB, she went ahead and wrote it anyway. What a piece of crap.

    8. Carol, an inspector in Britian, is approached by superiors with an offer she can't refuse - join them in a shady undercover sting, designed to bring down a bad guy they've been after. The reward - she can write her own ticket in her career.She enlists Tony, who's been seeing someone for months, to help her prepare for her role as someone else. Throw in police from Germany and the Netherlands, and a psycho-killer dispatching psychologists, and you have an entertaining yarn.

    9. I really like the characters of Tony Hill and Carol Jordan. That being said I was very disappointed in the author's decision to once again inflict mass amount of damage to the main characters. First of all, if you read the description of the book you know that Carol goes undercover. Everything she does is immaculate in preparation for this new venture. Then one night she makes the stupidest mistake and of course that is when she gets caught. Well, maybe two mistakes 1. Having Tony anywhere near [...]

    10. Este livro veio trazer uma lufada de ar fresco à minha leitura, que esteva a tornar-se desmotivante devido às minhas ultimas escolhas como livros. Val McDermid foi como um presente para encerrar 2013, com a sua inabalável qualidade literária.De um lado temos um serrial killer, cujo alvo são psicólogos, de outro o desmantelamento de uma operação de tráfico de droga, armas e imigrantes ilegais, liderada por um homem que opera nas sombras. Embora a policia secreta alemã tenha conhecimento [...]

    11. This is a game-changer for the series. Eager to boost her career, Carol takes an undercover assignment in Germany to bust a major drugs, guns, and human trafficker. At the same time, Tony leaves his retirement from profiling to work on a case in Germany as well, where a serial killer seeks revenge on experimental psychologists, who he believes are responsible for his abuse at the hands of his grandfather. As Carol and Tony begin to navigate their relationship into more intimate waters, Carol's s [...]

    12. Can we just say *** PLACEHOLDER *** to all her books now? Um. Quick recollection: apt, echoing title on many levels. Multi-layered plot set in Europe, mostly Berlin. A serial killer whose own suffering might just have been a bit worse than the one he later inflicted. A modern high-flyer criminal who is actually worse, and yet had been done wrong by those supposed to uphold justice. A fate worse than death for one protagonist, and an annoyingly stupid carelessness by T+C that I could only forgive [...]

    13. Sometimes when my synapses are raw and sore I need to relax into a soothing bath of Val McDermid or Rankin. Just the job this one, as usual the pages turning themselves while I relax.but then, in the last third my brain started working again. McDermid's instinct was surely right not to turn the two stories in this novel into two separate books. She was wrong trying to squeeze them into one. While I look forward to exoskeletal plots in this genre, it becomes a bit much when the characters disappe [...]

    14. Short version: just as good as I'd hoped it would be. Long version: I was disappointed in McDermid's last standalone book and so I was really worried that this one was going to miss the mark for me as well. This is the third story to feature Carol Jordan and Tony Hill (the previous two books were The Mermaid's Singing and The Wire in the Blood). I read both of the earlier books a while ago now and loved them both. There were plenty of elements in this book that could have made it a dreadful expe [...]

    15. This dark and twisted thriller is not an easy read. Two in-depth plot lines play out side by side, both of which are good and would perhaps be better written as two separate books. The subplot is as involved as the main plot and, at times, the switch between them is jarring for the reader. In one of the plots, Chief Inspector Carol Jordan undertakes a dangerous covert mission to bring down a European crime boss known for trafficking drugs and illegal immigrants. The fact she bears such a strikin [...]

    16. DCI Carol Jordan has an opportunity for a very special assignment, an undercover sting in Germany, totally outside her comfort zone and her country, so even the familiar is lost. The prime objective is to capture Tadeusz Radecki, a crime boss responsible for smuggling illegal aliens and drugs. A trip to the darkside, for sure. Coincidentally it seems, Carol is a doppelganger for Tadeusz’s deceased lover Carolyn, which they hope will give her a bridge into this dangerous world and Tadeusz’s b [...]

    17. This was terrible, as in in a friend baking you a cake for your birthday but she forgot to add sugar.However. It's book 3 in a mystery series and I can tell the events will be referred to in following Tony Hill/Carol Jordan adventures. I can't recommend skipping it, but I wish I could.For the record, the book's plot is too spread out, there are huge plot holes (too many and frankly, I'm too depressed to talk about it), Petra Becker is introduced (in case you missed them, there are Petra Becker m [...]

    18. The problem reading a series out of order is that sometimes the outcome of the plot and story line are already known. Despite this,I was engaged and surprised as the novel unfolded.Chief Inspector Carol Jordan undertakes a covert assignment in exchange for a promotion in a new unit when the case reaches its end. The target is a drug dealing, people trafficking killer. Unbeknownst to her, she has been chosen for more than her detection skills but the leaders of this sting have deliberately chosen [...]

