Hal Spacejock

Hal Spacejock An incompetent space pilot a massive debt and a twenty four hour deadlineFreighter pilot Hal Spacejock has a life to die for His very own cargo ship a witty and intelligent flight computer and a deb

  • Title: Hal Spacejock
  • Author: Simon Haynes
  • ISBN: 9781920731892
  • Page: 295
  • Format: Paperback
  • An incompetent space pilot, a massive debt and a twenty four hour deadlineFreighter pilot Hal Spacejock has a life to die for His very own cargo ship, a witty and intelligent flight computer and a debt so big it makes the GFC look like a rounding error.Hal s an upright sort of guy, and he won t take jobs from gun runners, drug smugglers or politicians On the otherAn incompetent space pilot, a massive debt and a twenty four hour deadlineFreighter pilot Hal Spacejock has a life to die for His very own cargo ship, a witty and intelligent flight computer and a debt so big it makes the GFC look like a rounding error.Hal s an upright sort of guy, and he won t take jobs from gun runners, drug smugglers or politicians On the other hand, the finance company s brutal enforcer is on his doorstep, and Hal has barely twenty four hours to pay him off Miss the deadline and he and his ship will go under Way, way, under.Faced with an impossible choice, Hal chooses an impossible job and gains an impossible new co pilot into the bargain.Also available in French

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      295 Simon Haynes
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    1. Simon Haynes

      Simon Haynes is the author of the Hal Spacejock and Hal Junior series He divides his time between writing fiction and computer software, with the occasional bike ride thrown in for a laugh.Born in the UK and raised in the south of Spain, Simon emigrated to Australia with his family in 1983 He lives in Perth with his wife and two children.

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    1. The cover blurb compares Hal Spacejock to Red Dwarf, so I went in expecting that same level of silliness and humor. (Rather, that level of humour -- Australian spelling, after all.) And silliness it delivers. Hal Spacejock, incompetent pilot on the cargo ship Black Gull, lands a job transporting robot parts from point A to point B. On his side is the old robot Clunk. Against him is, well, pretty much everyone else, from warships to desperate thieves to debt collectors to dockmasters who object t [...]

    2. Hal Spacejock is the first book I have come across that holds the special title of "all the elements I love in sci-fi, done to such an extent that I cannot enjoy them."- Robots? Check.- Spaceships? Check.- Comically-dunderheaded captain? Check.The last one was the real stickler. I love it when captains get shown up by their crew, but Hal Spacejock takes it to such a level that I cannot suspend my disbelief that he accidentally killed himself with a spoon at age 6. Here we have a one-man crew of [...]

    3. This is a roller coaster science fiction book that never stops. The robots are loveable, more adventurous, smarter, more human like and funnier than C3PO and R2D2. Hal takes a wild ride to pay off debts, save his spaceship, save a friendly robot and to solve the myriad problems that keep popping up because of bad decisions. The book was a lot of fun and kept you reading long after you were supposed to put it down and do something useful. If you like science fiction with a load of visual adventur [...]

    4. I'm a sucker for scifi and I really enjoyed this book. It wasn't genius (for me, that's Douglas Adams) but it was pretty close. I actually thought it would make a great movie because there's so much dry sarcasm and slapstick action that would come across better in film. So I hope somebody makes a movie some day. Good Luck, Simon Haynes.

    5. I can't remember when I have enjoyed a book so much! I howled so hard my stomach hurt along with the tears of laughter. Anything can be programmed or hacked to do what you want! Simon Haynes did a great job of it with this book. As soon as I secure some credits I am going for the next book!

    6. I only find out about Simon Haynes until recently. After finishing his first book, I'm eager to read more. It reminded me, in a way, of reading The Color of Magic for the first time. I had a chuckle or two, here or there, but wasn't sure what to think of it. Imagine my surprise when Terry Pratchett gifted me with a lifetime of humor and insight.Hal, and his robot foil Clunk, end up going from pratfall to planetfall in this book. The narrative has a nice steady flow, and you're never given too lo [...]

