Pink Slip Party

Pink Slip Party She s been handed her walking papers Jane McGregor has just been laid off from her job designing pink slips for an office supply company The irony is not lost on her She s a twenty eight year old art

  • Title: Pink Slip Party
  • Author: Cara Lockwood
  • ISBN: 9780743457545
  • Page: 330
  • Format: Paperback
  • She s been handed her walking papers Jane McGregor has just been laid off from her job designing pink slips for an office supply company The irony is not lost on her She s a twenty eight year old art major whose last major career accomplishment was being propositioned by the company vice president Desperate to maintain her freedom from her oddball parents, tyrannicalShe s been handed her walking papers Jane McGregor has just been laid off from her job designing pink slips for an office supply company The irony is not lost on her She s a twenty eight year old art major whose last major career accomplishment was being propositioned by the company vice president Desperate to maintain her freedom from her oddball parents, tyrannical older brother, and slacker ex boyfriend, Jane starts sending out resumes So what if some of them aren t exactly, well, true She s taking the future in stride When Jane s dad, a staunchly conservative believer in the corporate dream, loses his job, and her mom goes to work for a trendy dot com, Jane discovers that the family she s taken for granted is unraveling After a fellow lay off victim hatches a plot to seek revenge on the office supply company, Jane must choose between living in the past and seeking out a new future To her surprise, that future might involve a most unlikely partner in crime handsome, funny Kyle Burton and maybe, just maybe, a new job, too.

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    1. Cara Lockwood

      I m the USA Today bestselling author of than 17 books I ve written in a number of genres chick lit, romance, suspense, paranormal and young adult My debut novel, I Do But I Don t was made into a Lifetime Original movie.I grew up in Mesquite, Texas, which for those of you who like livestock shows, is the home of the Mesquite Rodeo Ironically, Mesquite was named after Mesquite trees, only none of them now exist in the city, which is about fifteen minutes east of Dallas No, I don t own a pair of cowboy boots, although I do own quite an impressive collection of black shoes My Dad is a third generation Japanese American, and my mom is a second generation Texan who s mostly English, or at least claims to be because of her anglophile nature.I went to school at the University of Pennsylvania, only I m not sure how I got in I think these days they only accept students who can solve String Theory Anyway, I majored in English, and because my dad said and just what are you going to do with an English degree I went to work for the school newspaper After college, I spent four years as a newspaper reporter, working for an overly excitable editor who sent me running anytime the police scanner went off I was working insane hours for next to no pay I was actually sent to cover a grass fire on my 25th Birthday Let me tell you, it smelled bad I think some mice may have lost their lives But that was about it in terms of excitement Happy Birthday to Me So, I decided after I had taken to hiding from my editor in the bathroom at the office anytime the police scanner went off, that journalism probably wasn t for me I went to work for a marketing firm and discovered that most everyone else didn t stay until ten o clock every night writing up their riveting story about grass fires I also decided that I would take advantage of that free time to write some fiction That s when I started writing I Do But I Don t A year later, I finished it, thanks to the help of my friend, Shannon, who wouldn t let me slack off and kept asking me for chapters And that s how I became a writer Except that it still feels weird to say, I m a writer I keep expecting to wake up tomorrow and have to go cover another grass fire I m currently divorced and live with my two daughters in Chicago, where I m hard at work on my next book

    940 thoughts on “Pink Slip Party”

    1. This is the first book I've read by Cara Lockwood and I am definitely planning to pick up another. The main character gets laid off and desperately tries to find work while her life turns into a hot mess with the people she starts having around and their ideas that she gets dragged into. She's supposed to be depressed but the events are so funny you forget that minute detail. Her resumes and the responses she gets at the end of each chapter are so ridiculously funny. This book was my companion d [...]

    2. "War and Peace" this is not. Yet, it was a cute read, if a little far-fetched at times. I found myself really liking the main character at first, but then began to get angry/anxious when she let everything slip out of control. To a point, I understoodbut after awhile, sheesh! Have a backbone, woman! It was entertaining, though, if you are in the mood for some fun chick-lit.