    19. Only finished this because I was away on holiday and didn't have anything else to read. Val McDermid has been on the radio quite a lot recently and she is just fantastic. Also I heard a few minutes of a radio drama she wrote called 'Deadheading' which was wonderful. If anyone is going to get rich writing pot boilers then I am glad it is her. However the main characters in this book - Carol and Tony - are just so awful I can't bear to think back on it too clearly.

    20. Plot-wise, this novel had far too much going on. It was just over the top and a little implausible, even for Tony Hill and Carol Jordan: evil gangsters dealing in drugs and illegal immigrants and weapons, undercover operations, rescuing an informant's kid, a serial killer, Nazi childrens' psych ward victims, several violent deaths, violent rapes, four protagonists, and two romances. Far too much for a mere 481 pages.

    21. The first Val McDermid novel I read, quite a while ago now, was her 2004 outing A Distant Echo, which I still regard as one of my favorite crime-fiction novels of all time. I was pretty keen on its follow-up, too, A Darker Domain (2008). My experiences of the other novels of hers that I've read -- maybe two or three of them -- have been a bit more mixed, so I suppose it's inevitable that now I've come across one that I don't like very much at all.I don't have time/energy right now for a detailed [...]

    22. Carol Jordan applies for her dream job only to be offered another one. She is to work undercover to bring down a European mafia outfit who traffic people and drugs. Along side this Tony is inveigled to profile a serial killer operating in Germany and the Netherlands. The story lines also follow the developments in their relationship. There is a huge amount of background information that is really interesting but the the tying together didn't work for me. The silly slip that allows them both to b [...]

    23. As McDermid creates a new psychopathic mystery for her readers, Tony Hill and Carol Jordan are back to test their wiles and personal chemistry. Seeking a new position, DCI Jordan interviews for a job with Europol, in hopes of using her skills to help those all across the continent. Handed an interesting file, whereby she must infiltrate the depths of a human smuggling ring, Jordan goes undercover to weasel her way right to the top. Stationed in Berlin and working with a German cop, Jordan seeks [...]

    24. At her best, McDermid can enthral me with her crime fiction, but I find her work very uneven and, while diverting enough, this novel was not amongst the best of hers I've read.Realism is never one of McDermid's core strengths, but when reading this novel, I didn't so much have to willingly suspend my disbelief as hang draw and quarter it. There's the usual problem that Tony's "incredible psychological insights" seem to amount to a couple of superficial deductions that a five-year-old could have [...]

    25. Okay read if you are slugabed with illness, bored with TV, and need something mildly stimulating. The story takes place in northern Europe. If you are a bit of an armchair traveler, this takes you on an abbreviated tour of some of northern Europe's waterways; it tempts the reader to dig out the Atlas and do some independent reading on the places mentioned.It is two major plotlines that easily could be / should be two separate novels, doing better justice to both. Carol Jordan goes undercover to [...]

    26. Could be convoluted with the various characters and their bits, but a great flow. compelling observations as we the reader walk through this plot.other book that kept me involved and attentive.ter too many i didnt even finishComing to terms over her breakup with criminal profiler Dr. Tony Hill, Chief Inspector Carol Jordan plunges into a risky undercover sting: track down a European drug trafficker and gain his confidence. But she's being tracked as well-by a serial killer whose psychosexual mad [...]

    27. Read in the beautiful surroundings of the La Palma Princess Hotel(highly recommended) this grisly tale didn't fit with the sunshine and the blue skies but it was very good.I've never read anything by McDermid before, I'm not a massive fan of crime books. Apart from J.K Rowling's books, I would never buy one. But I am given lots and this one completely sucked me in.However I could see it falling apart when Tony moved into the same apartment block as Carol, big rookie mistake. Even though she knew [...]

    28. I'm giving this book 4*, even though it's not as good as the others in the series, but because it's still a great story and a step apart from most of the other mystery and thriller books going around.It's fast paced and keeps us wanting to know more, maybe a bit annoyed sometimes due to lack of editing; the characters are interesting. I was, however, very annoyed by some dumb and reckless behavior from Carol and Tony, that put everything they were working for at risk, and their lives. It was not [...]

    29. Once again Tony Hill and Carol Jordan find themselves up to their necks (and beyond) in trouble, this time though they get themselves into separately as Tony has been playing teacher at St Andrews while Carol has continued on her detective career. Each is following their own cases, Tony on a serial killer with ties to the suffering caused by the Nazis and Carol on bringing down a drug lord and human trafficker, when they meet in Berlin where their paths and investigations cross. This is fast-pac [...]

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