    7. Most of the book, the main character irritated me: he blamed others when things went wrong and took credit when things went right. As I approached the end, that caused me to think I'd rate it 3 or 4 stars (3 being what I give most books). The ending easily threw it to the four star.Reviews say it is hilarious. I've learned never to believe those. It also may suggest that the plot is subordinated to the humor. I'm happy to report it was a fun, light book (not hilarious, but does earn giggles alon [...]

    8. I read this as a free ecopy in exchange for my honest review.I usually don't like books that are futuristic space stories but I rather enjoyed this one. It reminded me alot of the movie Spaceballs but on a less adolescent level. I thought it was a really funny book with characters full of personality. Hal Spacejock is a pilot that doesn't have a clue how to fly his spaceship. He's accompanied by an aging robot, Clunk, thats trying to escape the scrap heap, and his onboard sarcastic computer Navc [...]

    9. I surely can't be the only person to fail to see a great deal of humour in this overlong and rambling work. From the rather cheap and cheesy name Spacejock to the alarmingly telling levels of authorial insecurity (displayed by the necessity of a "this isn't a Red Dwarf spoof" webpage) the book managed not only to fail to amuse me very much, but also put me off thinking about getting the rest of the series, too.This is a shame because the author seems keen to promote accessible e-books which, as [...]

    10. I wasn't very impressed with this book. I found the main character to be fairly unlikeable, with the way that he blamed everyone else for his failings and there wasn't any character growth through the story. It was a fairly standard plot with Hal trying to get out of dept, but every thing he does goes wrong in what is meant to be a hilarious way. Unfortunately I started to find this all a bit to predictable. It wasn't a completely bad book, I really liked the relationship between Hal and his shi [...]

    11. Better than I thought.Meet Hal Spacejock the man who makes Mr Bean look like Stephen Hawking. What an idiot, how is he still alive? Mainly due to the downtrodden robot, Clunk.Very funny in places, I don't know if I'd say it was funnier than Red Dwarf or Hitch-hikers.Will buy and read the second story on the strength of this novel.

    12. I had to give up on this novel before I was even halfway through. It is outrageously unbelievable, which would be acceptable if it were actually funny, but it failed to do more than make half-smile once or twice.

    13. Not quite as funny as The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Not quite as adventurous as The Stainless Steel Rat. Not quite as original as, well, something more original would be. It is an amusing, light reading. I like the writing style and the story line.

    14. This was a free download from for my Kindle. It's nothing particularly original but a very fun story with likeable characters that remind me of Red Dwarf or Firefly.Definitely worth a read!

    15. Australian funny science fiction that tries just slightly too hard. Instead of coming off funny, it at times manages only silly. However, when it does get funny, it is extremely funny.

    16. A very nice light read. Think Star Wars without the war or Firefly without the darkness. Lots of chases, witty banter and mercifully free of romance and "social messages." Pure space fun.

    17. I voluntarily reviewed an arc of this book in exchange for an honest review This book is written in the Vein of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. It is full of seemingly incidental incidents that are all ridiculously related. The hero runs from one situation to another and sucks the reader in totally. This is a science fiction book that doesn't take itself too seriously but along the way turned into a seriously funny book.

    18. Too slapstick, too silly, too many irritating characters. Definitely not witty humor or well thought-out plotting. Didn't bother to finish it, which is very rare for me.

    19. When I'm ask what are my favorite type of movies, I always answer science-fiction (Bladerunner, Alien etc.) or fantasy (Conan, Excalibur, etc.) so naturally when I read novels I go for the same genre. But when I think about it, some of my all-time favorite movies are the Pink Panther series. So when I saw this humorous science-fiction novel for free on , I decided to try it. I love the Pink Panther movies because (beside the obvious genius of Peter Sellers) they are made seriously: the plot is s [...]

    20. Favorites: Very funny, good writing, interesting characters.Least favorites: Indenting, somewhat stagnate at times.Hal Spacejock, fumbling captain of the barely-able Black Gull is a cowboy of the stars. A cowboy who can't take two steps without something around him going wrong. Catching a break would be asking too much, even catching a meal seems like a pipe dream. No money, no luck, seems like there's no chance. Hal isn't the type to give up though. Set in the future, when intergalactic space t [...]