    3. Antara masa lalu dan masa yang sekarang sedang dihadapi. Jane McGregor harus menerima kenyataan dirinya harus dipecat dari pekerjaan yang tak pernah dicintainya oleh atasan yang sekaligus kekasihnya yang akhirnya mencampakkannya, melewati hari-hari sebagai pengagguran dengan teman-teman senasibnya, dan belum lagi orangtuanya yang nyaris bercerai karena ayahnya yang kehilangan pekerjaan serta iri kepada ibunya yang akhirnya bekerja di sebuah situs memasak. Namun Jane memiliki kakak yang terus men [...]

    4. Komentar pertama: what the hell are you thinking, Jane? *getok kepala Jane*Pink Slip Party bercerita tentang si clumsy-ceroboh-cenderung-bodoh-nggak-berpendirian-lemah Jane McGregor yang, apesnya, jadi satu dari 1000 karyawan Maximum Office yang dipecat. Bukan hanya itu, pacar Jane sekaligus bosnya, Mike, juga memutuskannya. Jadilah Jane pengangguran yang sehari-hari kerjanya nonton acara nggak penting di tv dan terjebak hutang. Begitu pesangon datang, bukannya ditabung malah hura-hura. Karena b [...]

    5. Niatnya mereview dalam bahasa Inggris, tapi berhubung bacanya dalam bahasa Indonesia, jadinya review dalam bahasa Indonesia aja ya, hehehe (Okaaayy, ngaku kalau sebenernya lebih kepada masalah bahasa Inggris saya yang pas-pasan ;D)Pertama kali beli karena melihat blurb di cover belakangnya yang menjanjikan. Kayaknya lucu dan khas chicklit banget. Bahkan saya bisa ngebayangin kalau ini dijadikan chickflick.Dan ternyataaaa.Ya emang bener sih, chicklit banget. HuehuehuIni mirip-mirip lah sama chick [...]

    6. I always enjoy the way Cara Lockwood writes. It flows effortlessly for me and makes for a fun read every time I've opened one of her books. While the main character is somewhat of a pushover at times, I liked her. She gets laid off from her job and her life becomes over run with deadbeats and overall just a mess. A few nit-picky things: one, did the person who did the cover art even READ the book? Cover art says SO much to me about a book, and this doesn't even match up to the story at all. I th [...]

    7. ini novel sejenis ciklit, dari cara berceritanya yang cuma dari 1 sudut pandang, isi novel yg 80% narasi, permasalahan yg ada, sampe ending yg pasti berujung happy. Agak bosen baca novel jenis ini, sangat ga masuk akal, selalu ttg kebodohan tokoh utama cwnya yg cenderung aneh, lalu menjelang ending tiba" mendapat berkah hingga semua permasalahan yg dia buat menghilang dan mendapatkan cowo idaman yang biasanya berada disekitar dia selama ini. Sangat klise dan cenderung bodoh menurut gw. Bener kat [...]

    8. I love Cara Lockwood. She is so funny. I want to be her in my next life. I wish I could be as humorous and witty. This book is about Jane who loses her job and has to start the job search again. Jane talks a lot about how she wished she could get paid to stay home and watch TV and get paid for it. I secretly wish I could do that also! One thing I really liked was before each chapter there was a rejection letter from all the places Jane sent a resume to, places such as Hershey chocolate factory, [...]

    9. I only have one comment tothis book. Mess!!! Jane's life was so really mess. Job, friends, love nothin can go right in her life. Get fired, dumped, rejected, thrown out of her own apartment, debt here and there -also- get in jail overnight. Maybe Jane's nick name would be "chaotic" . The only sane thing in Jane's life is just Kyle Burton.overall, I like this novel. kinda simply fresh romantic. make me think that my life is batter (more-better) than Janes. And I enjoying my washing-dat while read [...]