    21. Hal Spacejock. Both the name of a book and the inimitable pilot of the Black Gull. So I’ve taken a small break from reading Fantasy based fiction and decided to read a bit of Sci-Fi (spelt with a pair of fucking ‘I’s, not ‘Y’s) and Hal Spacejock fit the bill with its sharp whit and biting dialog.Similar in the vein of Douglas Adams’ Hitchhicker’s Guide to the Galaxy and Rob Grant & Doug Naylor’s Red Dwarf falls Australian author Simon Haynes’ titular “hero”, Hal Spacejo [...]

    22. Just some words, not the review, to see the complete one, follow the link Fazit:Ich fand’ Teil 2 besser, lustiger, abenteuerlicher. Ob das aber auch so wäre, wenn ich die korrekte Reihenfolge eingehalten hätte, weiß ich nicht. Ich hoffe, der Verlag übersetzt und veröffentlicht noch mehr Bände. Denn ausnahmsweise finde ich die Cover einfach mal toller als die Originale. Vom Titel her, muss ich den Kopf wiegen: „Helden heulen nicht“ ist ein absolut toller Titel! „Ein Roboter namens K [...]

    23. All Hal Spacejock, the galaxy's most inept space pilot, wants is an honest hauling job so that he can pay off the creditors who are (literally) beating down his door and save his ship. When he's hired to transport a load of spare robot parts, he believes all his problems are over. Unfortunately for him, a rival company wants those parts too, badly, and Hal finds himself in the middle of a space heist. Fortunately for him, he's also been asked to transport the competent and much-put-upon robot Cl [...]

    24. This is a highly enjoyable sci-fi romp, a kind of written-word crossover of Red Dwarf and Spaceballs. It features the title character, Hal, as a down-and-out deadbeat version of Han Solo. He's captain of a ship that has definitely seen better days, but it is pretty clear that those better days didn't involve our hero. All he has for company, initially, is Navcom, an out-of-date computer with attitude and a certain aptitude for chess. They are joined by Clunk as a robot sidekick, clearly the brai [...]

    25. Concept/WorldI loved the rustbucket spaceship, the Black Gull. The description of the food aboard the space station had me in fits. StoryThe story rockets along right from the start. Hal Spacejock leaves a trail of destruction everywhere he goes, with non-stop action all the way through.CharactersI just loved the characters – Navcom, the spaceship computer with attitude, the brilliant and much put-upon Clunk and, of course, Hal Spacejock himself. Hal is hilariously stupid, doing whatever seems [...]

    26. Hal Spacejock is an incompetent space pilot at best, and his ship, Black Gull, is barely space worthy. It’s all Hal can do to stay one jump ahead of his creditors, and he doesn’t have enough credits to even buy an extra pair of boots, or adequate provisions. All he has going for him, in fact, is Navcom, the ship’s navigational computer with an enigmatic personality, until he takes a mission to pick up some robot parts and deliver them to a strong-willed, but vindictive man who gives him 24 [...]

    27. I realise the idea of me actually exercising is going to stretch the imaginations of one or two people, but sometimes, I do attempt a little bit.Not often and certainly none of that raising a sweat panting and puffing palaver.If I can't read a book while I'm doing it, I'm not doing it. And HAL SPACEJOCK was a rather good book to choose. Although I'm not sure that "perfect for when you're exercising" is going to be a description that anybody's going to be drawn toFunny, silly, touching in places, [...]

    28. The premise of this book is potentially great: a good old sci-fi/humour story, in the vein of Red Dwarf. While it is a pleasant and silly read for a few hours, it fails to stand out of the shade of its inspiration. The TV show was much funnier, much more varied and with more interesting characters. One of the issues I have with the book is the fact that its comedic elements are very much a type of physical/slapstick comedy that looses a lot of impact in the written world. If it was written as a [...]

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