    10. I can't believe I just trashed TIme Traveler's Wife and gave it 2 stars and I am now giving this fluff beach read book a 3 star rating! I guess for me the difference is this book does not pretend to be more then very light readingke watching a sit comke an old episode of Friends. But there is a modern day story with modern semi-realistic young late 20s characters and for a quick vacation read it is just what you want.

    11. finally finished this tonight! I only read this because I had to translate this, but I enjoyed it more than I thought I would.Jane is someone that everyone can relate to. she can't say no to her friends, people underestimate her, people use her. she has many flaws, flaws and mistakes that any of us can easily do any time of the day.

    12. This was a surprising bargain-bin find! I just picked it up for fun and the author ended up being incredibly hilarious! I found myself constantly laughing out loud. The plot did get to some riduclous points & fell into a lull, but the humor kept it strong. You found yourself wanting to be best-friends with the main character.

    13. I was able to read this book while taking care of Ben out at the lake in about two days. I'm glad to know that I can get a book finished! This was definitely a beach read ---- nothing fantastic about this book. It tries to be like the "Shopoholic" books, but falls short of being that fuuny. Definitely a brainless read.

    14. It started off with a neat idea - pissed off about being laid off, Jane decides to get a little revenge on her former employer. Well, her roommate decides she needs revenge. In the form of stealing some (lots of) money from the company.But then morals and ethics get involved, and Jane meets a new man, and it all falls apart into a chick lit story of girl getting guy. Sigh.

    15. Really enjoyed this quick read. Finished it leisurely in one day. Jane is a riot. I now have to read Cara Lockwood's first book. My only complaint is the Unemployment scenes. No one goes to unemployment any more, it is just a click away on your computer. If you've been unemployed, you would know that!! Still loved it. Horray for chick-lit!!

    16. I gave it 3.5 stars. I enjoyed reading this book. I especially liked the humor, it makes this story more interesting. It's a light, fun romantic comedy. And there are some good points we can learn from this book, that to be laid off does not mean the end of the world and do not even think to get involved with crime, ever.

    17. I think this is my favorite of the Cara Lockwood books I've read. It was also the first, as far as I remember. A woman makes pink slips for a living and then receives one when she's fired. Then it gets a little "Office Space" with a revenge plan on the old workplace, which was a little far fetched, but all in good fun.

    18. This was a fun book for anyone who likes fluffy chick-lit books and has ever gone through the experience of losing a job and having your whole world thrown for a loop. I thought it was a fun, lightweight read but nothing to write home about.

    19. Saya suka dengan humor yang ada di buku ini. Bahkan menurut saya kekonyolan dan tingkah laku aneh para karakternya masih bisa dimaklumi. Narasinya enak diikuti sehingga tidak terasa membosankan atau bertele-tele. Saya tidak sabar ingin membaca chick lit Cara Lockwood lainnya.

    20. This book reminded me a bit of Jen Lancaster's book Bitter is the New Black, mostly in the style only and the storyline is very similar. The main difference is that Jen's story is her story and this book is fiction. Good book, very enjoyable and worth a read

    21. A simple book. Doesn't require a lot of thinking to read. If you're looking for a mindless book to take your mind off things this is a great book to read. It's a fast read, does have some funny parts, and tells the story of one women's struggle with being laid off from her job!

    22. It's been a few years since I seriously read chick lit, but this reminds me strongly of Anna Maxted- a protagonist handling some serious issues with the requisite happy ending. Anna Maxted Lite, perhaps. Another good beach read.

    23. I liked this book but it is always hard for me to read books where the main character does not have her shit together. Likewise hard to read books where the characters cannot stand up for themselves and let people run all over them. Other than that - entertaining, light read.

    24. hmm,,I think this book will bring me too much comedy but,,,this book is flat and don't express so much comedy, but I love the way Jane confront the problem,,and finally get the job that she really want it, go to France and of course be a girlfriend of Kyle =)

    25. I totally love this book! It has friendship, love, family, drama and humor all in one. Loved it that it's a first person story.

    26. I love Cara Lockwood and enjoyed this book from cover to cover! She has a series of books with the same character, and I couldn't wait to read the rest of them. Check her out!

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